Writer’s Complete Guide

We appreciate all submissions and value the time and care that has been put into creating an article. So, we put together a step-by-step guide to make things easier and more clear.

1.0 The Requirements 

The team created an approval and rejections possibilities in a coherent list.

The articles you submit MUST be the following:

1.1 Original Content

All articles go through Copyscape and Google search, just incase.

We reject:

1.1.1.  articles that have already been published elsewhere
1.1.2.  published articles that have been “spun”
1.1.3. an article that was previously published but later unpublished for whatever reason
1.1.4. an article that’s been stolen from another author and is being passed off as your work
1.1.4. in addition, we reject writeups pertaining to sex, sexual performance, gambling, and other topics running along this vein

1.2. Helpful is Best

Buzzparent is a parenting site so our articles should be helpful to moms and dads. In our experience, we like helpful guides, parenting tips and reviews of products or services will be considered.

We reject:

1.2.1. articles that are written primarily to promote or pitch oneself, one’s brand, or one’s website
1.2.2. articles that are descriptive but not necessarily helpful

1.3. Polished and Ready to GO??

The less edits the better. Friends can help reduce time by proof-reading.  The correct grammar is essential, no mistakes preferred, great flow, and format that reads well.


1.3.1. Articles that would otherwise be very interesting but need intensive editing
1.3.2. Articles that don’t have a clear flow or progression of ideas

2.0 Writing Tips

We are open to all writing styles and focus on trying to make it rich in content and top quality.

2.1. BLOCK TEXT is Not Ideal to say the least

Paragraphs make it easy to read, so try not to clunk all your content up, it just looks messy too!

2.2. Use headings or subheadings in bulleted or numbered format

Skimmable content is easy for readers who don’t have a lot of time, so make sure to add them in.

2.3. Tone – Make it warm 

Try to make the tone personal, easy to follow and someone you want to listen to.

2.4. Keep your writing simple for the readers 

Simple is sometimes best in terms of sentence structure and compound sentencing. Make it easy for our readers and for those engaging with our website.


2.4.1. Write like you’re talking to an 8 – 10 year old
2.4.2. Refine and heed towards simplicity
2.4.3. Simple choice of words makes it easier to grasp for some readers and we try to be inclusive, so simple sentence structures is good.
2.4.4. Be you and we will love it!

2.5. Short Introductions are best

A short introduction intro will be fine, around 1 to 3 short paragraphs is more than enough.

2.6. Add Value before Sending

Before you think of hitting the send make sure:

2.7.1. Is this a helpful article?
2.7.2. Who will get the most out of it?
2.7.3. In what ways will this help someone reading?

2.7. Be Fun and Interesting!

Heard of that saying “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you”

Well, write for others as if you wanted to read this..

Feel free to contact me with questions, contact us me Tomas@buzzparent.com.