Dirt Bike Gear and Accessories for Kids

dirt bike gearEvery dirt-rider needs his gear, especially children who need to ensure they are safe from those inevitable falls and bumps. With the right dirt biking accessories, they can be suited and booted to handle the roughest terrain. There is loads of different types of gear to choose from and some essential and others less so, but they range from boots, helmets, knee pads, elbow pads, gloves, stable bars, neck warmers, goggles and even maintenance stands.

Some of the essentials that should not be overlooked are of course the accessories and gear that protect the child from injury, like the helmet, gloves, body armor and anything that acts like a protective layer. Having this will prove over time the best and most valuable asset for you and your children because not having the right gear means possible a fatal mistake.

List of type of accessories

  • Bags – are great for days out and make carrying essentials like carrying water super easy and safe
  • Googles – are an important bit of gear to protect eyes from dirt and unwanted grit
  • Boots – these are highly condensed bit of kit to make sure and impact is reduced as well as protect against heat
  • Gloves – these protect the hands and usually are the first to make contact when a fall incurs, so having a decent pair can make a huge difference
  • Helmet – this needs no explanation, it will save a child’s life and is a must-have and wear essential
  • Jackets – Keep you warm, usually padded and make for an extra layer of protection if a fall occurs
  • Pads – having knee and ankle pads will ensure a safe and secure fall with no broken joints
  • Riding clothes -pants and jerseys will keep them looking great, visible and ensure warm and comfortable


There are loads of different brands to choose from and finding the one that reflects your kids’ style is important because they want to look their best out on the track. Some of the leading brands have been innovating the technology to produce the top of the range gear to provide safety, style, and durability.

Some of the top brands for dirt biking are:

  • O’Neil
  • Amercian Kargo
  • FMF
  • Fly
  • Thor
  • Factory Effex
  • Bike Master
  • Fox Racing
  • Troy Lee Design
  • 100 Percent
  • JT Racing

All of these are renowned and highly sought after offering super manufacturing processing and the seamanship to last the test of time. There has been a huge influx of bad counter-fit gear and accessories for dirt bikes coming in from China and this has worried some dirt-bike users, but for the most part, this issue is subsiding.

Some personal favorites that my children love are the Fox Racing brand, which offers a unique design ever season and keeps up with the latest dirt-bike trends.

Essential Gear


A helmet is one of the most crucial bits of kit and should come above any other, it will be the difference between life and death. There are loads of types and all offer slightly different designs, features, and support. The main features of a good helmet are its ability to sweat and ventilate, be lightweight and have an inner padded lining that cushions the face and head.

The weight should be less than 3.5 pounds and the lighter is usually a better choice when choosing a kids helmet because some parents have found their little ones complain at the way the helmet feels and that is always down to weight.


These too after a helmet is crucial and having a good solid grip will make for some good dirt bike riding. Every child wants to hold the bike and have a safe and confident feel whilst cruising, but have you ever had sweaty palms, trying to hold onto something heavy and slowly watching it slip? Well, no one likes that feeling and especially not a child who whizzing around, over bumps and quickly adjusting to avoid collisions, so make sure you don’t go without a decent pair of gloves.

Protective Layer

There are two main types of protective layers. One that is a protective layer for the upper chest and another called a rooster deflector and the latter is less secure and safety preventative.

The chest protector will ensure a sturdy casing that can withstand a hard impact, while the rooster is more likely to deflect than protect, which is important to note when buying because they almost look identical to the untrained eye.

These main three are an essential bit of gear and accessories, but I advise you to get all the gear your budget can afford to ensure your child is protected.

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