11 Things You Should Carry When Riding Dirt Bikes

While no one really wants to increase their weight on a dirt bike ride, there are 11 essentials that you need to pack to keep yourself safe, especially if you are riding alone. While it seems like a long list, all of these items can be packed into a small backpack or hunting bag that goes around your waist.

dirt bike tools


Pack your mobile phone because you never know when you’ll need to phone home or for help. Even if a phone call is not the difference between life and death, it certainly would be a lot more comfortable to have someone come and get you if you’ve had an accident.
Wallet / Cash

If you don’t want to carry your whole wallet, make sure you carry some cash. Cash is used almost everywhere and you never know when you might need to pick up a handful of nuts and bolts at a country store that doesn’t accept credit cards.

Identification Documents (ID)

To prove who you are and to identify you if you are unable to do so yourself, you’ll need to carry your ID. Slip it in your wallet if you are bringing that, or put it into a light wallet you carry just for when you ride your bike.
Nobody wants a breakdown, but unfortunately, they do happen. Trying to fix your bike with your bare hands is unpleasant at best. Do yourself a favor and carry a small set of the tools you need to fix your dirt bike with you on every right. If you don’t want to carry them in your backpack or hunting bag, they can easily be Velcroed to your bike’s frame.


Riding your latest dirt bike is thirsty fun. Make sure you stay hydrated at all times with a water bottle in your pack or attached to your bike. Staying hydrated will help you keep your wits about you at all times as dehydration dulls your thinking.
Food / Sports Beverage
Pack a couple of energy bars and some sports drink to keep your energy up and your electrolytes balanced. If you end up becoming stranded somewhere, having some power bars can help keep you fortified until help arrives.

First Aid Kit

A pocket-sized first aid kit takes up very little space and can keep you patched up in the case of a wipeout.

Emergency Flares

An emergency flare can give your location to first responders from almost any location. Use them only in the case of a true emergency, you don’t want the first responders to be angry with you!

Duct / Electrical tape

If it moves and shouldn’t, tape it! Duct or electrical tape cover a wide variety of uses including securing things that have fallen off your bike that you don’t have space in your pack to carry. You can even temporarily tape your grips to keep them from slipping.

Multi Tool / Knife

A multi tool or a knife can make any repairs a lot easier and will fold down into an easy to carry size. Whether you carry it in your pocket or your pack, a knife or multi tool can get you back up and riding quickly.

Zip Ties

Light as feathers and taking up next to no space, zip ties do a fantastic job of keeping little things together. Keep any nuts that fall off your bike in an easy to find way with a zip tie.

Keep yourself safe and your bike in working order by packing these 11 items on every trip you take.

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