Best Motorcycle Brands for Kids

If you are thinking about buying a motorcycle for your child, you will probably first think about what brand to choose. There are a lot of well-known brands which may come to mind, but there are also loads of lesser-known brands also producing high-quality toys which are worth considering. Budget is likely to be a key factor when choosing which brand of motorcycle to go for – some are quite pricey whilst others are at the budget end of the scale.

Fisher-Price is a classic brand of children’s toys. They are well-established and known by almost everyone. The brand has a great reputation for producing the highest-quality goods, built to last. They even have a range of kids’ motorcycles modelled on Harleys! Parents who love motorcycles won’t be able to resist getting one of these for their little boy or girl.

kids 3 wheel chopper motorcycleFor young children looking for a realistic looking, stylish motorcycle ride-on, Lil’ Rider is another great manufacturer. They offer three-wheeled vehicles for even the youngest wannabe bikers. Some of the motorcycles can be used indoors, and by kids as young as 18 months old. The motorcycles are easy to drive and offer great safety features.

A lesser-known brand which produces excellent kids’ ride-on motorcycles is ‘Best Choice Products’. This company makes a variety of great ride-on toys, for kids as young as 18 months old. Their motorcycles come with a range of excellent features, but at a budget price. They boast realistic details such as headlights and horn effects, and great safety precautions. Many of their toddler motorcycles include speed limiters and automatic brakes.

There are also lots of miniature replicas of ‘real’ motorcycles. These are great for kids who are style-conscious and want to copy their motorcycle-riding parents! Well-known brands which have lent their designs to toy versions include BMW and Harley Davidson.rosso motors mini motorcycle

For older children looking for a proper first motorcycle, rather than a ‘toy’, it’s worth checking out Rosso Motors. They make mini bikes which look just like real sports bikes, and even feature a 2-stroke engine. This company also makes ATVs for kids who fancy something a bit different. The bike is not for beginners – it can reach speeds of around 20mph. The bikes feature pneumatic rubber tires and front and rear disc brakes. If your child is serious about learning to ride a motorcycle, a Rosso Motors bike is well worth a look.

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