Best Fighting Robot Toys

It may have seemed like something you only saw in an episode of the Jettsons a few years ago, but these days robot toys are all the rage for kids.  We all know that little boys love to be a bit raucous and make a lot of noise, so if you’ve got a little rascal in your family, a set of fighting robot toys might be just the right gift for them

Best Robot Fighting Toys

Why would you buy fighting toy robots for your kids?  Well, younger parents will remember not that long ago when they were kids themselves just how cool and fascinating robots can be.  Robots have been capturing the imagination of youngsters for generations, and playing with them can open young minds to the wonders of technology and science, as inquisitive young minds will want to know how all the different mechanics and electronics work.  Plus, these little fighting figures are great ways for young rascals to let off a bit of steam in a safe and controlled way.  Our family is much happier after we got our mischievous boys a set, as they now spend their time knocking lumps out of the robots instead of each other!

Choosing the right robot fighting toys for your little slugger can be a difficult task, as there are so many different manufacturers making models that seem almost identical.  Don’t worry though; buzzparent is here to help you find the best robo warriors out there so your kids can have amazing robot battles.

Considerations when buying Fighting Robots for Kids

Your Child Interests While your children will most likely enjoy playing with any fighting toy, they’ll really appreciate one that ties into their interests and get a lot more use out of it.  Whether your son or daughter like comic books, anime, sci fi or boxing and martial arts, your sure to be able to find them something that will reflect this interest.

Size  Some of these bots are pretty small, whereas some are almost giant robots.  So we recommend that you take size into account when choosing your purchase; you don’t want to buy something too big for younger children’s delicate hands to use. Also, if you are buying a set or something that comes with an arena, make sure you have a flat space that can hold it.

Batteries and Chargers  Another key consideration to make when buying fighting toy robots is too see if batteries are required, and, if so, are they included.  You can avoid a lot of disappointment come delivery day if your order some batteries for robots that do not come with them.  Also, its worth checking whether or not it comes with an inbuilt charger, as that might be another handy purchase to make at the time of buying.  It is also worth remembering that any ~RC fighting robots will probably need two sets of batteries for each one; one for the bot and one for the remote controller.

Durability  As these robots are going to be fighting it out, you should only buy something that you can be sure will last.  That cool new set of battle bots isn’t going to be very much fun if it falls apart after a few hours, so we recommend you only buy ones made of durable materials and high quality plastic.  While we’re talking about materials, also be sure to check that they are made of child-safe materials, and don’t have anything toxic or environmentally unfriendly in them.  Remember, these robots should be trying to hurt each other, not your child’s health.

Types of Fighting Robot Toys

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Remote Control Fighting Robots  We all know how much kids love playing with almost anything remote controlled, and toys are no exception.  Children will have a seriously amazing time with RC robots, and they;ll feel like they are robot pilots from TV shows like Voltron and Power Rangers.   These cool battling bots make a great alternative to a RC tank

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Battle Arena Robots  These robots come with their own arena in which to do battle fighting.  Although it means that you’ll have to have a nice flat surface, such as a table top, somewhere to but the arena, these toys have the advantage of making sure that action stays in one place and the robots don’t get lost or damaged, and your kids will feel like they are champions in a futuristic robot sport.

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Boxing Robot Sets Modeled on the pop culture phenomenon that is Rock em Sock em Robots, these cool little sets have stationary battle bots attached to the base, which is usually some kind of ring or cage.  Even though the robots stay in place, don’t be fooled into thinking that these are boring.  You’d be surprised at just how crazy these fighting game sets can be!

Top Fighting Robot Brands

Rock Em Sock Em One of the original robot fighting sets, Rock em Sock em robots have been around since the 1960s, and they are still very popular to this day.  They come with a boxing ring and two boxing robots inside.  They punch it out until one of the robots looses its head.  It’s a simple concept, but that doesn’t stop it from being hilariously fun, and we just love seeing our kids roar with laughter as they play on this.

Hexbug Battlebots Hexbug are a top kids robot manufacturer who make some really cool toys, including some crazy rc spiders.  Their battlebots toys are a great line in fighting arena toys. Hexbug toys are known for being both very sophisticated and very durable, so older kids will especially love the fun they bring.

Battroborg Made by German toy company Tomy, Battroborgs have some very durable and high quality toys, which range from cool battle arena sets to individual robot control and motion control bots, with lots of different styles from military robots to robo knights and samurais.  The designs of these toys are heavily influenced by Japanese manga and anime, so if your child is a fan of these comics and cartoons, Battroborgs might be the perfect present for them.

The Review: Our Top 12 Picks for Fighting Robot Toys

Batman Vs Superman

Your little sluggers couldn’t settle the argument over which superhero is cooler until now!  This Rock Em Sock Em robots lite version takes the caped crusader and the man of steel and throws them into an epic boxing match to finally prove who the toughest is.

A great little game for two players, each hero is controlled by a mechanical joystick, with a punch button for each arm, and your kid can move their fighter around the ring with the controls, and they will love hearing the victorious KO sound after landing the final blow.  Unlike the standard Rock em Sock em sets, these robots are not attached to a boxing ring, so they can be stored and used in smaller spaces.

  • Inspired by the Batman v Superman movie
  • Pummel each other back and forth until one hero is knocked off
  • Exciting robot boxing action
  • Includes two thumb-operated mechanisms and two battling superheroes


Rock Em Sock Em Fighting Robots

Now we have a real classic toy on our hands! The red rocker and the blue bomber have been keeping kids entertained for almost 60 years with their crazy robot boxing antics, and if you have 6 or 7 year old children, they’re in for a world of excitement and epic punches with these these great battling robots.

It comes with a cool boxing ring set, and each robot is maneuvered around by a mechanical joystick, and laughter always erupts when one of the robots looses their heads!  These newer versions also have some great electronic sound effects, adding more to the excitement.

  • For 6 years old and above
  • Updated version of a classic kids toy
  • Knock your opponents head off in this cool robot boxing match
  • Kids will have a blast battling it out with realistic sounds and jaw-jolting action
  • For 2 players


Battroborg Battle Arena set

Let you kids take control of the battles of the future with this cool Battroborg robot ninja and samurai.  Let your kid pilot their chosen robot warrior through the arena with these neat katana motion controllers as they wirelessly control the action and try to knock their opponent over.

Little warriors will find it hard to put this awesome set of battling robots down as each figure has interchangeable weapons and armor which can be easily snapped on and off, letting them customize their favorite robo warrior.  Also, these Japanese inspired designs will make this a great gift for anime fans.

  • For 6 to 8 year olds
  • Motion control battle action
  • Customizable weapons and armor
  • Batteries not included
  • 20 minutes of charge equals 20 minutes of play

Real Steel Battle Set

Bring home the smashing robot action of the hit film Real Steel with this brilliant battle robot kit.  Coming with a cool boxing ring, the robots from the movie get into intense robot boxing matches, just like rock em sock em robots.

This is definitely made for fans of the movie as the ring plays sound effects from the actual film, and it has some cool lighting to give a very cinematic brawl right into your kids room.  Plus, if your kid’s favorite robot from the film isn’t included in this one, you can buy sets of other Real Steel robots pretty cheap.

  • includes 12″ x 12″ Ring and two fighting robots
  • light-up controls and sound effects taken straight from the movie
  • more robots available to buy separately


Hexbug Battlebot Arena

Modeled after the popular TV show, these sets bring the mechanical roars and spark flying action of the screen right into your kids bedroom, and they’ll be enthralled as they compete in deadly matches against their friends or siblings.  Coming with a fold out game board to serve as a war zone and two remote control robot sluggers, this set has everything mini robo pilots will need in order to let of some steam with an epic robot fight.  You can always add to the army by buying more Hexbug Battlebots, so this is great for a kid who wants to start a fighting robot collection.

While any one who has seen the TV show might understandably be concerned with safety, you don’t have to worry.  This has been specially tested to make sure it is child safe, and has realistic protective walls around the arena to keep you kids out of harms way.

  • Comes with fold out arena
  • Realistic protective walls
  • Fold-out game board
  • Batteries Included
  • Ages 8 years old and above



Robot Attack RC Battle Robot

Perhaps you’re kid is looking for a shooter rather than a puncher.  If so, we’ve got just the battle bot for him or her! Robot Attack is a cool RC robot, and at almost 15 inches tall, he’s almost a giant compared to other toys.  Your little robot fanatic will absolutely love playing ith this, as its chest cannon can be loaded up with its plastic missiles and shot out all through remote control.  By two or more for some epic robot shoot outs, but even one of these is going to make your junior robot pilot very happy.

What’s really cool about this RC robot is that it has 10 different functions, from talking to dancing, so its much more than just a fighting robot.  It also comes in both silver and black models.  The only bad thing we can say about this awesome war machine is that it takes a whopping 5 AA batteries to power it.  Definitely a great choice for kids who want an RC battling robot.

  • Remote control robot toy
  • shoots plastic missiles
  • 10 different functions, including dancing
  • flashing LED lights
  • Batteries not included
  • Amazon choice for remote control robots


Blok Bots Fighting Robot Set

Let your kids play as robot boxing managers with this cool set.  Inside, you’ll find two cool robot sluggers that must be built before they can fight, so your children will really enjoy themselves putting the robots together before its time to throw some punches.What’s different about these battle bots is that, rather then using remote controls or mechanical switches, each robot has pistons on their arms which the kids activate to make their robot punch.

They might not have all the features and gadgets some of the others have, but they have a really cool chunky feel that is quite different to any other battling robots on the market, and one that more hands on kids will definitely love. And you’ll never have to worry about uying batteries for them. Plus, there’s lots of other robots in this Mega Bloks line that you can buy if have more than two players desperate to get in on the action.

  • For 6 to 15 years old
  • includes two build-able Robots
  • Kids control the punches themselves using the pistons
  • Can buy other robots in this line if you want more
  • No batteries needed


Hexbug Tarantula RC Battle Robots

Let your kids take control over the robot wars of the future with this awesome set of fighting tarantulas.  They are fully remote controlled and shoot infrared guns at each other.  high tech sensors detect the hits from the other spider, and recoil and react with voice and sound effects each time they are hit.

This great little two player game is great for competitive kids and for sorting out sibling arguments without anyone getting hurt.  Also, each controller has 4 channels it can switch between, so you can use this set with other remote control toys without getting the frequencies confused.

  • includes 2 RC tarantula robots
  • For 8 years old and over
  • Hi-tech sensor measures each hit
  • 360 degree rotating head


Transformers Battlemasters

Just like their name sake, these little battling robots are definitely more than meets the eye.  With these two transformer fighting robots, Optimus Prime and Megatron, your kids will have some great fights proving who the toughest bot in the universe truly is. Each robot comes on a controller with two triggers for punching, and the match is over when one of the robots is knocked off, rock em sock em style!

We also really like the fact that the robots can be detached from the controllers and played with as straight up action figures.  Also, if your children are big transformers fans, you can easily pick up some more battlemaster bots to add to the fun.

  • for 5 year olds and older
  • no ring needed
  • includes 2 robots and 2 controllers
  • each robot has a code to unlock online content on the battlemaster app


Smash Bots RC fighting robots

This set includes 2 awesome battle robots and 4 different weapons that can be used to smash each other up. Kids will really love the way these RC bots spin around in order to whack each other with their deadly weapons.  Your child will really feel the thrill of battle as they crank up the power on the remote to go into turbo spin mode and send their opponent flying!

With all that spinning and punching, you might be concerned that these Smash Bots aren’t going to last long.  Luckily, the manufacturers took into account just have crazy these robot fights can get, and these fighting bots are very durable and have been built to withstand a lot of punishment.  The set also comes with a handy battle mat in order to give the robots an nice flat surface to roll around on.


  • Move and spin each Smash Bot to deliver powerful punches and defeat your opponent.
  • Crank up the power with turbo mode to deliver even harder hits.
  • Very sturdy and durable
  • 10 AAA batteries required ( not included)
  • Includes: 2 Robots, 2 Remote Controls, 1 Set of Weapons, 1 Battle Mat,1 Instruction Manual


Robot Bumper Cars

Perhaps you’re looking for something a little less violent?  Well, these cool RC robot bumper cars bring all the fun of this popular fair ground activity right into your child’s room. Coming with 2 futuristic bumper cars and remote controllers, the whole family can have great fun with this set by knocking into each other and trying to bump the rider off their car.

This cool little set caught our eye for a few reasons.  For one, its a cool fighting robot set without punching or missiles, giving great fun without being to destructive.  Secondly, it comes with everything you need inside the boss, including batteries.  Finally, its made of Non-Toxic Recyclable ABS Plastic, so you don’t have to worry about your kids getting anything toxic from these cool toys

  • For ages 6 and above
  • Cars, remote controls and batteries all included
  • Non-toxic materials
  • great fun for kids and parents


Battroborg 3 in 1 Robot Arena

Are your kids ready for some of the most advanced battling robots on the planet?  In this cool arena set, the battroborgs are motion controlled, just like the Nintendo Wii, so your kids actually control them by moving the controllers and make the robots punch by throwing punches of their own.  This makes this awesome battle set not only amazing for having crazy robot boxing matches, but your kids will also be very active while playing with them and get some good exercise too.

We really love how this set is cool super cool for our kids and super.  It comes with a great arena with built in batteries, and even little drones for your kids to train with before a big fight. Motion controllers need batteries though, which are not included.  Its also has an amazing mode where the arena will take control of one robot, allowing it to be played as a single play game if your child wants. All in all, this is one of the most sophisticated and coolest battle sets we’ve ever seen, and out kids love the motion controls.

  • For 6 year olds and over
  • Motion-controlled battling robots
  • Control each punch with motion radio controllers
  • Robots register impact hits to the head
  • control up to 10 robots with one controller.


Our Best Overall Fighting Robot

With so many amazing fighting robot toys in our list, it was really hard to knuckle down and choose a favorite.  After much deliberation and discussion at the buzzparent office, we finally had to go with the Hexbug BattleBots set because of the full robotic fighting experience this set brings.  Its got a crazy arena with moving traps. Its got two awesome RC robot crushers, and you can easily buy more.  Its pretty much got everything your child could ever want in a battling robot set.

Coming from the Hexbug company, we had high expectations for this set, and it did indeed meet them.  It is well made, well designed,, durable, and very child safe. This will make a brilliant gift for fans of the TV show or kids into robots in general, and they will just love getting all their friends around for a grand robot battle.


Our Budget Pick

For those on a bit of a budget, we recommend you pick up the Batman Vs Superman Rock em Sock em Robots.  As we’ve said before, these mechanical robot sluggers might not have the fancy controls, sound effects or flashing lights of some of their more sophisticated rivals, but Rock EM Sock Em Robot toys have been a mainstay in kids toys for over 40 years due to the fact that they’re just incredible amounts of fun, plain and simple.  If you get your kids one of these, you can be confident that your getting a true classic toy for them that will keep them entertained for a long time.

Another really cool thing about this particular model is that it doesn’t have a ring or an arena, so not only is it much easier to store, it is also fine for your kids to take them on long trips in the car or on holiday.  That is, if you don’t mind long trips in the car with superhero battles all the way.

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