Best Batman Helicopter Toy 2018

Some things just never go out of fashion, and Gotham’s own caped crusader is definitely one of them. We’re also big fans of helicopter toys here at Buzzparent. Batman toys have been entertaining kids for decades, and recently there has been a really cool selection of Batman toy helicopters on the market.  So if your little one is a big fan of this crazy DC superhero, we’ve made this quick review for you to show you the best Batman helicopters out there.

The Review – Batman Helicopter Choices in 2018

DC Super Friends Imaginext Batman Copter

The FisherPrice Batman Playset features a great Batman figure and a super cool Batcopter toy helicopter for all kinds of crime-fighting adventures.  As expected from Fisherprice, this is very well made and high quality stuff.

3 and 4 year olds will really have a blast playing with this Batman set.


LEGO Super Heroes Batwing set

There is some amazing lego batman sets out there, and this one is one of our favorites.  This comes with both Batman and Joker figures, and each one has their own awesome Lego helicopter.  The Joker’s helicopter features henchman pilot, 4 flick missiles, rope ladder and ‘toxic laughing gas’ bomb release function, while Batman’s cool Batwing features 2 flick missiles and bomb release function.

Your children will have a really amazing time both building and playing with these flying batman toys.  And as they are made by Lego, you can be sure of their high quality!



LEGO Superheroes Man-Bat Attack

Batman faces off against the dangerous Man-Bat in this great Batman Lego set.  It comes with a Batman, Man-Bat, and Nightwing figures, plus a really amazing Batman Batcopter toy to build.  We hope they are prepared for hours of fun!

The Batcopter has an opening cockpit, spinning rotors, 2 flick missiles and a working winch and hook, so your kids will have all kinds of fun playing with this great Batman helicopter toy.  



FisherPrice Imaginext Batman Helicopter

This cool Imaginext batman toy comes from those wonderful guys and Fisherprice, and it has both a Batman figure and a cool Batcopter.  This will bring their imagination to life as the propellers have real spin action, and the helicopter itself has a cool disc launcher.

The copter has a handle and a trigger at the back, so kids can hold it like a gun and shoot soft plastic discs, so endless amounts of fun can be had with this sweet multi-functional Batman playset.



Lego Batman Copter and Harvester Set

This mammoth 500+ piece Lego set is a must-have for all serious Batman fans out there.  Batman takes on his enemies the Scarecrow and more in his amazing Lego Batcopter, while the bad guys ride around in a creepy Fear Tank.  Your children will have endless fun recreating epic battles between good and evil here.

Not only will it take a good while to put this all together, each vehicle has multiple pop-out and rotating functions that keep builders busy as they dream up new scenarios and stories with these cool comic book heroes.



Lego Scarecrow Copter Playset

Another super cool Batman Lego playset, although this time it is the supervillain Scarecrow who has the helicopter!  This includes Batman, Scarecrow, a giro copter and a mini power plant, so your kids can have an amazing time thinking up and acting out all different stories where Batman saves the power plant from destruction

Scarecrow gyro-copter features top and rear spinning rotors, an adjustable rudder, two bomb-drop functions and three translucent-green fear gas bomb element, and the power plant mini build has space for a fear gas bomb element and an explode function, so there is plenty to keep your little superhero busy here.



Lego Batman Copter Steam Roller set

Now, this is serious value for money.  This awesome Batman Lego set comes with 5 figures including Batman, Robin, the Joker and more.  Your kids will have an amazing time as Batman and his rival do battle in their vehicles.  The joker has a cool steamroller with a chunky roller, flickable laughing gas bombs and a big smile.  Batman attacks back in his cool Batwing, with its 4 flick missiles, opening cockpit and flying/attack-mode sweeping wings.  Therefore, kids will love not only building these cool toys but also playing with them as they have really awesome functions.

Lego makes great batman toys for kids, and these will make wonderful Christmas or birthday gifts.



FisherPrice DC Superfriends Batwing Helicopter

This cool helicopter toy will magically bring your kids play to life with flashing lights and sounds.  But thats not all.  Clip a DC Superfriends figure into the helicopter and it will play speech from that character!  Clip in another figure to hear a different conversation!  The copter also makes cool engine noises, and will respond to movement.

The only downside is that this unfortunately doesn’t include a DC figure to clip into the copter.  This flying helicopter will make a really great gift for a DC fan.



Decopac Batman Helicopter

Looking for a cool little budget bacopter?  We might have found just the thing for you. This tiny little batman toy might only just fit in the palm of your hand, but with its real spinning rotors, your kids imagination will definitely take care of the rest.  This is also really compact and easy to store, so if your kids toy box is already flowing over, this might be a good option to consider.


Best Overall Buy

We recommend the DC SuperFriends Batman copter as our top pick.  WE just love the cool design of this great Batman toy, and its flashing lights and awesome sound effects will make wonderful play times for your kids.  We also thought the speech function is really cool, and as each different figure will give different conversations when popped into the cock pit, this is really great value for money of your child has a lot of DC superfriends Batman figures.

The only real drawback here is that this helicopter doesn’t come with a DC Superfriend included, so you’ll have to buy separately.



Budget Budget Pick

Looking for something cheap and cheerful? The decopac Batman copter is just a few bucks, and although it as designed as a cake decoration, that didn’t stop our little ones playing with it for days on end.  It doesn’t have the functions of the other toys on the list, and certainly won’t keep them as occupied as a Lego Batman set, but nonetheless younger kids can have a great time with one of these.


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