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There is a time in a kids life when they are ready to handle a remote-controlled toy and if this time is now your child is gonna ecstatic with joy. There is a time when your little boy or girl is wanting to run as fast as he can, jump as high as he can and then drive a remotely controlled toy. With a huge selection on the market the choices are endless and as a parent this can be confusing. There is a difference between products and some offer superior levels of quality. We pride ourselves with testing such toy RC gadgets and love doing so, which is why our best is good enough for most. We are strict with quality, performance and durability, so whichever is the best of the bunch really is the best.

Best Rc Buses 2018

older kids rc bus toy

Remote control toys come in all shapes and sizes. A bus makes a nice change for kids who are getting bored with RC cars. Here, you will find a range of RC buses for toddlers as well as older kids - there is something for everyone!

Best Remote Control Truck Videos 2018

We love RC toys here at Buzzparent, and in order to celebrate this, here are our top 5 crazy RC  Truck videos.

Best Batman Helicopter Toy 2018

Best batman helicopter toy 2018

In this article, we look at some top picks for Batman helicopter toys. There are loads of variety and depending on you or your child's preferences there is something to suit your needs.

Tips: Where Can I Find an Amazing Remote Control Helicopter?

Online shopping is where you should do most of your toy shopping and we always recommend Amazon as they are a growing company and provide a great range of RC Car, planes, drones and even spider creepy crawlies.

Tips: How to Fly a Rc Drone for Beginners

Learning how to Fly a Drone for Beginners is important if the drone is an expensive RC Drone and this is why have some basic concepts of controls will save you buying new parts because of bad landings or crashes. There is some great practical advice for making your flying drones experience better.

Tips: How to Fly a Rc Helicopter

Learning to fly a RC helicopter is a journey every child wants to begin and that includes the big-kids too. There is of course different stages in their development and from small rc to real life helicopters, everything starts from somewhere.

Are Helicopters Better Than Quadcopters?

Are helicopters better than quadcopters?

In this article we break down the differences between RC helicopters and RC quadcopters, looking at the pros and cons of each, and help you decide which will make the best present for your little one.

Cool Remote Control Helicopter Video’s 2018

In order to celebrate just how good remote control helicopters are these days, we are really happy to share with you our coolest remote control helicopter videos of 2018.

Best Fighting Robot Toys

Best Robot Fighting Toys

Whath the punches and sparks fly with our look at the best fighting robot toys on the market. These tough robo sluggers make ideal gifts for raucous little boys who love making noise!

Best Robot Dinosaur Toys 2018

best robot dinosaur toy

Robot dinosaur toys are some of the coolest and most popular gifts for children and we're here to share with you our top picks for the perfect robo dino. There are over 10 unique and quirky RC Dinosaurs to choose from and these really do make for a perfect gift for your little boy and girl.

Best Mini Remote Control Cars

Toddler mini RC car

There are loads of different types of mini toy RC cars and we have selected some of the best on the market to compare so you can find the ideal gift for the little boy or girl. 

Best Remote Control Tank

best remote control tank

There are loads of different types of remote control tanks for kids. This review looks at some of the best tanks toys and helps parents choose the ideal RC toy gift.

Best Remote Control Cars for Girls

Jada Toys Minnie Mouse R/C Vehicle

Little girls love to race cars as much as boys do, but it can be hard to find 'girly' cars. Here, we have rounded up some of the best 'girl's' RC cars for girls of all ages, from toddlers up to teenagers.

Best Remote Control Spider

In this review, we have put together a list of the best remote controlled spiders in order to help you choose the perfect gift for your child.

Best Robot Pets

In this article, we review the best robot pets available in order to help you make the right choice when it comes to buying the perfect robo companion for your little one.

Best Remote Control Shark 2017

Air Swimmers Remote Control Flying Shark toy

There are loads of underwater remote controlled flying sharks in this review and children will go wild for them. Kids love this RC toys and spend hours at play both indoors and out, which makes them fun for all the family. We have reviewed some of the best on Amazon to make sure you find the best of the bunch.

Remote Control Drift Cars are Cool

homemade rc car

Drifting remote control cars is a great activity to do for both children and adults and with so many different theories on handling and how to race whilst drifting it is no wonder there is always something to read about.

How to Maintain a Remote Control Car

Keliwow rc car engine

Remote controlled cars needs to be looked after and well maintained if they are going to last the test of time. There are some helpful tips for maintaining your RC car and will make the fun last much longer.

Fun Activities to Do With a Remote Control Car

RC buggy riding in sand

Remote control cars are loads of fun and even more so when you add more elements into the joy of driving them. There are some awesome tricks you can do with RC cars and with a little insight you will be pushing the boundaries of what's possible with you RC car toy.

Tips and Tricks for RC Cars

off-road RC car

Learning to choose a RC car that is ideal for your child is important for you and especially with so many out on the market to choose from. This helpful guide will help parents when deciding to buy a toy vehicle that is gonna make their child happy with hours of enjoyment to be had.

How to Build an RC Car From Scratch

yellow LaFerrari Radio Remote Control

Learning to build an RC Car from scratch is a cool activity and something that takes a long time to do and is great for keeping kids entertained for hours. There are loads of facts and helping words of wisdom to help you and your child learn how to make a remote control car from nothing into an awesome toy vehicle.

Best Remote Controlled Motorcycle

rc bike with gyroscope

Remote control motorcycles are great gifts for children and with a huge selection of RC motorcycles in this review you will find the ideal present for the little one to play and enjoy.

Best Remote Control Trains

rc wooden train set

Remote control trains are great gifts idea for kids of all ages and with such a huge selection of toy trains you will find an ideal gift for your little one. We review all toy trains to make sure you are getting the best train toy set for your child.

Best Remote Control Submarines

Tipmant Mini RC Toy Remote Control Boat

Underwater Submarine toys are a great gift for any child and with loads to choose from in this review there is something for every parent wanting to find the best gift for any occasion. Each submarine has a remotely controlled handheld device and is easy to use for children.

Best Remote Control Tractors

Fistone RC Excavator Bulldozer Rock toy

Remote control tractors are ideal gifts for kids and with this review there is an amazing pick for your child. There are loads to choose from and we have reviewed their features, functions and what is the best remote control truck for kids.

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