Best Play Tents for Kids 2018

Play tents are a great way for to encourage the kids to get outdoors, playing and having fun in their tent. They can crawl through them, play games and hide and seek, especially with their vivid imaginations, the fun never ends.

Most parents know that there is always a need for a play tent. There are a various number of occasions that a tent will come in useful. Holidays, out camping, birthdays and even days at the beach are fantastic ways to name just a few ways for these tents to be used.

The versatile nature of a kid’s tents can go from hosting a garden tea party to fierce battles where a prince has to rescue a princess from a fire-breathing dragon. The weird and wonderful imagination of children puts nature into its limitless potential, which can create the next Abraham Lincoln for example and potentially end the next global war. haha…I got carried away I know!

I loved my imaginative kid tents growing up, although I no longer use bed sheets for my mysterious hidden caves, I do like to

4 kids in laying in a tent

continue the mystery and let the toddlers have the limitless and expanding imagination, which continually blossoms. Ok, this may be a little too wild and I have got sidetracked, wasn’t this about kids tents and where to get some quality reviews, well yes, but if we can’t share a little context for my content then there is a real loss, loss of life of the reasons why, why bother, so bare with me and ill share my top 5 with you and hopefully get the kids outdoors and creating some magic in their tent (sacred space).


Princess Castle Play Tent

pink tent that looks like a tower

This is a great kid play tent and the theme of a princess tower lets the imagination go wild, especially now the fire-breathing dragon (dad) is surrounding the tower and the only way to be rescued is by the prince, but alas fear not there is the prince (little brother) and hope is restored to the wilting princess.

This tent has got me feeling I’m 3 again and my dad has come home from work, mad at first and then seeing all the work that’s gone into creating this world he softens. Good memories last the test of time and I hope if you choose to buy this kids tent your child to gets what could last a lifetime of timeless magic.

This tent is awesome and has glow in the dark stickers, which needs a high-five for being so imaginative. The stars here symbolize to me the endless possibilities and if your little one is a dreamer she will get countless hours coming up with the next J K Rowling novel I think.

The tent is very easy to assemble and is very lightweight, so no matter where they want to take their little adventure their possibilities are endless, it’s now just up to your mom to take them there. The pink is very cute and I recommend it cause I love pink, but doesn’t every little girl or am I missing something? Didn’t think so…

The tent, I would say, is for 3+ and the height is 53 inches exactly. The width is wide enough to fit a couple young ones at 40 inches and the more the merry they say, so why not have a sleepover!



Dome Tent Play

dome looking kids tent

This, I would say, the unisex tent is for the child who is less fussed about having glow in the dark stars and a gender-specific style and like the idea of being in a tent playing with their toys and crawling around while keeping out the rain. Sometimes you just don’t need to go too far with themes and fussing around with such matters, just let them build the tents identity and hopefully, they’ll make of it what they will.

The tent itself is large and could probably fit in at least 3 kids, even a few toys at the same time, but kids love to get snuggled up and play. This adds to the excitement and soon they will be mustering up plans to find hidden treasure, cause the tent is a base for making plans or didn’t you know this?

This is a very lightweight tent and is easy to carry and includes a bag, so transportation anywhere couldn’t be easier. The material is polyester taffeta know as 190T and is waterproof, so outdoor activity is covered, which comes in handy when you’re worried about when the summer showers switch on.

The colors are blue, red, yellow and although they are none of my favorite colors I do think they stand out and offer an easy to spot visual for when you’re at the beach walking back to your tent with an ice cream in hand and have no time to waste.



 Safari Kids Tent 

safari kids tent with a tunnel and domeThis wild and mysterious kids tent is wonderful and lets the kids imagine that they are with some of Africa’s big 7, which has always been a dream. The jungle graphics will keep the games going for hours and the tunnel seems to add to the allure, it’ll leave them feeling that have been on a wild adventure in the Sahara.

This would be the best play tent for 5 years old’s and is quite high at 48 inches and can accommodate a team of explorers who envision themselves deep in the bush. The Tunnel is long at 4 feet and offers additional exploration into the unknown tunnel’s where no end is in sight, but fear not there is light the little one said, so carry on we must.

The metal frames throughout have an additional lining which is padded and offers a little more comfort, especially if they are going to be on their knees darting around l day, which I think is a nice additional feature.

The fabric is again polyester and similar to the previously discussed and is highly durable for both the indoors and out. This is also very easy to assemble and with coordinating poles it couldn’t really be easier. This tent is recommended for kids between 3 and 10 years of age and if your a big kid like me then possible into the late….ok I’ll stop there Ha!




Playhouse Tent

one pink play tent with tunnel and dome


This pink bundle of joy is another stunningly designed tent and offers a theme park of amusement with the potential that seems to be endless, it’s definitely gonna keep the kids entertained for hours, exploring new places, spaces and maybe you can even get those colored balls and really go all-out for those children of yours!

This is one of the largest in size and can fit a small party it seems, but don’t take my word for it, but for those needing to know the exact dimensions the height is 52 inches and the width is 44, however, the tunnels boasts 71 inches in length and by-golly-gosh that is long one, best yet in-fact!

The versatility of this tent means playtime can be indoor or out, it can also play-ball or host a tea party of sorts. The imagination that sometimes limits us is not what your child will have, especially when they get going, it’s about setting the tone of experience and watching them go and have fun.

This tent is easy to assemble and again the material it’s made of is polyester, which is, of course, durable and can be used outside. This tent has see-through windows and can be good for looking out from, but also from the kitchen window for those mothers wanting to keep a vigilant eye on their precious kids.



Tree House Playhouse 

dome kids tent with a tree house theme

This private tree house kids tent is a member only and for those who dare knock be prepared for a thorough interrogation, because to be in this kid’s clubhouse there are strict requirements and not all who knock may enter.

The little ones will love this themed tent and will imagine all sorts of games associated with the themed fabric. I think personally all kids love playing in trees and having a tent that is themed as a tree house will spark their little imaginations into an explosion of excitement.

The tent itself can be used for several purposes and for those who don’t know that this can be used for the transition from crib to bed is sometimes eased when there is a cool tent that can be used on top of the already existing bed. There are even mattresses available for those parents really trying to make the most of this awesome tent.

The material is again polyester and the tent includes a bag for those trip away, s whatever the circumstances this tent can provide you basic needs.



The Best Overall Pick

They are all quite similar in my opinion and although themed differently the material, sizes and quality are alike, but where they do differ is the tunnel feature. This is a lovely additional add-on and for some kids, this will keep them amused for longer and will also provide more space and cover for when things are getting cramped at the kids birthday party, so for this reason mainly I have chosen ‘safari kids tent’. This might also be because I love animals and anything that associates with them makes my imagination run off like a little girl, so maybe a little biased here, but in all seriousness, this is a great tent and will provide all necessary fundamentals as all the others, but with a little extra flare.


The Best Budget Pick

The ‘dome tent play’ is another great tent which is good value for money and is a little cheaper than the others, so if you’re looking for a tent just for a one-off or maybe just for camping then this could be ideal for your circumstances and ensure you have a safe environment for your kid to play in.

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