Best Kids Umbrellas 2018

As devoted parents, we want to get the best things we can for our children, especially on practical items like umbrellas that protect children from the rain and snow.  But how many times, as a parent, have you gone out in the rain only to find that your trusty umbrella breaks as soon as you open it?  If i had a dollar for every time that that happened… I’d have at least 10 dollars.

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So lets save our kids by giving them the best and most durable umbrellas we can find them.  In this review, then. we’ll look at our top picks for kids umbrellas.

Considerations when choosing a child’s umbrella

Don’t let the looks fool you – Your son or daugher may go wild when the see the picture of that umbrella fashioned after their favorite Disney character, but if it is cheaply made or fragile it is not going to be of any use to you.  Also, broken umbrellas trend to have sticky out bits and sharpe edges, which is definitely not something we want anywhere near our precious little ones.

No pointy bits or sharp edges – Although you might find the on some adult umbrellas, we don’t want spike or anything like that for our kids.  We want to give them a tool that keeps them dry and warm, not a weapon they can injure themselves or others with.  Make sure your children’s umbrella has rounded tips of rubber or plastic.

A good solid mechanism –  Have a close look at the umbrella mechanism.   Whether it is automatic or manual closing, it should be smooth and gentle, and its parts should be solid and robust.  Also, please be aware that your child should take extra special care with an umbrella that opens and closes a button press; it is very easy for little hands and tiny finger to get caught in these if they are not careful.

Smooth handles – whether they are plastic or wooden, we want a nice smooth handle on our childs umbrella.  Children have soft and delicate hands, and we don’t want rough edges cutting them or giving them splinters when they use it.

Afforable yet not too expensive – You need to find a balance in choosing the right umbrella for your kid.  On the one hand, you don’t want a cheap one that is going to fall to pieces on the way to school or in the playground.  However, it is not worth paying a alot of money for an umbrella that they will outgrow in a few years.  Its also easy for children to put them down or forget them somewhere, so it shouldn’t be too hard to replace one.

It might sound like a lot of things to remember for a simple thing like a childs umbrella, but if you get a good one that will last a long time, your kids will be very thankful on rainy days.  Plus, especially for kids with long hair, they can get to school in the rain without catching cold OR ruining their fantastic new haircut.


Top 5 childrens umbrellas

Skip Hop Kid and Toddler Umbrella

Skip Hop Zoo Little Kid and Toddler Umbrella, Multi Livie Ladybug

Whether they are rushing to the bus stop or splashing around in puddles and having a great time, your toddler will love venturing out into the rain carrying their very own umbrella.

This cool kids brolly has a innovative windowpane that makes it easy for children to see in crowded places, while protecting little faces from wind and water. With a child-sized handle and kid-friendly release, it’s easy for little fingers to safely open and close. This brolly also coordinates with a matching rain coat from the manufacturer, so its perfect if your child want to coordinate their outfit.  Available in a range of colors and animal designs.   The pink set will a great umbrella for a little girl.

  • Peek-a-boo window and kid friendly release
  • Standard child-sized plastic handle
  • 3-cold ears and motif closure strap
  • Bpa-free and phthalate-free




Pop Up Umbrella for Children

Product Details

Brilliant for expressive little children, these cool umbrellas for kids come in all kinds of animal shapes and designs, from cute butterflies and frogs to scary sharks and even a pirate! These are specially designed for kids and are easy to open and close.  There is no buttons, so you won’t have to worry about them accidentally getting their fingers trapped

  • 100% Nylon
  • Hand Wash
  • 23.62″ high
  • 27.56″ wide
  • Easy open and close – no buttons to pinch little fingers
  • Wrap around Velcro closure for storage




Totes Clear Umbrella for Children

Product Details

Help your kid keep dry and healthy in the wet weather with this awesome unisex umbrella. The clear canopy lets the little ones see where they are going easily, so they can avoid any bumps or knocks that they might not otherwise notice, especially on crowded streets, buses and subways.

  • vinyl
  • Imported
  • Extended, dome-shaped canopy keeps your little one bone dry
  • Easy-grip curved plastic handle perfect for small hands
  • Child-safe scratch-free ball protects umbrella spokes
  • 25x2x25



Colorful Kids Umbrella

Product DetailsWe all know just how much children like bright and colorful things, so let them was away the sadness of the rain and drizzle with these cool children’s umbrellas.  Available in a full ranges of cool kids designs, these umbrellas are sturdy, durable, and easy to open and close, and with no buttons, you don’t have to worry about tiny hands getting trapped or snapped.


  • 100% Polyester
  • Imported
  • Hand Wash
  • Easy open and close – no buttons to pinch little fingers
  • Measures approx. 22 long and 27 diameter (when open)
  • Wrap around Velcro closure for storage




Rainstoppers Child Umbrella

3 year old children will absolute love this stylish umbrella, as it is big enough for them to use, but they won’t grow out of it or a few more years.  It is very comfortable to hold, and easy to open and close.

This also comes available in a staggering number of different colorful designs, with everything from flowers, animals, cowboys and sports, so you’ll surly find one that fits your childs sense of style and interests.

  • Manual Open
  • Metal Shaft, Ribs, and Round Plastic Tips
  • Matching Plastic Hook Handle
  • 190T Polyester Fabric
  • Safety Tested


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