Best Science Kit and Activity websites for kids

Keeping kids busy with entertaining and fun science projects often requires a little assistance from the World Wide Web. The best science websites for kids are ones that are engaging, creative, and that don’t go over their heads with complex information that they can’t understand. Read on to discover some of the websites we think top the list for science and your kids.

Bill Nye

You simply cannot ignore Bill Nye the science guy’s official website with everything from a guide to the episodes that he has recorded organized in clear alphabetical order as well as by type of science to printable do it at home science experiments you’ve got everything you need to keep your kids busy for an entire summer. There is some shopping available but there is plenty of free stuff to consume hours of your little scientists free time in a fun and educational way.


You don’t have to travel all the way to San Francisco to bring up a piece of the Exploratorium to your child. From the featured videos to an extensive exploring section, this website offers your child activities as well as links to apps that your kids can play with all afternoon long. The apps listed are free so enjoy and have fun. A wide variety of activities are also included so that you can give your child direction while they are exploring their own world.

Earth Rangers

Guide your child in his or her efforts to save the planet with this unique website. You can join the team of animal saving Heroes, access tutorials, and learn. Media heavy, this website offers images, videos, and blogs that will entertain and delight your child while teaching them all about the wonders of our natural world. If your child really loves animals he or she can even start a fundraising campaign to help fund changes that protect the Earth.

Smithsonian National Air and Space Museum

Explore the sky above you with the Smithsonian’s multi-media collection of fun ways for kids to learn explore and enjoy. If your kids love space or are thinking about travelling to Mars this is definitely a website for them to explore. Let your child explore the stars right from the comfort of their tablet on this website.

Whether watching videos, looking at pictures, or doing hands-on activities this collection of websites will keep your child busy, learning, and completely engaged with science for many fun-filled hours.

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