Best Kids Fox Costumes 2018

Kids love to play dress up and role play is important parts of our kids’ developments, so we owe it to them to let them enjoy dressing up in a fox costume.  Here at buzzparent, we’ve been trying to find you the best costumes for kids, no matter if its Halloween or not, as there’s nothing more disappointing to a child who loves to dress up if their new costume falls to pieces after just one use.

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Fox costumes for kids have always been a popular option, with so many of these little red critters featuring prominently in kids TV and books, such as The Fantastic Mr. Fox.  In this list, you’ll find all kinds of kids costumes for all different budgets and sizes – there’s something to suit everyone here!



There are a few things parents should keep in mind when looking for a dressing up outfit for their child. Some things worth considering are:

Size – This is an obvious one but sometimes gets forgotten. Dressing up costumes are usually designed to cover a large age range rather than fitting one specific size. Make sure to check a sizing chart to make sure you won’t be disappointed- kids won’t be able to run around in a costume that is far too big!  At the same time, you don’t want to get something which is too small or restrictive.

Materials – We recommend that you go for fabrics that are easier to clean, and some costumes might have a lot of delicate parts and are not machine washable. You also want to get something that is going to be durable and last.  Your child won’t be wearing the costume every day (or maybe they will…) but with Halloween and costume parties through the year, you want something that will last!  Plus, maybe you want to pass it down to a little brother or sister in later years.

Features – It all depends on what your child really wants.  Are they looking for something furry and realistic?  Or do they want something cute? We recommend looking for something with accessories and features, like masks, hoods or detachable tails, as they make the costume both more flexible and more stunning to look at.


The Review 

Unisex Fox Onesie

Animal Party Masquerade Costume Jumpsuit Outfit One-piece

Aren’t these little fox onesies just adorable?  Whether your kid is looking for a cool Halloween costume or a set of pajamas, these will be perfect for both.

It is made of polar fleece, so it will be nice and warm, and you won’t have to worry about your child catching a cold on Halloween night.  They can also easily slip this on over their clothes and take it off if they get too hot.


  • Polar Fleece
  • Hand wash only
  • Sizes 4 to 10
  • Halloween or pajamas



Kids Fox Costume for Tweens

Fox Set costume

If you’ve got an older daughter in her tween years who is looking for a cool fox dress up set for a costume party, then look no further.

With this stylish set of leg warmers, headpiece and furry mittens, your little princess will be the bell of the Halloween ball.  Whats really cool about this is that it easily goes over her clothes, so she can wear whatever she wants underneath.  This will be a cool present for a tween looking to dress up as a fox.


  • 100 Polyester
  • Spot clean only
  • This fox costume for kids/tweens/teens includes a plush headpiece, fur mitts and furry leg warmers.
  • The tween fox costume comes in kids and tween sizes



Kids Halloween Fox Costume

Cuddly Fox Child CostumeThis cute little costume is brilliant for both boys and girls.  This all in one jumpsuit will be easy for them to get into or out of thanks to its handy front zipper.  They can also slip it on easily over their clothes, perfect for cold nights out trick or treating.

This is made of polyester, so it has a really cool fur texture to it that will feel warm and cozy for your little one.  They might get a little too hot, especially if dancing at a Halloween party, but they can easily take it off if they are.


  • Outfit includes all in one jumpsuit.
  • Attached hood and tail.
  • Zip through the front to make easy to take on and off
  • Eyelash effect soft Polyester fabric for realistic effect and comfort


Kids Fox Costume For Girls

Girl's Sweet Fox Toddler Costume

If your little girl wants to look stylish and glamorous, this awesome outfit will easily make her the best-dressed kid at the costume party.  This cool set has a skirt, leg warmers, hood, and tailpiece, and she’ll feel warm and snug in this furry costume.

Comes in both medium and large sizes.


  • 100% Polyester
  • Imported
  • Hand Wash
  • Includes: Dress, Plush Tail, Boot Covers, and Hood with Ears and Poms
  • Toddler/Child Size



Nick Wilde Zootopia Costume

 Roll over image to zoom in Disguise Disguise Nick Wilde Classic Zootopia Disney CostumeIf your kid is a big fan of the Zootopia movies, why not let them dress up as the favorite fox in this cool Nick Wild costume?  This fox outfit for kids comes with a top, pants, tail and hat that will transform them into this lovable Disney rascal.

Best of all, this comes in 3 different sizes, X-small, small and medium, so we’re sure you can find the right one for your child no matter how tall he or she is.  It is also made of polyester, so it will be durable and warm.


  • Polyester
  • Product Includes: Tunic, pants, tail and headpiece
  • Officially Licensed Product
  • Disney Zootopia Costume



Toddler Fox Costume

Toddler Fox Costume 4TThere’s no reason why your toddler should miss out on all the fun with this cool fox dress up set.  This toddler costume comes as a full body suit, so no need to worry about losing different pieces of it.  It is made of 100% polyester, so it will be nice and warm, and your kid can easily get into or out of it from the zipper at the back.

Your little toddler will be irresistibly cute with this cool outfit.

 FunCostumes Toddler Fox Costume



Budget Picks

Fox Ears and Tail Set

Fox Ears and Tail Set for Children

For those who are looking for a quick and easy kids fox outfit that isn’t going to burst the bank, we have some very cool options for you.  This cool set of ears and tail will make a cool little Halloween gift for a child wishing to dress up as a fox, or maybe as some accessories for another costume.

This is 100% acrylic and fully machine washable, so you can throw it in the washing machine if it comes back from a trick or treats run covered in candy.

While this does advertise as being suitable for kids of all ages and even for adults, judging by the sizes, we think this is probably best suited for ages 8 and under.

  • One Size Fits All 3 Years +
  • Fully washable see inside the costume for full instructions
  • 100% Acrylic

Fox Ears and Tail Set for Children



Kids Fox Mask

Child's Animal Critter Forest Fox Half Mask Costume Accessory

Sometimes all you need to complete the perfect kid’s costume is the right mask.  This high-quality kids fox mask looks really cool, and its half face design means that it won’t mess with your child’s breathing.

This will be great as an accessory to a fox outfit, or even as part of a unique bespoke costume you are helping your child make. It is very soft and easy to wear, but it might be a bit too small for teenagers.

Children's Animal Critter Forest Half Mask Costume Accessory



Fox Halloween Costume Kit

Smiffys Children's Unisex Fox Kit

The perfect kid’s costume for your little party animal, this plush set comes complete with fuzzy headband, ears, and a matching tail, and they will look amazing with this and a little bit of creativity.

We really like this set as it is so easy to just slip it on over your kid’s normal clothes, so you can make sure that they are wrapped up nice and warm if they wear this out on a cold October night of trick or treating.


  • Children’s Fox kit, Including: Headband and tail, Headband with large plush fox ears and matching plush tail
  • Party animal! Fox kit for an instantly wild disguise!
  • Easy to slip on and off the detachable tail
  • One Size, 100% Polyester, Hand-wash

Smiffys Children's Unisex Fox Kit, Headband & Tail, One Size, Colour: Brown,



Children’s Fox Tail and Ears Kit

This is another cute little fox ears and tail combo that can work on its own or as an accessory to another costume.  Regardless of which you are using this for, your child will feel really cool and cute with this plush tail and ears.

Why not get all your kids some farmyard animal costumes to go along with this fox dress up set?


Children's Fox Ears & Tail Set



Fox Kids Animal Hat

Bioterti Plush Fun Animal Hats –One Size Cap - 100% Polyester With Fleece Lining

This hat is so cute and fluffy that your kids will want to wear it all year round, not just on Halloween.  However, if you’re on a budget, this cool little plush can go a long way towards making a cool fox Halloween costume for your little one.

This cool hat is made of a combination of polyester and fleece fabrics, so it will be very warm and cozy to wear, so your kid will love it for cold winter nights. It is made with a one size fits all, that should be OK  for all adult, teen, and child who can fit inside the 12 inches in head circumference.  Keep out those winter blues in style with this!

Bioterti Plush Fun Animal Hats –One Size Cap - 100% Polyester With Fleece Lining


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