DIY Cat Toys You Can Make with Your Child

If you have a cat and you want to do something to interact with your child, then making cat toys with household materials may be a good idea. This is because these toys are easy to make and you will be able to use them with your cat whenever you are feeling bored and want to do something with your pet. Another great thing about this is that you will be able to enjoy this time with your child, as these days it is becoming harder to find things to do your child that is fun and enjoyable for everyone.

Yarn Balls

The first DIY item that we recommend are the yarn balls. This is because these are very easy to make and you can make them with household materials that are commonly found in homes. Some of these materials include glue, yarn, catnip, and Styrofoam balls. Simply use the Styrofoam as the base of the ball and use the glue to wrap the yarn around the ball and make sure that it stays there. Then, use the catnip to surround the yarn, so that your cat has an incentive to play with the yarn ball. Simple as that!

Pounce Toy

The second toy that we recommend you make is a pounce toy. This is because all you need are feathers, dye, string, and a piece of stick. All you must do is dye the feather to any color that you wish and attach it to the end of the string, then attach the other end of the string to the end of the stick. With this toy, you will be able to have your pet pounce the feather while you get to control the feather and have your cat jumping everywhere. We recommend this toy here if you want your child to have a fun time playing with their pet as it is very easy toy for kids to play with.

Sock ball

This toy is also very simple to make as all you must do is get a piece of material that is heavy and a sock. All you do now is design the sock to whatever design you want it to be and then place a heavyweight material inside the sock and then tie the sock so that the heavy material cannot come out. After you’re done with this, simply throw the toy, and have your pet chase it. This is also very recommended to make because your child can have a fun time designing the sock and your child can also throw around the sock wherever they want to and have the cat chase it around while your child laughs with joy.

Cat Fort

This next toy is not a toy but rather something that your child can build and play in with their pet. Simply, get a cardboard box that your child can use to create their own fort. Make sure to tell them to make a space for their pet to stay in as they will be living in the fort with the cat. This is a very fun activity because kids usually like to build forts with household materials and if you help them build it by providing them with the materials to do so, they will have a very fun time building and staying inside. Something to also consider is that once you get all the materials for your child to build, then you can let them go as they will go ham building the fort and will most likely stay in the fort for a long time, leaving you with time and leisure.

Fake Mouse

This toy is also very fun and enjoyable to make with your child because it is simple to make and doesn’t require that many materials. We also highly recommend this toy because it will allow your child to display their artistic ability as this toy will require some designing. All you must do to make this toy is get a paper plate that isn’t too big, some string, and some other cotton materials that your child can use to make ears for the mice. All you must do now is glue the paper plate so that one side of it is touching the other so that it is folded in half and then all you must do is attach the string to the end of the plate so that it acts as a tail. Now, get a piece of yarn and attach it to both sides of the plate so they can act as eyes and then use the cotton to make circles to use for ears. Lastly, take those ears and attach it to the middle of the two sides of the plate so that it can act as ears for your mice. Now have your child paint or color the plate so that they can design it according to what they want it to be. With this, your child should have had a very good time designing the plate that has transformed into a mouse that your cat can now play with when you’re gone.


Making a homemade toy doesn’t require that many resources or time but it will allow you to have a lot of fun with your child and will allow your pet to have a toy that they can play with when they are bored. We highly recommend that you try this today at your home with your child because it will allow you to bond with your child while also letting them show off their artistic abilities. Also, remember that making a cat toy will allow you to entertain yourself by playing with it with your pet and that it is not a one-sided thing with only your cat enjoying it. In conclusion, we highly recommend that you try one of these toys today and give it a go and if it is too hard, try something else and see if that works for you.

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