Hilarious Pie in Face Stories

The pie face concept has been around for a while now and everyone associates a pie in the face with some fun and laughter. So naturally this lead on to the creation of a fantastic game that we’ve come to know and love called ‘The Hasbro Pie Face Game‘. This game certainly has given many people pause for thought and in reflection, a warm content chuckle, whether it was laughter at dad getting pied or mum getting her makeup smeared they all left there mark.

There are some great videos out there with friend and families all coming together to see who will get creamed in the face. As these stories have been mounting up I thought it would be a good idea to get a load of some of the best and share here with you. I have got my top three pie stories and hope you get as much out of them as I did. Some are heartwarming, some just plain funny and others inspiring, so whatever you’re in the mood for I am sure you can get your filling here, hopefully, pie filling….haha…I know that’s a terrible joke!!!


Romance with Pied Beginning

This is the first story I wanted to share that really touched my soul, it reminded me of the great series known as “chicken soup for the soul” and more specifically the one on married life.

It all started when I ‘accidentaly’ smashed a pie on his face.



60 Seconds Bonanza – by POPSUGAR Entertainment

Famous people getting pied has to be one cooool way to spend a minute and that’s why this is my second favorite YouTube hit…

The way she say’s “I don’t wanna get pied” made me laugh hard, one of those deep satisfying laughs that one enjoys a little too much, which starts to get the abb’s sore from too much laughter…


Ballinger Family showdown – by Its JoJo Siwa

The Ballinger Family are another great pie-story with there siblings giggling over the next pie victim, it’s truly a whole bunch of cuteness embroidered into 4 minutes. Sometimes we need a bunch of kids to make us laugh and the Ballinger family have it all, they have been through a lot and clearly, the game takes a little strain of the mundane.



Humble Pie is Aways the Best

We can all take a slice of humble pie sometimes and the American ethos in customer services is “customer is always right”, but sometimes they are not and this short play highlights what some people would love to say and make that person, who sticks in our memory, take A Thick Slice Of Humble Pie.



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