Best Walkie Talkies for Kids this Christmas 


Kids walkie-talkies are without a doubt, a tried-and-tested present that is bound to put a smile on the face of any child this Christmas or anytime of the year.

Whilst many of us have fond memories of endless fun with a tin-can and some string, the technologies involved in the modern walkie talkies are somewhat more complex. 

child using a walkie talkie outdoors and smiling

As such, it may seem daunting for parents who are looking to bring out some socially-distanced fun this Christmas when they are faced with the sheer volume of choices that are available to them.  

Thankfully there are sites such as which have been set up to provide customers with reviews and buying guides to help them to navigate safely through the world, and find the gift that is right for them. 

Considerations Choosing Walkie Talkies for Children 

One of the main considerations to take into account when searching for the best walkie-talkies for kids is the size of the device. 

This may seem obvious, but adult-sized devices are not typically designed with children in mind. This means that the controls are often too far apart, and the device is normally too large to fit comfortably in a child’s hands – which may make the put a somewhat of a dampener on the festive joy.  

Another consideration that it may help to steer you towards the best walkie-talkie for kids is the usability of the device. Many large two way radio devices are often far too complicated to be easily enjoyed by children, and some even require a licence to purchase. 

By choosing an ergonomically designed option which has been made with children in mind, you can avoid any Christmas confusion. You can also miss out any complicated instruction manuals – letting the kids run around freely having fun, and letting you enjoy some peace.


Top 5 Walkies Talkies for Kids

Looikoos Walky Talky

One of the top-selling walkie-talkies for children on the market is the Looikoos range. These come in various colours, making them perfect for both boys and girls, and make excellent stocking fillers.

Whilst being conveniently lightweight (weighing just 80g), the Euroyz has a range of as far as 3+ km, across 22 separate channels. Giving your kids a massive ‘playing field’ in which they can communicate with each other. 

Another feature of these models is that the device has multi-channel communication capabilities. This means that multiple walkie-talkies can communicate on the same channel – making them ideal for groups of friends, siblings, or socially-distanced adventures. 

The Looikoos are also designed to be durable and include a long-lasting battery life as well as a built-in LED flashlight. This can be helpful as the days grow shorter and can add some extra excitement to any nighttime adventures or walks. 


Obuby Walkie Talkies

Another popular option for kids is an Obuby model. These walkies are especially lightweight and have been ergonomically designed to fit comfortably within a child’s hand, as well as being easily storable in their pockets. 

One attractive feature of the  Obuby option is the crisp quality of sound which they produce, which can be easily adjusted to whatever volume you wish. They are also waterproof – which is a massive plus. 

These models are also equipped with a call-alert button which makes communication between the two devices even easier and lets parents relax knowing they can easily keep track of their kids. Obuby walkie-talkies have a range of up to 3 miles within an open terrain, and around 0.5-1 mile within a residential area. 

They are also able to communicate through up to 22 different channels, which massively decreases the likelihood of any unwanted frequencies being picked up, or of anyone else communicating to them through the walkie-talkie. 

This, alongside the models easy-to-use push to talk operation system, makes it an ideal gift for adventurous children who you are still wanting to keep a watchful eye over. 


VTech KidiGear Walkie Talkies

The VTech KidiGear walkie is another popular option for adventurous children that can bring hours of fun, both indoors and out. Unlike most common two way radio, the VTech KidiGear models feature a digital screen which lets the children send secure animations and messages to each other – adding a whole new layer of excitement to any Christmas day adventures. 

These models feature a digital connection, for additional security, which is good for up to 65 feet – making them perfect for playing in the garden as well as indoors. 

They also include several additional digital features which are not commonly found in traditional options such as the ability to alter your accent through a voice-modulator. This makes the VTech KidiGear walkie-talkie the perfect gift for more rambunctious, practical joke playing youngsters. 

The VTech KidiGear also feature 4 built-in two-player games which have been designed as a fun way to put your kid’s memory skills to the test. 



For slightly older children between the ages of 5-13, another popular option is the Aikmi walkie-talkie collection. This easy-to-use, lightweight devices allow for multiple-channel communication which makes them ideal for long-distance communication between more than one device. 

These attractive looking, camo designed walkie-talkies feature a hardwired auto squelch function which effectively drowns out any unwanted background noise – leaving only the crisp, clear sounding messages which are transmitted. 

The Aikmi Kids walkie-talkies provide long-range communication across 22 different channels, which are protected by 99 CTCSS subcodes which prevent any unwelcome communications from interfering or being intercepted. 

Another popular feature of the Aikmi range is that the devices also come with additional extras. One such extra is a bracelet which has a built-in compass, to prevent your child from getting lost and add to their sense of adventure and exploration of the great outdoors. 



One multifunctional choice of children’s walkie-talkie for the more adventurous out there would be the Zizwe model. This device is not only a two-way radio but is also a digital watch which is fitted with several additional features and toys to keep your child entertained.

Perfect for budding secrete service agents, the Zizwe walkie-talkie is a super-lightweight 7-in-1 feature device with a sleek, spy-like aesthetic which is bound to fuel any child’s imagination. 

Not only is the Zizwe device a two-way radio which can transmit clear messages for as far as 2 – 3.7 miles, but it is also a magnifier, fully functioning digital watch, night light and reflector. The Zizwe walkie-talkie also has secrete safe-drop capsules which children can hide messages in, as well as a decorative compass. 

Anyone who is looking to get a child a gift this Christmas that will inspire their imagination and get them away from the TV should consider the Zizwe walkie-talkie as a good all-round option for kids. 


On the right wavelength

At a time when children are spending a worrying amount of time indoors, glued to the TV, something as time-honoured and simple as a walkie-talkie may be just the thing to reignite their imaginative sides and get them outdoors. 

Whichever walkie-talkie device feels right for you this Christmas, you can bet that it will put a smile on the face of whoever receives, it and bring countless hours of joy and adventure. 


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