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Everyone loves toys and games. Especially kids. There’s so many amazing, fun and creative toys around these days. It’s almost overwhelming, but in a good way! We certainly had a lot of fun discovering, researching and reviewing all the incredible toys and games. The tech toys and gadgets are particularly fun. Every kid, boys and girls love tech toys. There’s educational toys for mixing learning and fun together. The classic option of board games and puzzles still provides a lot of fun for the whole family, or maybe you’re more interested in some outdoor fun, in which case you can have a look at our sports and outdoor toys pages. A big favorite among kids(and parents alike!) are remote controlled cars, trucks, boats, planes and even helicopters. For the little girls, there’s lots of reviews on dolls and dress up costumes. Overall you’l find a whole range of products, all fully reviewed and packed full of helpful buyers information so no matter what type of toy, what age your boy or girl is, you will find something that they’ll love here in BuzzParent’s toy section.


Best Jurassic World Toys 2018

Jurassic toy

Many children love playing with dinosaur toys, and with the release of the new Jurassic World movie they have become even more popular. Here, you'll find a range of dinosaur toys sure to delight young boys and girls.

Best Black Baby Dolls 2018

Black baby doll

Many parents want to introduce their children to different races of dolls and toys from an early age. Here you will find our picks of the best black dolls for little boys and girls to enjoy.

Best Kids Wolf Costumes 2018

Everyone kids want's to dress up and why not a wolf costume, it's scary and fun all at the same time. This is a great costume for Halloween and for special occasions where they can let the wolf out to play.

The Incredibles Toys Action Figures and Games 2018

poseable mr incredible action figure

With the release of The Incredibles 2 fast approaching, it's the perfect time to treat your little superhero to a new toy! Here, you will find a range of The Incredibles products for boys and girls of all ages.

Best Rc Buses 2018

older kids rc bus toy

Remote control toys come in all shapes and sizes. A bus makes a nice change for kids who are getting bored with RC cars. Here, you will find a range of RC buses for toddlers as well as older kids - there is something for everyone!

Best Kids Panda Costumes 2018

panda kids outfit

Kids panda outfits are great for kids to dressup with and enjoy as bedtime wear or even just hanging around the house, which is why we have reviewed some of our favourite for you to enjoy looking through.

Best Remote Control Truck Videos 2018

We love RC toys here at Buzzparent, and in order to celebrate this, here are our top 5 crazy RC  Truck videos.

Best Cat Toys for Kids 2018

Furreal ginger cat

Many children love cats, although not all families can have pets. A toy cat is perfect for those who would love a real pet, but can't have one, or for any young cat-lover! Here you will find a range of different types of toys, to suit boys and girls of all ages.

Best Kids Bat Costume 2018

Finding the best Halloween bat costume has never been easier with some many types, which is why we have selected our favourite and hope you like them too.

Teaching The Science Process Skills to Kids

Teach kids scientific process skills

Children need to begin to learn and explore the world of science around them, which is why learning how and what is a scientific process is fundamental for their growth and development.

How to Teach Kids About Climate Change Through Activities & Play

Climate Change

Children seem to grow up in the blink of an eye, so in order to deal with the world they will grow into, here's some top tips for teaching our children about climate change.

What is Science in Early Childhood Education

Helping your children to learn more about Science important and especially in early childhood education. There have been some amazing advancements in kids toys, games and activities and with some wise purchases your child can begin to build the foundation for life.

Best Kids Lion Costume 2018

Best kids Lion costume

In this review, we’ll look at some of the best Lion costumes available and include options for all different kinds of budgets.

Best Batman Helicopter Toy 2018

Best batman helicopter toy 2018

In this article, we look at some top picks for Batman helicopter toys. There are loads of variety and depending on you or your child's preferences there is something to suit your needs.

Best Farm Animal Costumes Kids

children's cow dress up

Kids of all ages love playing dress-up, and what could be more fun than dressing up as a farm animal?! Here, you will find a range of farm animal costumes to fit kids of all ages - there's sure to be something your little boy or girl will love here!

Best Kids Gardening Tools

Gardening for kids is a brilliant! IT is good for health, teaches them about science and responsibility, and its great fun too! In order to help your little one get some green fingers, here is our review of the top kids gardening tools.

Tips: Where Can I Find an Amazing Remote Control Helicopter?

Online shopping is where you should do most of your toy shopping and we always recommend Amazon as they are a growing company and provide a great range of RC Car, planes, drones and even spider creepy crawlies.

Tips: How to Fly a Rc Drone for Beginners

Learning how to Fly a Drone for Beginners is important if the drone is an expensive RC Drone and this is why have some basic concepts of controls will save you buying new parts because of bad landings or crashes. There is some great practical advice for making your flying drones experience better.

Tips: How to Fly a Rc Helicopter

Learning to fly a RC helicopter is a journey every child wants to begin and that includes the big-kids too. There is of course different stages in their development and from small rc to real life helicopters, everything starts from somewhere.

Are Helicopters Better Than Quadcopters?

Are helicopters better than quadcopters?

In this article we break down the differences between RC helicopters and RC quadcopters, looking at the pros and cons of each, and help you decide which will make the best present for your little one.

Cool Remote Control Helicopter Video’s 2018

In order to celebrate just how good remote control helicopters are these days, we are really happy to share with you our coolest remote control helicopter videos of 2018.

Best Camera for Teenager Interested in Photography 2018

Does your teenager want a good camera? Whether they want something for a photography class or they just want to snap some selfies with their friends, this review will help you find the right one.

Best Toddler Dragon Costume 2018

green dragon dressing up outfit

Toddlers love dragons, so what could more exciting than dressing up as one?! Here, we have picked some of the best dragon costumes for little boys and girls, which they can wear and let their imaginations run wild!

Best Camera for 3 to 6 Year Olds 2018

best camera for 3 to 6 year olds

In this review, we look at the best cameras available for 3 to 6 year olds. There is a wide variety of cameras for younger children in this review and with some amazing features for snapping some great pictures.

Best Baby Swing Seats 2018

Smart baby rocker

Most parents choose to purchase a baby swing for their newborn. It's a great way to leave them safely whilst you get on with something else. There are loads of different types to choose from, so here we have reviewed the best, to help you make an informed decision.

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