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Elmo popularity is making children, both boys and girls, want to have parties in theme with his awesomeness. There are loads of ideas for a Elmo birthday party and you will find some classic ways throughout this article.

Everyone loves Elmo in the muppets and his popularity inspires millions of kids all over the world. His furry red monster coat with his orange nose is just so adorable that even on sesame street he had his own “Elmo’s world” segment.

Whether it’s funny sounding voice or his big smile the toddlers just can’t get enough. That’s why you’ll be happy to read that in this article you will see everything to do with ELMO and hopefully be on your way to organizing a fantastic party in his honor.

There are loads of ways to make Elmo come to life at your kid’s party, it really just depends on how far you wanna go. Some love to give their kids a birthday party that they’ll never forget and usually, that means going that extra mile.



elmo invitations

The all-important Elmo invitations are a must and for those not thinking of letting everyone know how cool this birthday is gonna be, then think again!

There are alternative ways to invite people to the party, from hand-made invitations to ones bought online. Not everyone has the time to make from scratch, so online is always an easy and quick solution with just as much love. With handwritten tags, ribbons, and details of where and when this is a fantastic start to the event.

There are also animated Elmo birthday ecards for those wanting to have an alternative way.


Sometimes personalized invitations mean having a photo of your child in the mix and there is way to embed the image into the Elmo invitation, which is another subtle but lovely touch, which moms appreciate. This is usually not too expensive, but moms know when another mom makes effort and this will be remembered.

There are loads of ways to do this and one is by getting loads of Elmo themed confetti, decorations, and accessories for making the party space look tremendous.  Some parents don’t realize just how much you can buy from Amazon these days. Everything from plates, party hats, balloons, napkins and well pretty much everything you can think of.

little girl wearing an Elmo outfit Elmo is red and bright and this is great for adding some allure to the room. Some parents even get their 1-year-old child a party with everyone having to wear a baby Elmo t-shirt, which got everyone laughing and into the spirit of things. The more personalized the party the better, just make sure to have a clear budget in mind though..

There are loads of birthday party food ideas and some range of cupcakes, cookies, and candy. Another way of adding to the party is getting food made into the theme of Elmo and what better way of doing this than the Elmo birthday cake. This is a classic must-have at any themed party and the more layers with loads of cream the better I say 🙂

Elmo cake in red

You can buy Elmo cupcakes pre-made from a lot of stores throughout the U.S, but making the cupcakes and decorating yourself is another subtle touch. There are personalized toppers for making a standard cupcake look like an amazing Elmo one and online is usually the best place to source this kinda stuff.

Another way to get the kids and adults into the theme is to get everyone making Pizza with a face like Elmo. This is really fun and kids love-making pizza no matter who they are, which is a great way to encourage a connection to preparing food and eating.

Elmo birthday party supplies like Drinks are an important way to keep things cool and with all the various punches, mock-tails and colorful soda’s your sure to get an all-red drink. There are loads of recipes on the big-wide-web and finding one really shouldn’t take that long. Having an Elmo punch with fruit and ice will make for good times. You can ever make an Elmo face made from card and cover the glass bowl to get a big smile as people serve themselves a drink.

Elmo bucket filled with drinks

Maybe an Elmo smoothie drink that is healthy, but colored with a little natural red dye might keep in tune with your healthy eating lifestyle.

Once all the food and drink is prepared you’ll want to have a lovely placing for all of this then. Having a buffet or dessert table can make things focused on eating time and making sure a good table clothe, featured confetti and maybe even a themed background that the table rest against. All this might be OTT, but why the heck not….hehe 🙂

Elmo loves to sing and chat away, but did you know that there are CD’s with Elmo sing-along songs to emphasize just how special Elmo is for you and your kids. Some songs by Elmo are; “One Fine Face” or  “Elmo’s Song” and a babies favorite “A New Way To Walk”. There are loads more and by getting some music to get all the

Elmo birthday outfit costumes are another fantastic way is to get the boy or little girl a dress made with Elmo sparkle, which would be to celebrate with style. There are loads of choices and some are so adorable that any kid in them will look amazing. The babies outfits too are cute and they come in all sorts, shapes, and styles.

little girl in Elmo Tutu Toddler Costume

Elmo-onesies and all-in-one outfits for the birthday girl make them stand out from the crowd and keep the focus on them.

Children of all ages like Pom Pom’s and Elmo styled ones are a really fun way to make a theme come to life. These usually get passed around and kids go wild for them.

Having a blow-up balloon Elmo is another fantastic fun-loving way to get the little boys and girl excited with joy. There are loads online and by choosing one that’s big is always better I’d say. They are also cut-out cardboard Elmo figures and by propping some around the party will get things lively.

Elmo large balloon

Balloons are a good solution to a room that is really big and for making things feel less sparse balloons will brighten and fill things up.

There are loads of ceiling decorations and things dangling from the roof makes space feel animated. This combined with scene setters, stand-ups, banners and chair coverings make the party come to life.

There are loads of Elmo chair coverings and the ones combined with napkins with his happy face should keep babies in their high chairs settled and having a blast. The Elmo covered birthday banner is another must-have, so make sure to get one that stretches across the room for all to see.

Elmo party hats are a must-have whether at Christmas parties, birthdays or an occasion a hat is where it’s at..hehe 🙂

elmo and sesame street charcter hats

Party games with Elmo is always fun and kids love to join in and they vary from; coloring-in pictures from printouts or Elmo pinata with easy to pull strings with filling inside. Another way is to get small children Elmo tattoos, which usually contain loads of sesame characters also and kids enjoy having them to show off.

Elmo luck-dip with treats and toys at the bottom of the barrel will get the children excited and brings memories back to us all.

Elmo guess who or I spy – Really easy to play and with an enthusiastic leader this game can get everyone playing nicely.

Elmo books and Medal – Settling things down to a story will get things back on track and for those who sit nicely, a medal will be given for good behavior.

After the party is done the nice finishing touch is to send the party-goers a thank-you note of appreciation and with a simple gesture like this friendships are deeply rooted, both young and old.

Elmo party favor goodie bag

ELmo party bag

These are a great last-minute touch and as the party dies this can be given to those leaving.

You can fit all sorts of toys, candy and anything personal to show signs of appreciation.

There is 12 bags total and an ideal size.



Make sure to get an Elmo candle to go with that cake and with all the pictures being taken you better make it one that will handle a few attempts to a blow-out. Elmo decorations for cakes come in all sorts and type, from edible to plastic, so whatever way you prefer you can surely find one online or at the store.

I went to a birthday party for a 2-year-old boy and they had made everything from the cake to the cake topper Elmo themed. When eating cake on plates next to a table-cloth with a napkin underneath I suddenly became aware that everything was or had some kind of Elmo feature. All the effort my friend had put into making her little boys(Tom) birthday party made me want to do the same for mine.


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