Best Ideas for 2nd Birthday Party 2018

kids party with balloons round a tableThere are loads of ways to make a 2nd birthday party special and whether you’re a Disney fan or a traditional mom wanting a prince or princess theme here you will find some inspirational ways to make the special day unforgettable with lasting memories here.

The ways traditionally to make a birthday special was to invite everyone over, sing happy birthday and have a slice of cake. However, these days there are loads of innovative and quirky ways to make sure everyone has a great time.

There are some considerations when making a final decisions on the big-day and this comes down to theme, venue and budget. Sometimes times are tight and you need to not go all-out, especially when there is a whole family to consider, but for here’s sake lets put budget aside and go for glory.


Themes for a 2nd birthday party

picnic in the garden with balloons and trees in the background

The theme is important and little boys and girls want their birthday party to be special, which means inviting their favorite character from Disney or Pixar along. There are loads of different themed characters and I’m sure you can think of a few yourself.

Every child goes through different phases and this is usually determined by what they are watching on TV. Does your baby have a favorite? Mine loves superman and all the superhero characters. Make sure to choose one they love and will associate fondly, especially when it’s their day after-all. Here is a list of a few that came to mind for me:

  • Teddy bear picnic – everyone remembers the song “if you go down to the woods today…”
  • Elmo – kids go crazy Elmo and anything related gets their juices flowing
  • Yo gabba gabba – fun and more fun…
  • Lion king – classic theme with all Africa’s wildlife included and great fun for dress up
  • Peppa pig – Pink and loads of fun, Amazon has heaps on offer…
  • Little mermaid – under the sea themes are fun, clams, shells, kids can get creative…
  • The magic train – Cho-cho the steam train begins…
  • Baby minions – adults and children love this and the minions are laughs all round..

There are loads more, but hopefully you have thought of some yourself that will be ideal for your child.

Places to have party

Finding the right venue can be difficult. The toss-up between home and an away venue isn’t always clear. Each venue offers slightly different options like self-catering while others provide all the food. This sounds great but budget goes up in a lot of circumstances, but this weighed up against the cleaning and time required is confusing. Some good venues can be found locally and for those with the initiative you surely gonna find the right one for your special day. Some examples i’ve thought of are:

my town kids creative play themed area Kidville party organisers – These guys offer loads of party themes and whatever your feeling is leaning towards they can fit with it. Check out some of them

  1. Rail-road Rock n Roll birthday bash – This train themed party has loads of art, loads of music and dance along games/activities.
  2. Gym style jumping – Sounds as it is and will surely get everyone having fun, especially with beams, tumbl-trak and obstacles of all sorts.
  3. Ballerina pink party – Clearly not for the boys but this will involve loads of twirls, pink and tutu’s. Apart from the obvious your little girl will be playing with bubbles, practicing positions and being the perfect princess.
  4. Knight and princess themes – They will dress us accordingly, wear a crown and play-out an adventure with a twist.
  5. Superhero party – Every boy and girl loves superheros and this is a way to get them into character and fly around with their imaginations running free.
  6. Treasure hunt – is a classic and every one including you remember this one. Kidville have brought this classic to life and made a treasure hunting day filled with mystery and fortune.
  7. Crafty-creatures – Some kids can’t get enough and if your’s is one of them then embrace it with the canvas painting and various other project building activities.
  8. circus party – Watch and learn how they grow whilst combining circus themed activities with juggling, tight rope and balancing games.


This is just one example of the types of games that planned party packages organizations offer. This offers everything from personalized cakes, bright balloons, art and table use and you won’t have to stay and clean-up afterward.

Some party packages offer customization and these days we all want to make it unique to our own stamp of approval. This is a great way to make your kids dream come true and the more tailored to suit both your needs the better. The good thing about this kind of events is that they will offer free consultations, so a simple phone call and your half way to having a great day.

Decorations for the party

Getting the right decoration is all about making sure this party looks great and here are some potential ideas from Amazon.

kids 2nd decoration party confetti

There are loads of bits and pieces for making the party decorative. This one has triangle pieces, paper cut die and with glitter throughout this will add to the sparkle..


pink 2nd ballons and decoration

The girl confetti and 2nd party-themed balloons make this stand out as a great pick at a good price.





There are loads of ways to customize however without leaving the home and sometimes they are far more personal. I like both and each has a time and place. For those wanting to make this party a day to remember there is some unique and stunning ways for all to remember this day.

Activities for the birthday party

toddler playing with a giant bubble There are some fantastic activities and games for little boys and girls at the party.

Some games for the party that stands out to me are the ones that get them moving around, singing and sharing together.

Pass the parcel is a good game for young toddlers and allows them slowly to unwrap a present layer by layer and finally find the present at the end. This is usually after around 10 rounds of music and stopping at each pause to unwrap a layer.

  • Bubbles is a fun way for them to burn off all that energy and get jumping around and having fun.
  • Dancing with music and getting tunes on that they know and can sing along to is ideal for them to get enthusiastic too.
  • Duck Duck Goose game is a classic and allows for everyone to get ducking for apples and even sweets.
  • Pin a tail on the donkey game is super fun as it sounds, its basically getting a pin closest to the target whilst being blindfolded and with many getting way off target the laughs can be loud. Great game..

Funny 2nd birthday t-shirts

There are loads of ways to spice things up at the party and a themed t-shirt is one. Below are some examples of ones from Amazon, but even if you want to go all-out you can find companies that can specifically make one from a photo, just send in and they will print.

Bulldozer construction

Bulldozer construction kids t-shirt

This soft cotton t-shirt makes the boy stand out and is also a great gift for a 2-year-old.




Cheeky toddler shirt

black 2nd Birthday Shirt Boy

This might be unconventional but a little humor is fine with the grown up’s.




cake with dinosaurs on it

Another way to make the party special is by making a birthday cake that has all the tastiness of the world put into it.

There are loads of different types to choose from and chocolate is definitely a favorite of mine.

Children of all ages and sizes love cake and birthdays are all about the cake, so this is one area to make sure you get right. Check these out…


Quotes and inspiring words for everyone make the day have a deeper meaning and personally having a quote like “you are born free to be anything you dream to be” adds a beautiful touch. There are loads of quotes that make all the difference and sometimes printing them up and even getting the children doing some arts and crafts to the quote is awesome. This will get the kids thinking and help the parents have a reflective day, which is a positive in hindsight.

Having the right toys for 2 year old toddlers

Make sure to get all the right toys out to play and have space in the room for kids to have some time to play, because of not all kids like too much hype and madness. I have found having a small space for those wanting a little time-out can be a good idea.


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