Best 1st Birthday Party Ideas for Boys 2018

baby in a high chair with ballons behind himYour little boy is turning one and he means the world to you and the whole family, so the question is now “how to make this one special?”. The 1st birthday is sometimes challenging and you want to make sure everything goes just right.

There are loads to consider and getting organized means getting busy, sending invitations, getting food and the menu sorted, plus all the 1st themed party accessories to make it special. The list could go on and on and that’s why I have put together some considerations as well as awesome birthday party ideas for your little boy.

Considerations when organizing the party

Theme and location – As a parent having had a few 1st birthday’s will, my children, I understand sometimes the stress involved with an organization. This is why finding a location that caters and takes all the stress away from it being at home can suit some parents. There are loads of venues and depending on where you are you can get an ideal setting to make his special day amazing. Here are some you might have heard of:

  • PLAY Boutique
  • Playdate PDX
  • Jenni and Tommy’s Kids Unplugged
  • The Little Gym Portland
  • Pied Piper Cafe
  • Imagine: Play
  • Munchkin Playland
  • munchkin playland play area

munchkin playland play area






Once you have decided on a place the theme is crucial. There are some classic 1st birthday party themes that make the party special. Some favorites of mine are:

  • in the night house garden
  • Noah’s ark
  • Farmhouse fun
  • Flying high
  • Circus time
  • Thomas the Tank Engine

Sending invitations

Having an official invitation makes the day more special and in my experience having a 1st birthday party invitation makes it a must-attend cause it’s gonna be amazing kinda-feel. Sometimes the invitations can be simple and one bought from the mall or hand-made, but realistically we have enough on our plates to have time for making individual invitations. Here are some I think are fantastic and lovely.

Cupcake Invitations

Cupcake Theme Birthday Party Invitations


This is a classic invitation and everyone will appreciate the thoughtful gesture, which to few do these days…


Mickey Invitations

Mickey's 1st Birthday Invitations

Mickey is a Disney favorite and everyone likes the happy face of mickey. When this comes through the letter-box the impression is made and the diary is filled-up with your special day…


Turtle Invitations

Turtle 1st Birthday Invitations
Maybe the ninja turtles is a little too mature a topic for a one year old child, but the simplicity of a turtle invitation hit home the theme and nature of the party..


How to make things safe – Make things safe is important and this means all choking hazards and toys that could cause issues need to be put away. A good rule that many professional party organizers use is if it’s small enough to fit in a toilet paper tube then it’s not safe for babies to play with.

What food will be on the menu – Making sure you have a clear understanding of the types of people you invite will make decisions about food easy. Some have specific dietary requirements and others none, but ask if anyone is allergic is always crucial and will help avoid a disaster.

Games and activities – There are loads of games to play that can get the adults and kids involved, which makes for a special day. Some awesome fun games for a 1st birthday are:

Baby parade – get them a musical instrument to play. Babies love shakers, bongos and anything that makes noise really. Once they have some type of instrument then get everyone walking and shaking/drumming at the same time and let the party begin…
Baby bubble games – A classic game that makes them go crazy with joy. Simply blow some bubbles and get trying to catch them. This makes a 1st birthday special…
Stop and Freeze games – play some music and then when it stops, so must they. This is really fun and easy to do…
Colorful ball pit – Buy loads of balls and create a space to put them all in and watch the madness unfold. 1 year up to adults love this game and everyone has a great time. You can sometimes blow up a small kids pool and fill up with the balls.
Crush Proof Plastic Ball

kids color balls







Pass the bean bag – This is another simple but bright and colorful way to get interactive with your guests and with music playing in the background this will be a winner. Just simply get everyone in a circle and let the fun begin…

Decorations – There are loads of themed decorations and you’re sure to find one your little one will love. You will find a theme then it’s time to find the tableware, decorations, and party gear/accessories. There are loads things to consider and for those new to parenting here is a small list to help you get an overview

Birthday High Chair Decoration surrounding a baby on a high chair




Napkins – Don’t forget to buy these and no having could mean a lot of messy faces that spoil the baby photos.
Plates – Plates come in all shapes and sizes, ones to keep and ones to throw away, so whatever style, shape and theme you want you’ll easily find one to suit.
Cups – Sometimes you can get cups that have “1st birthday” written on them or even printed ones with you babies smiling face on them.
Confetti – The more of it the better and although cleaning it can be a problem this is not to stop you going OTT with them.
1st birthday Cake smash outfit – Having a special cake for them to blow out is one thing, but really they want to touch it, feel it, eat it and get messy whilst tasting it…
Candle – Having a candle they can blow out is important and the bigger the candle the better for your child.

Party Hats – Everyone at the party should have 1st birthday party-hat on and make the fun-fantastic.

1st Birthday crown – Every 1st birthday boy should have a crown on their special day and some really are made to stand-out.

1st birthday plush crown 

1st Birthday Plush Crown



Chair or high chair covers – There are loads of ways to make the party a special one and decorations everywhere make the day unique.
First birthday baby bib – all the cake and food gets messy, so why not have them clean and mess-free with a themed 1st birthday baby bib.

colorful Baby Bib 1St Birthday




Party Music – Why not get your own 1st birthday music CD to play anywhere, so the fun begins and dancing continues.
Balloons – Every child including most of us love playing with balloons and the more the merry they say. Party balloons make the party come life and there are themed ones every special day. There are blue foil balloons, balloons for bouquet wall decorations and the usually assorted color balloons, so whatever your final theme for the party there is a balloon to make things come alive.

Wild one’s balloon birthday decoration kit

Wild ones balloon birthday decoration kit



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