Kids Birthday Party Ideas

When the boys and girls turn another year older there is a time to rejoice and celebrate life for everything it has provided you. This is why making you children’s birthdays here at BuzzParent¬†is really important to us and we aim to make your day as special as possible. There are loads of ideas and some get creative with diy and others are ways to brighten the birthday through inspirational materials, concepts and awesome themes, so whatever your children are into we have it covered.

Elmo Birthday Party Ideas

elmo dancing

Elmo birthday parties are the best and if your looking for some inspiration look no further, because we have put together some of the best ideas to ensure it's an amazing day.

Best Superhero Birthday Party Ideas


Everybody wants to be a superhero and when there is a birthday party the possibilities are endless with loads of ideas and gift choices. We have put together some of the best and made sure to fit in every last detail so you can plan the party for A - Z.

Best Pirate Birthday Party Ideas 2017

Pirate logo

The pirate party ideas are plentiful and making sure you have the best ones to make the day amazing is what we want, which is why here at BuzzParent we have complied a complete pirate party guide.

Best Ideas for 2nd Birthday Party 2017

toddler in a tutu with a 2nd birthday cake behind her

Some of the best ideas for a 2nd birthday party are the most simple and here we have put together both the easy and the not so easy. That way your guaranteed to find exactly what it is your looking for and with all the creative, cool and innovative ideas your surely to find it in this review.

Best 1st Birthday Party Ideas for Boys 2017

1 birthday baby holding ballons

Every 1st birthday is special and no more so when it's your own little boy and as a parent you want to make it one to remember. This is why your looking for some party inspiration and in this article you will loads of ideas for making the day special.

Best 1st Birthday Party Ideas for Girls 2017

Girl wearing pink for her 1st birthday

Every little girl is daddy's princess and that's why when her 1st birthday comes your wanting to get ideas how to make it awesome. There are many ideas and ways to make it fabulous, which is exactly what your little baby girl deserves.