Best Conversation Starter Cards for Children

Talk is easy, but having meaningful conversations with kids can be really hard. Sometimes the hardest part is getting started. That’s why conversation cards for parents with children are one of the best ways to bring the family together in a harmonious routine. Through open dialogue with good flowing conversation, our aim is to improve you and your child’s relationship and hopefully inspire in the process.

These decks of sixteen attractive cards are designed to help adults engage children and teens in discussions about important topics. The 4×6 cards are comfortable to hold and can easily be passed from one person to another.

Each family conversation card has a unique theme and is guaranteed to be thought-provoking and help inspire new and healthy ways of thinking. These kid’s starter cards provide valuable insight into the world around them and will help them better engage in meaningful communication with thought-provoking cards.

Kids Conversation Decks with Meaning 

The cards are meant to help them think about the way they feel, improve how they talk with friends and generate new ideas that are worth sharing with others. I personally have seen amazing results when children begin using these cards. The table topic cards help bring children out of their shell and make for a better family dynamic through continuous use and practice.

There are loads of different cards with questions for table topics with the kids, which will inspire them to begin asking the right questions instead of getting filled with nonsense.

The cards themselves have an intriguing image on the front of each card, which is the initial invitation to consider the theme of the deck. In fact, an entire conversation can be built around a single photograph or a comparison of the different images in a deck.

On the reverse, each card begins with a quote that addresses the theme. The quotes are carefully chosen to reflect different perspectives on the theme. For example, the quote on the second card in a deck might express an opinion that disagrees with the one on the first card.

The “reflection” that follows each quote suggests some ways that users might think or talk about the quote and the issue that it addresses. This section is intended to prompt discussions of different points of view and to help participants develop and refine skills that promote communication through conversation.

Finally, the “action” section gives an idea for an activity for an individual or group that relates to the theme. The suggested activities include creating or collecting images; writing notes or stories; creating short skits, songs, or dances; making books, lists, or greeting cards, for example. These activities promote the idea that communication extends beyond words.

Conversation Starters for Family Discussions

Each of the conversation deck has a different thought-provoking idea and concept to help stimulate great conversation with meaning. Children discuss and gain insights into ideas that normally go undeveloped with a parent’s input, which also helps develop a parent/child relationship.

Conversation Deck – Lost and Found 

Conversation cards Lost and Found

This conversation card has a unique view of bringing kids to finding the meaning of the world they see around them through quotes with reflection and action.

This conversation questions for kids are easy for them to understand and help them draw on other perspectives for thinking about.

Conversing with other children can sometimes be difficult and this helps them gain confidence in communicating, which is important for a child’s development.



Conversation Deck – Home

kids conversation deck

This conversation deck tackles topics about the home and might be ideal for kids who have moved around a lot, parents who have split-up or had mixed, complex family settings.

This deck invites conversation to help look at the meanings and feelings that arise from open dialogue.






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