Do you want to be a better parent? Let us share our parenting tips to help develop and teach your children great manners, healthy habits, and constructive behaviors. Maintain or develop your relationships within complex family dynamics, create lasting friendships with parents after the children have left. Learn about culture, traditions and those less traditional.  Guides for including single parent moms and dads, tips for families who are gay, transgender children or families within the military. The advice is friendly and honest for coping with separation and torn families.


How to Save Money Effectively For Those Unexpected Bills

image of money

Saving Money is important and that's why some helpful tips for reducing the burdensome task of keeping a family afloat is important.

How Your Garden Can Help Your Family Blossom

Image of the garden

Gardening is a great way to bring the family together and connect, especially when we are living such busy lives!

Kids Therapy Techniques That Help Them Develop

There are various "Kids Therapy Techniques That Help Them Develop" and some introductions need not be named, but for those parents unaware of the life long benefits that therapy provides makes this really worth a read.

5 Healthy Snacks for Kids That They Will Love

If you're looking for health alternative kids snacks instead of chocolate and cookies, we've got 5 cool suggestions for you!

Are Fizzy Drinks and Soda Killing our Kids?

Better Parenting image of a coke can

We look at some of the hard facts about the health risks of letting kids drink soda and fizzy drinks.

Children’s Health – Are Kids Too Clean?

Are children to clean? There are some interesting points to consider when debating this topic, which is why I we have put together a short article for further deepening on the subject.

Encouraging Creativity in our Children

Encouraging creativity in our children is very important for our future and the more we focus our energies into the creative process the more the world has potential to be fully realized.

Positive Role Models for Our Children

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Every child needs a role model to look up to other than mom and dad. There are loads of choices out there and some parents might benefit from choosing ones that can inspire their children to follow ones to help them develop in world citizens that make a difference.

7 Ways for Children to Have Healthier Sleep Habits

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There are loads of Ways for Children to Have Healthier Sleep Habits and in this article you will find loads of informative information about how to help your kids get restful sleep.

Helpful Tips for Teaching Children to Pray

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As parents, there’s a lot of pressure and advice from different parts of society in training our kids to be academically successful, but not a lot about raising our kids to be moral, spiritual and generous.  One of the big questions a lot of parents, regardless of which faith or belief they follow, often ask us for advice on is helping their children learn to pray. 

Raising Children in a Multi Faith World

If we are keen for our children to be well-educated and well-rounded individuals then we must find tools to assist them to navigate our complex multi-faith world with wisdom.

Best Conversation Starter Cards for Children

Conversation cards Lost and Found

Conversation decks for kids are a great way for them to gain insights into the world around them. This review has some great choices for parents to help bring out the best qualities in their children through conversation cards. These decks are and where made by a charity and have a lot of hidden meaning for helping a child develop.

Ways of Improving Internet Safety for Kids

keeping your kids safe online

Protecting the children whilst they surf the internet is important for the kids as well as you, which is why we have put together 11 points to check before moving into the digital world with safety in mind.