Best Musical Instruments for Kids 2018

These days there are loads of kids musical instruments to choose from and deciding which is best for your kids isn’t a simple as it used to be. They have digital options, software integrated instruments and a huge range of types which are more accessible in price just to make it even more confusing.

So, I have decided to put together a mega-guide to help you find the right Musical Instruments for your child. Choosing the instrument to suit you and your families needs is important for their growth. Music is everywhere around us and children hear it better than most, it’s soothing to the ear and life to the soul. Every child should learn to play a musical instrument and feel the awe-inspiring rush of sound connect with their heart. There are loads of ways to encourage your child’s musical ability and by introducing them early on will get them on their way to having fun and even possibly becoming a great talent inspiring future generations.


Types of Musical Instruments for Kids

The piano and violin are been deemed to be the best instruments for a young kid in their early years (under 6) and this because they are made particularly small. Children of a certain size struggle with managing full-sized instruments are easy to handle and therefore easier to play. The fundamentals of playing any musical instrument can be see laced through these two and they say that if you learn either of these then a transition would be easy for any child.

The violin has less fret and keys, which makes focusing on the sound primary and ultimately easier, which is a benefit for children starting to practice and learn. Learning rhythm and how to play in tune is the foundation and with a violin, the bowing right-hand makes phrasing musically come to life. The piano and violin instill this important principle and allow other follow-on instruments easier. The piano is slightly different in that it the student learns how to play both harmony and melody, which helps synchronize perceptual with the musical. The visual basis of learning is important as theory can be overwhelming in the early stages.different types of musical instruments

There are different schools of thought and some differ on what should be the best musical instruments for a child, but I would ultimately say the best comes down to the method of teaching, rather than what instrument is used or how much time you/teacher has to spend training them. The joy of music has originally always been a collective thing and at the early stages of learning the more time appreciating your child’s efforts the more they will ultimately get from the learning experience and the instrument itself.

A way to test a child’s ability before making a final decision is to see how they hold an instrument in their hand and does it overpower them? Making sure they match the size and weight ratio will make for an ideal starting point for their musical career.

Making a decision that your child is gonna play an instrument because you want them to rather than that they want to will create a resentment in the child for you and the musical instrument, so try to avoid this type of parenting. We as parents have a tendency as parents to try and force our younger desires and current failings on our children and trying to fulfill a life-long dream of playing the piano forcefully onto the child is a terrible idea, although very common.

These are some of the fundamentals of choosing the right instrument for your child and if you abide with this sanctuary of advice you will find that your child should be able to learn steadily and enjoyable, whether they begin learning now or pick the instrument up later, it’ll still continue to them at the right tone and frequency.

There are loads of instruments for children to start playing and in this review, I will systematically go through some of the variations to ensure a large selection are reviewed so that you get some great information and facts before making a choice of which musical instrument is best.


Ways to Encourage Your Kid to Play Their Musical Instruments

Parents all over find encouraging their children to play a challenge and think by simply giving them an instrument that is enough to ensure they will learn, but sadly it’s not that simple, so I have put together some of the things that I feel will make this a success.

  • Get the right musical instrument – make sure to choose something they like looking at and the sound of, because this will encourage them to want to play
  • Participate – Making sure to show interest in them playing and join in their musical practice
  • Get some help – a tutor is a good way to keep them active in practice and will help encourage them to become better and more disciplined
  • Pick a hit – the better the song the more determination your child will have when practicing, because learning a song they don’t like is almost pointless at this stage
  • Love what they do – praise, praise, and more praise….this will get them excited to please and make them want to practice and please mom and dad

Music for me has been an amazing journey and I wanted to encourage my children to play as much as possible. There are loads of ways to do this and finding some techniques early on that help you encourage them will ensure that they have the right instrument for their age and their capacity. Some parents have found that when they have tried to encourage their children with a particular instrument their child was not enjoying and wanted to stop playing.

Sometimes a kid does not enjoy a particular instrument and this could be because they don’t like a particular look, feel and sound.  These days kids are heavily influenced by social media, X-factor and America’s Got Talent, so by finding out what they would like to play, simply by inquiring questions, can be a great way to figure out what they might have already heard and liked the look of and would like to play.

8 types of musical instruments from the string familyThe feeling of playing a musical instrument differs depending on the instrument and a guitar is certainly different from a piano for example. How does this tie into your child and isn’t this a bit obvious? Yes, your right and simply I mean that choosing the style of the instrument for a child’s natural inclination of movement and overall disposition will assist in them sticking in because the initial uphill struggle with getting the noise to become music is difficult.

Another important factor in choosing an instrument for your child is whether they like banging or high pitched sounds, sounds that make you stand tall in shock for example, but by observing these subtitles in your child, your first choice of instrument might be right first time around and the one they go on to play for the rest of their days.


Range of Musical Instruments for Kids

Some of the best musical instruments for kids might be light in size and dimension, but that’s not to say they will not want to develop into bigger and brassier instruments with sounds that bellow and create sounds that emphasize what Jonah in the whale would have sounded like. Children with imaginations will have ideas with what to aspire too and an instrument will allow their creativity to blossom.

The first and foremost consideration is their age. Some kids are not meant to start playing specific instruments at a certain age and by encouraging them too early can do some real damage to their love for music, so try not to push your desires onto your child too early, patience is key here. I remember a time when my husband wanted to teach our eldest the guitar and did so with too much hope and expectation, which eventually backfired and turned him away from it until years much later when he naturally got into it through peer influence.

I have always had music in my life and want to share some of the best musical instruments that will get your family together and hang out having fun. Music really can be a bonding experience and the more time your child practices the more enjoyment you all will get out of it.

There are loads of instruments out there and finding the one that suits your needs isn’t always easy, so this review will help sort through the options and find the ones that make your child happy. Here are some of the best I have found and love:


The Review: Musical Instruments for Kids

Ukulele Starter Kit

Ukulele and a ukulele Starter Kit

The ukulele is a fantastic instrument and if you’re like me, you’ll picture yourself on a beach somewhere in Hawaii, under the coconut trees listening to the sea whilst someone plays your favorite song on the uke.

This is a good ukulele for beginners

The 4 string instrument is one of the easiest to play and is loads of fun for children, especially with an enthusiastic singer to combine with the strumming. I have grandkids who love to sing along when the ukulele is being played and the uniting sounds make for easy family bonding.

This is a particular ukulele that is perfect for the beginner (4+) and comes as a starter pack, which includes online lessons and an awesome app that helps tune your uke, so your playing will never be out of tune (hopefully hehe).

The ukulele is made from mahogany and has a deep rich sound and is lovely when played with a little know-how. The satin finish is stunning and will be cool for those who come across it. Kala is a high-quality brand and comes with guarantees, which is to be expected from a quality product.

The bag which comes with this uke is perfect for traveling and if your taking a trip to the lake this handy companion will be the life of the party.  Children of all ages can play this and the size doesn’t impact on the ability to play, so whatever age most kids should be fine.



Kids Acoustic Guitar Starter Pack 

kids Acoustic Guitar Starter Pack

The guitar is an amazing instrument and everyone wants to play this regardless of each, gender and where you’re from. The guitar has a magical way of making all worries disappear and create a channel for unconscious thoughts to surface. Some people say that music is the ladder to the soul and I like the idea of it, getting into the groove is great fun for all, especially the countless hours a guitar can provide.

This particular guitar comes as a starter pack and is ideal for the beginner. The book that comes helps with understanding the guitar and assists with learning chords and strumming patterns, which is where it all begins. The guitar comes with a tuner and is ideal for those who don’t know how to maintain a tuned guitar.

The bag is for traveling and if they have classes the to-and-from won’t be an issue, which keeps everything together and in one place because sometimes they lose their books, plectrum and basic material for class.

The guitar is one of the most social instruments I think and everyone will find it easy to sing along and join in, even if they can’t jam/play an instrument themselves.

The benefits of playing guitar are awesome and your children will thank you in years to come when they have a great social network of friends.




Kids Violin Starter Kit 

Kids Violin and Starter Kit

The violin is a prestigious musical instrument and learning is easier than others, because of the design and simple stroking needed to play the instrument, unlike the guitar which can tire the fingers more. Children that begin this as an instrument to play can create the foundation of the musical structure to be able to play anything.

This particular instrument is beautiful and handmade, which can be seen with the high finish and any kid would be lucky to have this for their first violin, however that being said it is reasonably priced for those who might be concerned.

The violin starter pack makes learning as easy as possible and any child with this as a beginning will be one their way to becoming a good violinist. This too has a tuner and makes for nice sounding playing, because violin out of tune is hellish I’m sure you’d agree.

A lot of children can use this at school and play with the knowledge that they have a good violin, because the high-grade quality wood and materials make for a beautiful sound, especially at such a good price.



Piano Starter Pack 

Kids keyboard Piano and Starter Pack

This kids piano or keyboard is ideal for kids who want to learn how to play the grand piano. The easy to learn instructions make for a guide to becoming a pianist.

This might not have all the keys a grand piano has, but the 49 keys are a great start to becoming ready to play something bigger. The cool inbuilt speakers make a brilliant sound, which is designed to be used with the CD interactive learning tool for getting them on their way to Mozart.

The keyboard is animated and has a digital recorder for sharing their greatest hits. The software has built-in 100 lessons and can assist with learning. The CD and DVD add additional educational features for learning, so each step of becoming a pianist is laid for them the cross.

This instrument is perfect for parents who don’t want to spend hours listening to their children play because although you love them, listening to practice is never relaxing.



Electric Guitar Beginner Starter kit 

Kid Electric Guitar Starter kit with amp

This electric guitar is an awesome all-in-one package, which will make learning super easy and fun for your child. This electric guitar comes with all the accessories and makes any doubts of worry disappear.

The bag is ideal for travel and can be easily carried around town or to practice. This would be ideal for slightly older kids around 8+ although kids as young as 3-4 have been rocking “guns and roses” on YouTube.

This is ideal for the beginner and for intermediate players who want to jam with their friends. The electric is a bit noisier than the acoustic guitar and if plugged in the neighbors might hear, but will be quite otherwise when played.

This package deal comes with digital tuners and keeps everything in tune. The picks are ideal for strumming hard and the strap will make for easy playing when standing. The case comes with all pockets and hidden compartments to store their gear.



Kids Starter Drum Kit 

blue Starter Drum Kit

Every kid drummer wants to be like John Bonham and start a band with their friends and with this awesome drum set for beginners they can. This drum set is fully equipped and ready to be beaten into stardom, it’s Rock n Roll at its core.

The piece drum set comes with sticks for keeping the rhythm, cymbals for emphasizing change and a seat to remain upright. The well-made construction will last the test of time, unlike some others I have come across, which have broke with excessive force.

The metallic design is stylish and the chrome blue is pleasing to the eye. The chrome rims are an ideal finish and hold everything in place while looking clean and neat.

The price is cheap and will be easy to afford for those parents wanting to treat their child because every parent should I think.

Some of the downside to drums are the noise and make sure you know that a time and place will have to be allocated for them to play this and if your kid’s room is next to another next door neighbor then make sure you mention before let them lose on the throne.




Electronic Keyboard All-in-One Kit 

black Kids Electronic Keyboard All-in-One Kit with stool

This black electronic keyboard piano is an ideal start to lead the way to the grand piano, which is the dream of many pianists, to be performing in the grand orchestras scattered around the world.

I have chosen this specific piano type out of the three (acoustic, digital and keyboard) because this is an ideal beginner instrument in this category for children to begin to learn and gradually graduate to the more refined version of the piano.

This particular RockJam keyboard piano is designed with 61 full-sized keys, and easy to see and use LCD screen, playback, and record for capturing those precious moments as well as refining the art process. There are loads of functions and features, boasting 100 key sounds, 100 and over rhythms with songs demoed ranging in the 50 regions.

The design is sturdy and made to be moved and manhandled for easy home or studio use, it’s super adjustable and the kids will love being mobile with this, going to friend houses and entertaining each other, but thankfully there are headphones to go with.

You will appreciate the stool that comes with this and it is a nice feature to adjust to your child’s practice and play. The 30 songs pre-built in is a great way to encourage them on the piano and is an ideal iPad app to make user experience enhanced.

This size and weight fine overall and comes unpacked at just under 20 pounds and 27lbs unpacked. The board is compatible with batteries and can be used on the move, so travel is easier than ever.




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