Funny Videos of Kids Swinging on Swings

Here at buzzparent, we know just how much kids love playing on swings, and we’ve got some great reviews to help you get the best swing set for your family.

Its most likely that you yourself spent a lot of fun hours as a child swinging around.  It seems to be a fairly standard part of any child’s upbringing, and a really fun activity that never gets old.

Not only is a swing set amazing fun for kids to play with, they actually help them in many ways.  They make great sensory activities for children’s development, and the swinging motion even help balance neurological activity in their brains, helping to calm them down and make them feel secure. So while there’s always the option of going to the local play park, if you have enough space in your back yard, it is a good idea to get a swing set for your kids.

Our Favorite Funny Videos of Kids Playing on Swings

Swinging with the Go Pro

Now this one is a little bit surreal.  The Go Pro gets you right up in their faces and shows the swinging from a funny angel.  But just look at how much fun these kids are having.


Baby on the swing

Isn’t this little guy cute?  He sure loves his swing.


Children in the Park

These little guys are really having a blast at the swings in their playground.


Swing Car

We were in stitches of laughter at the office watching this little guy on his cool car swing.  The way his legs hang out the bottom reminds us of the Flintstones!


Bulldog on the Swing

For some kids, the best fun of a swing comes from letting your best friend have a go and pushing them.  In this hilarious video, this little girl gives man’s best friend a shot.

Some might say that this bull dog doesn’t like swinging on this swing, but his patience is what makes him a mans best friend or in this case a little girls best friend.

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