Best Electric Toothbrush for Kids 2017

You as a parent know the importance of good oral hygiene and that’s why you want your kid to have the best electric toothbrush. Most kids don’t like brushing their teeth and anyway to encourage them to spend a little extra care and attention is important. They might struggle with coordination and find it hard to brush the back of their mouth, which is exactly why an electric toothbrush is the best thing for them, it’s easy to use and takes some of the hard work out of brushing.

Every dentist will say brush your teeth twice a day, which also involves flossing and there are loads of tools for extracting stuck food between the teeth. However sometimes at such a young age you find your children doesn’t find this possible and ends up with bleeding gums from pressing too hard, which is why getting the right toothbrush to extract and maintain as much overall hygiene is crucial.

2 kids brushing their teeth with Sonicare tooth brushes

Considerations for choosing a kids toothbrush

Kids have smaller mouths and need smaller toothbrush heads, which is why having a specifically designed brush that can be easily handled and used is ideal. The toddlers mouth is small and the hands too, which means the handle of the brush should be small and making sure of this will make handling easier.

The term “kids” is sometimes vague and exactly what age your kid is will determine what kind of toothbrush they should get. For example some parents think a 10 year toothbrush is the same as a 5 year old’s and this can be problematic for the child, so choosing the right brush means choosing the right size.

There are many models and types of toothbrushes to choose from and in this review you will decide for yourself which you think is best. From Oral B to Colgate each has slightly different features and the aim here is to share with you our side-by-side comparisons, which have had real hands-on testing.

Music has been a recent development in the tooth brush technology sector and can be an effective way to encourage them, so ideally for kids themed brushes and music are a preferred choice. The various methods have been tested over the years and the various brands and oral hygiene specialists use this as standard in electrical tooth brushes.

Disney Princess Oral-B Kid’s Electric Toothbrush

princess disney electric toothbrush in oral-B packaging

This is a great Oral-B Disney themed model and has been researched thoroughly with an easy to use handle and head that helps those little ones reach the back of their mouth.

I like the themed designs for younger children because it encourages them to brush more and you would agree any extra brushing would be fantastic, because you know that teeth are an important first impression. Kids leave in a fantasy world and sometimes that can be utilized for inspiring them to clean longer and with more intent to maintain a good smile 🙂

Children at this age have molars coming through and every parent wants to protect all the teeth and even until they fall out, even until the tooth fairy takes them away and provides a penny.

This brush offers an assistance to help with getting a healthy routine at bedtime and mornings, gently encouraging them to remember to brush twice a day. This has been designed for kids between 5 years and 7 years, which is rather specific, but meant to give a could clean and easy to use functionality.  Oral-B have created different tooth brushes for different ages and they range from 2-24 months, 2 to 4 years and then this specific type 5 to 7 years.

This brush comes with a battery operated design and can be ideal for kids in early stages of their learning. The gentle bristles and head design makes it as soft as possible without losing out on any cleaning effectiveness. The inter-dental tips have a staggered layer and help reach into the sides of the teeth to insure a thorough clean.


Kids Oral B Pro-Health Brush

electric toothbrush for kids with a Oral-B package and finding nimo theme

This is another Oral-B brush that kids love to use, but comes with some additional features and benefits. In comparison to the previous this Disney themed toothbrush offers slightly better technology and benefits overall. The extra bristles, rechargeable battery and 16 songs means this is a real bedtime favorite, which is music to the ears and adds some additional cleaning time.

The Pro-health brush has a ‘finding Dory’ theme from Pixar and has a slightly more uni-sex appeal than the princess before. The themed brushing have been proven to encourage kids to brush longer and should be a major consideration if brushing-time is less than you’d like. The age ranges for this is ideal for 3 years old and up, which is a wide manufacturing guideline, but the easy to use grip makes this possible.

I like the battery charger feature and makes this an easy to use device comparing the battery operated ones, which tend to sometimes run out mid-brush. This usually lasts up to 5 brushes and that’s at a rate of 2 minutes per brush.

The 16 melodies are designed to prolong time at the sink and with the music signalling to change from top to bottom it’s really encouraging and helps with a comprehensive clean.

Oral-B have decided to make an App in conjunction with Disney that can be downloaded with the toothbrush and by scanning the item the character will come to life. This will unveil an undiscovered secret and the idea is to make your kid brush their teeth longer waiting for the item to be unlocked with brushing-time. There is also a calendar that encourages your child to brush and keep track of their morning and nighttime brushing schedule.


Colgate Ninja Turtles Tooth brush

electric tooth brush with ninja turtles theme

Colgate have a long history of producing good quality tooth brushes and this is another ‘Ninja Turtles’ themed one. Kids that are still putting up a fight at cleaning time need some encouragement and this one does work.

Your kids will love the turtle sounding voices that congratulate them with each 2 minute completion of cleaning. The voices coach them to change from one part of the mouth to another making sure each quadrant is covered and overall oral hygiene is maintained.

This requires 2 AAA batteries and although this isn’t always an advantage for long-term use, however dentists do recommend changing the toothbrush every 3 months and therefore can be used for as an encouraging period or transition.

The bristles and head of this brush are small enough, so children can easily use. but only for those aged 3+.


FDA Sonic Toothbrush for Kids

Kids Electric Toothbrush Sonic Toothbrush for Kids

This Sonic toothbrush is more effective than any manual brush and is really creative with their design. The vibration with pause and music helps maintain focus, which gets them brushing all around the mouth. This encourages them to avoid bad brushing habits and techniques, which usually start young.

The 2 minute cycle is FDA approved and makes for a healthy routine, which can be gentle on the gum without losing out on effective cleaning.

The heads can be easily replaced and with a battery-powered toothbrush that vibrates the charge and replacement is easy and convenient.

This particular FDA Sonic toothbrush is water-proof and you are unlikely to find it becoming faulty with long-term use. There is a USB charging point and is easy for travelling to visit friends and family. The standby feature makes the brush needing less charge, which some tend not to have.

The handle on this brush is ergonomic, which makes handling very easy and non-slippery if wet. However, there is a need to hold down the button for around 5 seconds and this makes using a little tricky at first, but if noted it won’t be confusing.

This has come with some issues and some parents have had trouble with the device. They have encountered problems with the vibrating mechanism and the fact that the USB chord doesn’t come with a plug, otherwise it’s fine.


BrandTypeBattery Plays MusicAgePrice
Oral-B Disney Princess Kid's Electric ToothbrushYesYes3+$
Oral-B Kids Pro-Health BrushNoYes3+$$$
Colgate Ninja Turtles Tooth brushYesYes3+$
FDA Sonic Toothbrush for KidsNoYes3+$$

Best Overall Pick

The Kids Oral B Pro-Health Brush is my kids favorite and will be yours also. The brush has the best features out of the bunch and comes with great reviews all-round.

Best Budget Pick

The Colgate Ninja Turtles Tooth brush is cheapest overall and is highly recommended for those parents wanting to test out if the themed brushes work with their kid who is refusing to clean their teeth.

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