Ultimate Guide: Christmas Gifts for Girls

Girls can be difficult to buy for at Christmas. They are often fussy, so finding the perfect Christmas present can become a challenge. There are a lot of factors to think about when shopping for your daughter at Christmas. You’ll need to think about your budget, the age of the child you are buying for and her interests and hobbies for example.

You might also wish to buy something your daughter can add to, either with pocket money or for her next birthday. This is a great idea – it gives the child something to save up for, and makes shopping for presents easier the next time! Here, we have outlined the types of gifts you may like to consider depending on your child’s age, before showing some of our favorite picks this holiday season.


Types of Gifts

There are loads of gift possibilities for girls these days. Of course, many girls will enjoy toys and games traditionally thought of as ‘boyish’, too. For the purpose of this article, we have mostly chosen toys which are more aimed at girls, but have included some ‘boy’ or unisex toys, too. The types of presents generally enjoyed by young girls include:

  • Doll houses
  • Role playing toys – cookers, ironing sets, etc
  • Baby dolls and accessories
  • Building sets
  • Tech toys – robots, coding games
  • Ride-on electric vehicles
  • Craft activities
  • Animal toys
  • Board games
  • Dressing up outfits

Age Guide: How to Choose the Right Gift for your Girl at Christmas

The gifts your daughter will enjoy will depend largely on how old she is and 5 year old and 10 year old girls like different things. It makes sense that a toddler won’t appreciate the same gifts as a teenager! It might be a good idea to choose something that your child will appreciate for a few years, rather than something which will be quickly outgrown. Girls aged 6 years old and 7 years like similar things and you will find they play together without difficulty too. Girls aged 9 years old and 10 are similar and you can give them toys that are enjoyed without worrying they are growing out of it. The tricky age groups to buy gifts for is when they turn into a teenager and want to be seen as a grown up. 11 year old girls are very different from 13 year olds and it can be difficult finding the right gift at this time in their life.


Toddlers don’t really understand what Christmas is about. The can be overwhelmed by too many presents, lights and sounds so it’s best to keep things simple for very young children. Buy just a few things your little girl needs or wants, and save your money for when they are a bit older and get more excited for Christmas!

3 to 6 Year Old

At this age, kids tend to know more about Christmas and Santa, and get really excitable in the run-up to Christmas. Your daughter will probably be asking for all the latest toys at this age, especially those related to her favorite shows. You should think about how many things she will really play with – sometimes a few good toys are better than loads of poorer quality or less entertaining ones.

7 to 9 Year Old

Girls in this age bracket will probably appreciate a few different types of toys and gifts. Toys sch as action figures, building toys, ride-ons and dolls remain popular with children of this age.

12 Years Old and Above

Teenage girls are notoriously difficult to buy for. Many just want money to buy the latest make up and clothes. However, if you look around you’re sure to find something your teen will love. Although your daughter will no longer believe in Santa, it’s still nice to have a few surprises to open on Christmas morning.


Top Brands for Christmas Presents

There are a lot of great brands of toy which make ideal Christmas presents. Which brands will suit your child probably depends on her age to some extent. Some of the classic brands remain popular today, such as Fisher-Price, Barbie, Melissa & Doug and Power Wheels. There are also newer brands which are worth thinking about, particularly those manufacturing tech-related toys. Notable brands include Osmo, Anki and more.

The Reviews: We’ll help you make the right choice

Here, you will find our top holiday toys broken down into 3 age group categories – under 5 years old, 5-12 years old and 13+ years old. We’ve chosen 9 toys for each age group, to give a wide range of choices. There are toys to suit a range of budgets, from around $20 right up to $200, so there’s sure to be something to meet your needs.


Best for 5 Years and Under

Here, you will find a selection of toys sure to be loved by toddler girls. Role playing toys and playsets are usually popular with kids this age, so we have included a few here.

My Little Pony: Princess Twilight Sparkle

my little pony interactive plush This huge, interactive My Little Pony plush would make the perfect present for a young fan of the new movie. The toy responds to your child’s voice and touch, with over 90 phrases and songs. The pony’s horn lights up and flashes, and she can even move her head and one hoof. She even comes with her very own tiara!

The plush pony features poseable legs, so she can either sit or stand. She also has fluttering wings so young children can imagine her flying! The toy is a good size at approximately 18 inches tall. You’ll need to stock up on batteries for this one – 4 C batteries are required, and you can guarantee your daughter will want to try it out right away!


Melissa & Doug Kids Food Cart

toy food cart This toy food cart is perfect for encouraging imaginative play in young children. It comes with over 40 play food items including pretzels and condiment bottles. It has drawers for storing the food in, a working bell and sliding doors for the ice-cream freezer. The awning on the cart can be reversed depending on whether your child is selling ice cream or hot dogs!

For kids who are able to read and write, there is a menu which can be written on for your child to set their very own prices. The toy cart can be rolled around just like a real one, making it easy to play anywhere. The food and cart and made from wood, for a strong, durable construction which will last for years. Kids of any age will enjoy pretending to make yummy treats for siblings, friends or parents. The toy is perfect for encouraging conversation and interaction in a fun way.


Melissa & Doug: Girly Giant Unicorn

giant plush unicorn This huge, cuddly pink and white unicorn is a must-have for any young girl who loves everything about fairies and magic! It features soft, shimmery fur and can stand up easily thanks to the wire inside. The unicorn stands at almost 3′ tall and nearly 4′ long.

Little girls will love to have their very own unicorn to cuddle up with! It can be used for a range of imaginative games, too. Whilst it is not strong enough to be ridden by a child, dolls and stuffed animals will love to have a ride! Kids can also ‘look after’ the unicorn by brushing or feeding her, for example.

For those who aren’t unicorn lovers, there’s also a giraffe and a dragon version available, which are just as great. The giraffe model stands at around 5′ tall, so you’ll need plenty of space for this one!


TINKERTOY Super Building Set

tinkertoy building kit for kidsThis building toy is perfect for young girls aged 3 years and above. It includes around 200 pieces, to keep your little girl entertained over the festive period and beyond. There are 30 models which can be build with the set, so it’s perfect for advancing your child’s motor skills, imagination and engineering skills!

The set includes more different pieces than many building toys, including spools, washers and flags, to make a whole range of different structures. As well as houses and cars, kids can also build bikes, animals and bridges. This is great for developing imaginative play – kids can use their action figures to interact with the models they build.

Even young engineers will be able to safely enjoy this building kit. The pieces are flexible enough to make the models, but strong enough to stay securely in place. They are easy to assemble and disassemble, if your child can’t decide what to make.


Power Wheels Shimmer & Shine Quad

toddler quad ride-onThis pink and purple Power Wheels quad is perfect for toddlers aged 12 months and above. It can safely hold children weighing up to 40 pounds, which means they will have a few years of use before needing to upgrade to something bigger.

The ATV has been specifically designed with younger riders in mind. It can only travel forwards, and reaches speeds of up to 2 mph. The quad also has a wider turning circle, to make it less likely that little kids will fall off when turning. The acceleration comes from a simple push button – press the button to go forwards and release it to stop. This means there’s no complicated brakes for your child to get use to, either.

The ATV works well on a range of surfaces – indoors or on hard outdoor surfaces and grass. It is low enough for young toddlers to easily climb on and dismount by themselves, and also features footrests on either side to ensure they have a comfortable ride.


Melissa & Doug Play Kitchen

wooden play kitchen This classic wooden play kitchen is perfect for toddlers of all ages and abilities. It comes in a choice of two colors – either gray or pink – and comes with an optional accessory bundle. The kitchen has all the features of a real kitchen, including an oven, stove, sink, microwave, freezer and a refrigerator with working ice dispenser!

The toy kitchen has loads of interactive elements, to help with young kids’ imaginative play. For example, the microwave plate turns, the dials spin and there are hooks to hang utensils. The doors open and close, allowing for items to be stored inside. This is great for those who don’t have a lot of space at home – all the toy food and kitchen accessories can be easily packed away after playtime is over.

There is even a grocery list for your child to mark what they need to buy next time they go shopping! A toy kitchen is a great Christmas gift for young children. It will provide hours of entertainment, and last for several years. It can also easily be added to, with an endless selection of accessories and play food available to go with it.


Barbie Dreamhouse

barbie dreamhouseThis huge Barbie Dreamhouse is perfect for little girls of all ages. It will provide hours of fun and imaginative play – it features 3 stories, 7 different rooms and over 70 accessories. It also offers lights, sounds and motion, to make it more entertaining and realistic. The level of detail in the house is also highly realistic – the table includes little place settings for example.

The Barbie Dreamhouse comes with a working elevator for the dolls to travel between the levels of the house. The simple-to-use pull mechanism means even young toddlers will be able to use the elevator with ease. The house even comes with a garage, for Barbie to store her car, which is available separately.

This doll house is great for older kids too, thanks to its size and range of features. There is even the option to insert a smartphone to create a ‘television’ for Barbie. Young girls will have years of fun with the Dreamhouse, and mom might also enjoy playing with this modern version of the classic childhood toy!


Disney: Princess Dress Up Trunk

disney princess dress up box

This dressing up set is the perfect present for any young girl who wishes she was a princess! It includes over 20 pieces including 4 different princess outfits as well as headbands, jewellery and a tiara. It all fits nicely into a beautifully decorated trunk at the end of the day.

The outfits fit ages 3-6, to ensure years of dressing up fun. The set is perfect for when friends come to play, or for sharing with siblings. The mix and match outfits mean each child can choose their favorite princess and accessorize as they choose!


Barbie Pet Care Center

barbie pet playset

This playset comes with 4 animal figures ready to see the vet – a puppy, a cat and her kitten and a hamster. There are loads of interactive elements in the 4 different areas of the clinic. These include a spinning hamster wheel and a ‘working’ x-ray machine.

The folding playset is perfect for taking to others’ houses – the accessories all fit neatly inside, and the case has a carrying handle for easy portability.

Whilst any Barbie doll is compatible with this set, there is a special vet Barbie available separately, which would make an excellent addition. This set is great for developing young children’s imaginations, in a fun and interactive way. It would make the perfect addition to any young girls’ Barbie collection.


Best for 5 to 12 Year Olds

There are loads of different gifts suitable for girls in this age group. We have included a wide range of different products, so there’s sure to be something to suit your daughter’s tastes.

Rosso Motors Quad

young girl atv ride on This electric quad ride-on is perfect for girls up to 8 years old. It has a great amount of power, thanks to the 500W motor and 36V battery. Kids will have a comfortable ride no matter where they go – the rubber tires can handle a range of different terrains, and there is a shock-absorbing suspension.

The quad bike is perfect for kids who love an adventure – it can reach top speeds of 13 mph. It is operated by a hand twist throttle, making it perfect for slightly older kids. It can also travel in reverse, and has 3 different speed options.

The ATV is perfect for Christmas – young kids will be so excited to see it by the tree when they wake up! It takes 6 hours to fully charge, so it’s best to get it assembled and ready a day before.

DC Super Hero Girls Action Figures

girl super hero doll action figureThis set of action figures is perfect for girls who love superheros! It features 9 favorite female superheroes, so it’s perfect for sharing with siblings, or for when friends come over to play. The figures are made from strong, durable plastic for endless play. They are also articulated, making them well-suited to imaginative playing.

Each of the action figures comes with an accessory or weapon, to help your child in their imaginative games. They are all wearing their famous costumes, which cannot be removed. Each super hero figure is around 6 inches tall – the perfect size for playing all sorts of games.

Teifoc Basic Set

brick and mortar building toy This fun building toy is perfect for older children – it features over 100 pieces. It is different from traditional building toys as it features reusable clay bricks and a safe, soluble mortar. The bricks can be reused, and more mortar is available for purchase separately, meaning the set can be used to make as many models as your child wishes.

To break the models up to make a new one, simply soak it in water then allow to dry, before mixing up more cement and starting again. The Teifoc blocks are great to use in conjunction with other toys – your child can build houses or barns for their figures to live in! They are also ideal for teaching children STEM skills, in a fun and unique way.


Original Colorforms Set

colorforms raft toyThis classic crafting toy is ideal for children of any age, from older toddlers to young teens. The set includes 350 pieces in a range of colors, stored neatly in a spiral-bound case. Also included in the box is a double sided play-board to arrange the shapes on, as well as a special case telling owners about the long and interesting history of Colorforms.

This artistic toy is great for developing your child’s imagination. They can create a limitless range of scenes from the shapes, and they can be stuck to almost any surface. This means you can play anywhere, and the shapes can then be removed to reuse over and over again. Therefore, the set offers excellent value for money – it will be enjoyed for years to come.


Shopkins Super Mall

Shopkins mall large play set This is the largest ever Shopkins playset, making it perfect for fans of the collectables! It comes with 4 exclusive Shopkins figures to add to your daughter’s collection. The mall also features a range of fun features and accessories and furniture to encourage interactive and imaginative play. There is even a working elevator to add to the fun!

Shopkins toys are a great Christmas gift, as there is a huge number of products in the range so it can be added to any time. There are dolls available to purchase separately, which make a great addition to the mall playset. The toy is great for sharing with siblings or friends, thanks to the large size and number of different rooms and accessories. There won’t be any arguing – there’s so much to play with!


Disney Frozen Festive Collection

Frozen movie dolls This set of dolls is perfect for Christmas time. It features 4 favorite characters from Disney’s Frozen, as well as removable outfits and shoes. Younger girls will love to act out their favorite scenes from the movie, or make up their own adventures. Older girls will love to have these attractive dolls on display in their room, too.

The dolls have movable arms and legs, and their outfits and accessories can be changed. This is great for letting your child’s imagination run wild – there are so many ways to play with this collection. There is even a Frozen Ice Castle doll’s house available separately, to give even more possibilities. The dolls are around the same size as Barbie dolls, so if your girl already has some Barbie accessories, these will be compatible too.


Hatchimals Surprise with Twin Toy

hatchimal surprise twins These interactive plush toys are perfect for girls aged 5 years old and above. It comes in a choice of two styles, so you can choose your child’s favorite animal. Kids have to help their new pets ‘hatch’ from their egg, by holding and rubbing it. They will be able to hear sounds coming from inside the egg, before it eventually hatches.

Once the egg has hatched, the Hatchimals twins will interact with each other, sharing a strong bond just like real siblings! The speak to each other, and will become sad if separated for too long. One of the animals can record and repeat a message said by your child. The other twin has moving limbs, so it can dance to music!

The interactive toys will even develop a unique personality – kids will learn more as they move through the different stages from baby to toddler and so on. The toy is great for helping kids learn about looking after animals in a fun way.

American Girl Emerson Wellie Wishers Doll

american girl large doll This cute doll measures over 14″ tall, so she’s perfect for playing all sorts of games with. Her clothes can be changed,  are more are available to buy if your daughter wants a change. The dolls comes in a variety of styles, so you’re sure to find one to suit.

The Wellie Wishers dolls feature in a series of paperback books, too. These would make a great gift for a young girl along with a doll, so she can read about the adventures her doll gets up to! This will also give girls ideas for the kind of scenes and scenarios they can act out with their doll. The doll has posable limbs, and her long hair can be put into any style your daughter chooses.

FurReal Roarin’ Tyler the Tiger

furReal tiger interactive plush This interactive pet is great for children who would love a real pet, but can’t have one. When kids roar or speak to him, he roars back! It can respond with over 100 sounds and actions. He loves to play with his toy, and will respond playfully.

The interactive tiger toy is quite large  – perfect for cuddling up on your lap! He responds to being stroked on the head or back just like a real pet. The back legs can be posed, and he has lovely soft fur to stroke. For those who prefer other animals, the furReal toys come in a range of options, so there’s something to suit every taste.

Best for 13 Year Olds and Older

Teenage girls can be tricky to buy toys and gifts for. Here, we have chosen a few unique and different gifts to give you some inspiration when shopping for a young teenager.

LEGO Creator Expert Carousel

lego carousel This huge, 2,600 piece LEGO model is perfect to keep teenagers occupied over the festive period. It comes with 7 minifigures and all the accessories they need for a day out at the fair! The figures include a ride operator as well as a whole family with mom, dad and the kids.

The carousel model features 5 animals, each of which can be built up, and 4 of which move. This makes the model even more realistic and interesting – it can be played with too. It’s even possible to add a motor so the carousel can turn on its own!

This LEGO set is aimed at over 16’s, as it requires a lot of concentration and work. However, it is a great project to keep teenagers occupied, and away from their gadgets!


Mermaid Tail Blanket

mermaid tail blanket This cozy blanket is perfect for watching films on cold winter evenings! It can be used by kids of any age, up to around 15 years old. The blanket measures 25″ x 60″, meaning they’ll have plenty room to move around and get comfortable! The ‘fins’ are open, so there is even more room for girls to push their feet right in, keeping extra warm!

The polar fleece blanket is perfect for keeping warm but without being as heavy as traditional blankets. It can be used anywhere – on the sofa, in bed or even for camping or sleepovers! Parents will love how easy to clean the blanket is. It can be machine or hand washed, and also spot cleaned with warm water. The lightweight material is quick to dry, too!


Spontaneous – The Song Game

singing board game This party board game is perfect for girls who love music and singing. All you have to do is sing the first song that pops into your head after being given a certain word. If no players can come up with a song containing the word, the person who read the word wins! The rules are simple enough for just about anyone to pick up straight away.

The board game is recommended for those aged over 8 years old, and 4-10 players or teams. However, it can be used with any number of players. We feel that it’s best suited to teens having a sleepover with their friends, or at birthday parties and family gatherings.


PopSolo Bluetooth Microphone

bluetooth phone microphone This is another great gift idea for girls who love to sing. The microphone can be used in conjunction with a range of karaoke apps, and can be used wireless via Bluetooth, or connected with a cable. It is compatible with virtually any kind of phone, including iPhone and Android.

The microphone features HD stereo speakers, giving a great sound. It also has noise reduction, to filter out unwanted sounds. The mic gives up to 5 hours of battery life, enough to sing about a hundred songs! You can even record your singing for future reference. The Bluetooth microphone comes in a choice of two colors – either black or rose gold.


SWAGTRON T580 Bluetooth Hoverboard

bluettoth enabled hover boardThis Bluetooth-operated hoverboard is great for girls who have everything. It can reach a top speed over 7.5 mph, and can travel 8 miles on a single charge. It can be used by kids of all ages as well as adults – it can hold up to 22 pounds.

The hoverboard can be connected to an app, which allows the rider to change modes, check the battery level and even access a map. The hoverboard also features speakers, which can be used to play music when riding. The board comes in a choice of colors, and there other styles available too.


Pink Razor A5 Scooter

pink large scooterThis extra-large scooter is perfect for taller riders, and can hold up to 220 pounds – perfect for teenagers and even adults! It is made from strong aluminum and comes complete with a kickstand.

The scooter is easy to ride, featuring adjustable handlebars and a rear fender brake. It is also foldable, to make it easier to carry when it’s not being ridden.

The Razor scooter is perfect for going to school or going shopping. There are a whole range of accessories such as bells and helmets to really complete the look too. The scooter also comes in a range of colors, so there’s something to suit every taste!


Seedling Design your Own Marble Maze

virtual reality maze toy This unique toy allows the user to create their very own virtual reality maze. There is a compatible app, available for iPhone and Android, which offers multiplayer modes too. The game offers a unique combination of a classic wooden board game, used in conjunction with modern technology.

Once the maze has been built using the wooden board and accessories, it can be photographed and uploaded to the app. Then, the user puts their smartphone into the cardboard viewer, to virtually navigate the maze themselves.

This would make a great gift for anyone who wants a virtual reality set, but finds standard models too expensive. It’s a great introduction to the virtual reality world, in a fun and simple way.


UBTECH – Jimu Robot Kit

robot toy for older kids

This unique building toy is great for teens who love both building and tech. It is made of just under 400 pieces, making it an ideal challenged for older children and teens. It is great for learning STEM skills, as well as teaching children how to code. This is done in a simple drag and drop manner, making it easy to follow for beginners.

Building the toy is made simpler by using the compatible app. It shows you step-by-step where each piece goes, on a 3-D model. The robot can be put together in 3 different ways, so after one gets boring, it can be dismantled and made into a different one!

The robot also includes a range of basic features, which make its use more enjoyable. For example, it offers an easy to use and effective Bluetooth connectivity, and uses a rechargeable battery. The pieces also fit together easily, and allow the robot to carry out lifelike movements.


Wooden Croquet Set

croquet set

This unique toy makes a great Christmas present for girls who have everything. It’s great for getting teens to play together and have some time outdoors, rather than sitting in front of a gadget. It is quick and easy to set up – simply push the hoops into the lawn and you’re ready to go. Parents will love how neatly everything can be stored away in the handy bag, to keep all the pieces together and clean.

There are 6 mallets and balls, meaning up to 6 players can have a match together. Everything is made from wood, to give a long-lasting finish, whilst still being lightweight to have a comfortable game.The game is great for improving co-ordination skills, and will be enjoyed by children and adults alike.  Overall, this set makes a nice addition to any backyard toy collection.

 Best Overall Gift For a Girl at Christmas

The PopSolo Bluetooth Microphone is the best overall for many reasons, one being it is a timeless gift that brings the best out of girl. Singing is a ladder to the soul some say and with this any aged girl can pick the microphone up and sing their favorite Christmas carrol.


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