21 Gift Ideas for 1 Year Old Girls 2018

The little baby girl is almost a toddler and when she turns 1 years old it with be a day to celebrate. She is now beginning to crawl, smile and interact more than she has ever done before. This is an exciting milestone for any parent to reach and whether a first-time mom or a mother of 3 you will want to give your precious little princess a gift she will love.

There are many different types of toys and gifts to choose from and in this review, we have chosen 17 gifts that you’re soon to be turning 1-year-old angel will adore. We have gifts for growth, gifts for developing motor skills, gifts for sending them off to sleep, ones for developing their sense of exploration and finally gift ideas that are just the cutest thing you will have seen all year.

Disneys Minnie Mouse Bow-tique

Kids of all ages love Disney and girls especially love characters like Minnie Mouse, she is insightful, colorful and an ideal gift for a birthday girl.

This could be a first learning gift book that lights up and makes a sound for interactive learning and fun. I love the unique design and the way it looks like a Minnie butterfly, it is easy to use too. This has been designed for 1 years old toddlers and older, which is perfect for their 1st birthday party gift.

Disneys Minnie Mouse Bow-tique toy



Kolylong Owl Development Book

This soft book is oodles of fun and a great gift for the birthday girl, its soft, child-friendly and made for them to enjoy flick through.

The material is polyester and is suitable for children aged 3 months old to 24 months, which is perfect.

Healthy patterns begin early in children and reading is one of the most valuable patterns a child can learn, which is why this gift is one that might seem simple, but packed with wisdom.Kolylong Development Books



Custom Engraved Wooden Block

This is another personalized gift for the little one and for the parents, it looks great, feels unique and will be something that will get stored away for when the little toddler turn into an adult.

The birchwood is well-made and the engraving is done professionally with no bleach or other nasty chemicals that might cause irritation. The natural softwood color is ideal for decorating a child’s room or play area and adds a memorable feature to a room that often gets noticed by passing parents.

There are 6 sides and each one has a unique element to it with the child’s first initial on one side, middle on another and the child’s last name on another side. Each has a distinguishing uniqueness to it and stands out regardless what side the block lands on.

I often find this is a gift that family, like grandparents, make as they know how many mounting toy gifts are on their way already on the little one’s birthday day, so they try to stand out and have something for years to come and not just for a moment.

Custom Engraved Wood Baby Birth Block


Marshmallow Junior Happy Horse Soft Toy

This Happy Horse Soft Toy gift that will get the young ones enthusiastic about learning to ride a horse. This encourages balancing skills and fine tunes those motor skills, helping them by learning to hold onto the bouncy horse’s ears while staying upright.

This provides hours of fun and do not be surprised if they watch their cartoons and Disney programs on it. This is soft and easy to inflate, so as long as there is some adult supervision this inflatable horse is a fantastic gift for any toddler both boy or little girl.

This is a great gift that doesn’t make noise that drives the parents crazy, so if you want a soft cuddly toy that is family-friendly then this is the gift to buy. This is recommended for 1 years old children and up to around 3 years old, but with a unique feel and exclusive to bouncy this is a gift they will never forget.Marshmallow Junior Happy Horse Soft Toy


Brilliant Baby Blocks

Fisher-Price is another top-end brand in the manufacturing of baby, toddler, children’s toys and all the way to teens. This is why I always try to add one of their toys in any review.

This is an educational toy that makes a great gift that promotes the imagination, motor skill development and enhances the hand-eye coordination. Learning to match shapes with blocks is a fundamental skill of problem-solving and recognizing patterns that we all still use today as adults, which is why this is a fantastic gift idea.

There are five shape sorting blocks, each one has a different color and is a perfect size for ages 6 months and older. The handle is easy to carry, light for carrying around and comes with frustration free shipping. The aim of the game be simple, but the learning going on is exponential and will benefit them as they grow from toddlers into adults.

 Baby's First Blocks



Manhattan Winkel Rattle and Teether 

This toy is a spectacle, to say the least, and will mesmerize into awe for a second or two, which soon turns into fun-filled play.

This is a combined toy with teething and helps them get some relief when their mouth is sore. The toys are fun to hold, easy to grasp and can teach through clutching. As a playful experience, however, the rattle inside is a little noisy for those wanting some peace and quiet.

This is an award winning toy and an ideal gift for any birthday occasion. The Oppenheim toy portfolio blue chip award is a prestigious award and exemplifies the Manhattan WInkel. This is designed for children from 0 to 24 months old and can be ideal for those with children close in age. The BPA-free material is safe and the teethable plastic is suitable for children.Manhattan Toy Winkel Rattle and Sensory Teether Activity Toy


B. Toys B. One Two Squeeze Blocks

Every child at some stage of their life loves building blocks and with their colorful, squeezable, floatable, multi-functional design, this makes them a fantastic gift for any occasion.

Parents agree that this is a good blocks version in comparison to others and makes for easy traveling companions, which encourages them in their curiosity for life. This curiosity is also developed when the sound of the blocks comes to life and the squeaking sounds reveal itself for the first time.

These shapes for learning have been well thought-out and the manufacturers made the bag 100% recyclable for making the children’s future sustainable. This visually stunning gift idea is a squeeze load of fun and will be used well beyond their special birthday.B. Toys B. One Two Squeeze Blocks


Adoric Children’s Night Light 

This is a cool gift and one that lights up the room at night when children find themselves needing some soft light to help get to sleep. The 360 rotation with 4 LED bulbs makes this light lamp an ideal gift and reminds me of a starry moon sky night with its projector.

This comes with a USB cable and gives off a warm light that is easily changed with a press of a button with rotary switch and removable dome for allowing a setting to a preferred light. There are 8 modes and you can customize the light to personal preference, whether warm and steady or bright and beautiful.

I like this starlight gift, it decorates the child’s room with an atmosphere that makes nighttime come to life, hopefully creating an appreciation of all the beauty that the great outdoors at night has to offer.Aeroway Night Light Moon Star Projector 360


Lepapillon Princess Tent 

This pink colorful princes’ tent is a fun-filled gift that will be a favorite with some girls that just love moving around, feeling the colorful balls, developing their motor skills and sense of exploration.

This is recommended for children aged 1 years old + and is a perfect gift for them turning one years old, especially if twins. The material is safe and super-light, so traveling with it is easy and the pop-up design makes this great for those family days out as well.

This is really easy to maintain and clean with removable roof and mesh windows and with a carry bag, this is satisfaction guaranteed. The play tent is a princes’ paradise and with the colorful decor, they will feel like the queen of the castle.

Toddler with a sense of adventure will appreciate this gift and be giving them their own space to feel safe and secure can build confidence. This, whether used indoors or out, can be a sure way to have their toddler friends enjoy the day with their birthday girlfriend.Lepapillon Pink Princess Tent


Wooden Bead Maze 

Melissa & Doug are a well-established brand and produce great educational toys and this is no exception with its toy with a twist features.

The aim of the game is to get the differently shaped blocks from one side to the other and with the softly coated wires this is a tantalizing experience with its hand-eye coordination at its heart.

The colors are bright and captivating and the textures are nice to the touch. I like the wooden beads and the three plastic rings are easy to slide, unlike some other toys which are similar. The well-made craftsmanship is what sets Melissa & Doug apart and why this is a good gift for fine-tuning their sensory skills as well as motor.Melissa & Doug First bead maze



Goodnight Personalized Book

Personalizing gifts for soon turning-toddlers is a unique and special gift that makes the child become part of the story, which transforms bedtime and sets the imagination off into the world of dreams. The imagination is one of the most important areas for children’s development and this book can be a thoughtful way to encourage them to use theirs.

The book is made in the USA and the hardcover feels great and with 20 pages this book is a keeper for appreciating later. The personalization is on the front cover, infused throughout the story and illustrations.  The words and lyrics have been chosen to be endearing and imaginative, so they will love this story.

This personalized book is ideal for a girl 1st birthday gift and as they begin to understand words a lot more now it will be perfect for them.Goodnight little me personalized book


Guitar Lullabies 

Guitar Lullabies CD

Bedtime is often a time for settling the nerves of the day and whether musical lullabies in the form of sung songs by mom or gentle bedtime music both have their value and that’s why parents with toddlers love guitar lullabies. This combines beautifully composed guitar lullabies for sending them off into the world of sleep so that they can make the most of what the next day has to offer.

There are a total of 19 soothing songs that help settle the little one down and with classic performances, this really is a lovely gift that some parents will really appreciate.


Zando Girls Headband 

Zando Baby Girls Toddler Kids Cute Turban Headband Head Bows Soft Sweet Hairband

This stylish toddler headband is super cute and feels snug like a turban, but with bows that are soft, really sweet to look at and helps keeps their little head warm in cooler climates.

The material is designed for children and is very soft to the touch, flexible, stretchy and comfortable for almost any head shape and size.

The boutique Zando hairband comes as a pack and means mom can dress her and not worry which color will match. This is a practical gift and some parents will really appreciate the effort, which is both beautiful and sensible. This will be used often and for a long time, especially because the age range goes from baby, toddler and for older kids too.


Learning Laptop by VTech

vtech baby laptop

Every child will need to learn to use a laptop at some point and a first birthday gift is as good a time as any to slowly introduce them to the world of tech.

Learning never stops and it needs to begin early in life for those parents wanting their children to get the best start in life. This is why educational toys with fun interactive, tantalizingly fun are crucial and help toddlers prepare for the technological revolution that is happening all around them, which is why this gift is a good parental choice.

This VTech laptop comes with different shaped keyboard buttons and lights up, which teaches them to concepts that we adults have to know. This is designed for children aged 6 months up to 3 years old and is easy to operate with 2 AA batteries, which come included with this toy gift.


LovelySprouts Milestone Age BlocksLovelySprouts Milestone blocks

This solid wood block is a great gift for by anyone’s standard and the feel is really high quality, stunning finish and is made with safety in mind.

The water based paint and eco-friendly design make this a thoughtful gift with great photo options for highlighting the age of the child, which when number 1 is combined with the word years highlights the special 1st birthday, which is the day she will look back as she grows older with fond memories.


Yellow Emoji Bibs

yellow Silicone Bib with winking emoji smile

Every toddler loves playing with their food and sometimes the aim of dinner seems to be about how much mess can I make, rather than what is for dinner. This is why the food crumb emoji catcher is a mom’s savior and a remarkable gift.

The yellow bib is stunning to look at and the wink adds to its appeal, which is why these are popular with parents everywhere. They love the fact this bib is FDA approved, Free of toxic materials and BPA free.

The design helps catch food that would often fall to the floor with the innovative silicone design and those who appreciate these kinds of quirky gifts will love this gift for their toddler.


FUNERICA Big Duck Bath Toy 

Pirate Ship Bath Toy

Every child wants some toys to play in the bath which is why this is a perfect gift for children of all ages, but especially toddlers.

I don’t know if your child dislikes water over their head like mine did, but with the right toys, their can be a fun game made out of it to encourage their bathing habits.

This is designed for 1-year-old toddlers into 6-year-old kids and with the bright colors, the interactive design will be sure to add some fun into bath time. I think if you combine this with some bubble bath it would make a perfect gift. Educational toys for the bathtub might sound a stretch too far, but learning to build a healthy association with bathing is important. The little water-squirting fish should come with a soft warning stating “parents not wanting to get wet leave the bathroom”.


Baby Socks For Toddler Girls

aby Socks For Toddler Girls With Non Skid,As your one-year-old girl begins to walk, it might be a good idea to help her along her path. These baby socks from Tiny Captain will do just that.

Each set comes with 6 pairs of socks, all different colors so that they can match any outfit you put her in. She’ll always look like a princess.

The socks not only look good but are soft and comfortable too, important for the delicate skin of a baby.  The bottom of the socks have dots made from rubber, allowing for greater grip and reducing the risk of falling down.


LeapFrog My Pal Violet

LeapFrog My Pal VioletEvery one-year-old girl needs a cute and cuddly Pal. This cute little fella from LeapFrog is exactly that.

What makes this amazing is that you can link it up to your phone and fully customize it. Teach it your child’s name, and will say it out loud to them, even encouraging them to spell it as they say each letter. Perfect for playtime, or just before bed as it comes with 50 songs, some of them active some of them gentle lullabies.

Teaching your child colors, animals and numbers is only just the beginning of this amazing gift.


Mega Bloks Big Building Bag

Mega Bloks Big Building BagEvery little girl needs to unleash her creative side, and this gift from megablocks will be perfect for exactly that.

Designed for 1-5-year-olds, there are no parts so small that your daughter would accidentally swallow them. The bag contains 80 pieces in total, more than enough to build a castle fort with.

The great thing about these blocks is that they’re compatible with other mega blocks so you can just keep adding to your collection.


Sugar N Spice Doll

Sugar N Spice Doll

This doll is perfect for little girls who are getting used to sleeping in their own room at night. Not only is it a doll, but it doubles as comfort blanket too.

It can go through all kinds of wear and tear and come out the other side looking great because it’s machine washable. We all know kids love to drag their favorite things through everything, so it’s a huge bonus and adds value to the doll in terms of longevity.

Your little girl will be carrying this doll around for years and will look back and have many fond memories of this doll.


Considerations for Choosing a Gorgeous Gift 

Some gifts can be actively encouraging areas of development in a toddler and focus specifically on growth, motor skills, getting them to sleep, encourage eating and exploring the world around them. Babies turning into toddlers are fascinated with stacking toys, putting blocks into containers, filling and emptying things and all this is good, it helps fine tune their motor skills, which is why choosing a gift for them can be more than just fun, it can be educational.

Some key areas for helping children develop is by promoting their imagination and emerging creativity through creative and thoughtful gifts. This, when combined with fun play, builds confidence and helps their physicality, social skills, healthy emotions and when combined their intellectual development. This is why choosing a thoughtful gift for the little one is more than first intended and can be something that contributes to their well-being holistically with life-long benefits.

There are loads of different types of gifts and a popular one with moms and dads are the animal gifts and something cute a cuddly. Some parents prefer unusual gifts, ones that can be kept until they are older and looked back with a sense of appreciation and nostalgia for those early beginnings. Personally, handmade gifts are one my favorites, but usually, I don’t have time to make DIY gifts, as I am always rushed from A to B trying to keep everything running smoothly at home, otherwise I would. The wood made gifts have a lovely feel and are usually well made and sometimes you can find unique and interesting gifts that even have carved initials or names on them.

I like to get inspired, I try to find places that offer some cool gift ideas and inspiration, like Pinterest, and this is where some of the inspiration came for my gift idea selection, which is why I think you’ll love what is to come below in this review. Gifts to be proud of are a great way to feel awesome and the one gift that stands out at the party doesn’t get forgotten, so a little effort goes a long way.

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