21 Gift Ideas for 4 Year Old Girls


The little one is turning 4 years old and this is a time to celebrate with a gift. It seemed like only yesterday she was a toddler and now she is a little girl in her own right, who will be attending kindergarten soon enough.

There is a fine line between getting an ok gift and an amazing gift, which is why we have put together 21 gifts that we think are the best on the market at affordable prices. There is everything from pink headphones, art sets, and kits, learning drawing boards, Disney watches, colorful kites and loads of interesting, educational and fun gifts to choose from.



4-year-old girls are adorable and this is usually a good stage for a parent as they move slowly away from the terrible 2’s stage and for those moms who can empathize can I hear an “Amen”.

Kids that are past the toddler stages and are moving into the kid’s realm are more aware of their surroundings and have greater self-control with a focus on pretend play. This is why they are always looking after their dolls and using their imagination in ways that a toddler just can do. Their communication is better, able to initiate conversation and hold their own like never seen before. This comes with confidence in language and why games and toys that expand their vocabulary is an excellent choice.

Every child has their own wants and ideas for their birthday present, some want techy gifts, others cuddly toys, which is why with 21 different choices it can be overwhelming with the choices available. We have ensured that there is a toy for every occasion and whatever their needs there is an educational gift to choose. Some gifts can develop their abilities and core skills, like motor skills, hand-eye coordination, and loads more. So, by reading each product review you will be sure to have all the necessary facts to make an informed choice.


iClever Headphones

pink Kids Headphones

These pink headphones have been designed for children in mind, with safety as a priority and with the unique design this an ideal gift that can be used for loads different occasions well beyond the special occasion it was gifted.

The headphones are great for children and have full volume restriction at 85dB, adjustable volume control, thickened cable, and a silicone exterior for durability. I have had parents worry about getting another pair of headphones that the cable snaps through vigorous use, which is why this is a good choice and boasts a thick cable.

These pink ones are a cute, girls who love everything bright, colorful and kitten-like will love them. These are super-cute and a gift that won’t be forgotten, it stands out and is unforgettable, to say the least.

The compatibility of these headphones makes this easy to use across multiple devices and can be used with AUX port both with iPhones, CD players, and laptops. The earmuffs cover the ear well and keep them warm in cooler climates as well as drown out the sound that sometimes inferior headphone don’t accomplish.




Stencils Art Set for Kids 

large drawing stencil art set for kids

This is an award winning gift idea and parents all over agree, which is why this won the “Golden Award in 2016”.

This is full of creative ideas and opportunities to enhance imagination with over 260 shapes to spark their interest. This is why this is a fantastic educational toy and a creative kit for traveling.

Parents wanting to get their artsy interested daughter into a channeled way of learning with 8 pencils, through hundreds of stencil shapes within the 12 sheets, ranging from animals, flowers, cars, figures, letters, numbers and lots more.  All of this can be drawn on with 20 sheets of paper provided with the briefcase art set. All stencils in the set can be washed and reused. There is also different levels of stencils, provided for capacities and different development stages, which is perfect for all children learning aged 4 years old and above.

I like the design and the easy-to-use briefcase, which is ideal for traveling and handling on the move. This can also build a sense of responsibility and build self-confidence as their skills develop. This is goof for getting them thinking DIY and wanting to make their own birthday cards, Christmas cards, which is great.




Melissa & Doug Stamp Pad

Melissa & DOug stamp box set

The Stamp-A-Scene is a fairy garden packed set with creative wooden stamps, pencils and is fun for a little princess to create her dreams in an artsy way.

There are 20 Wooden Stamps to have some contrast, 2 color stamp pads for added flare, storage trays, fairy themes and 5 colored pencils for brightening them with some added color.

This is designed for 4 years old children and is an artistic way of encouraging skills like, hand-eye coordination, expressing through art and thinking in a creative way, which is all imagination and the key to life as a fairy princess.

This stamp pad can be used for creating cards, Christmas ones, Birthdays, scribbling, drawing and all while enhancing motor skills, pattern recognition, and color too. Discovering by learning creative free play is when the child’s imagination is at it’s best and lays the foundation for them to become a famous artist. It all begins here.



 Kids Drawing Board 

2 Kids Easel Drawing Board

The Easel BATTOP is a great double sided board with adjustable height and would make an ideal gift for the aspiring artist or creative child.

The drawing aspect is perfect for learning with and there is something unique about standing kids like. The board comes with a clip, which is magnetic, with all the alphabet letters and numbers needed to make the magic happen.

The material is from New Zealand and is sustainable, the wood is safe to handle and won’t cause splinters like other cheaper types. The handling and adjusting size is very easy to do and with a simple move up or down this can be made to adjust to suit the child’s height or growth. This also come with a dust box, ruler, eraser, marker pens, chalkboard, clips for clipping and all the accessories needed to get started.

I like the fact that depending on the size of the art piece intended to create this can clip different sized paper, which is practical and easy to use over the long-term. The learning aspect is perfect for the little girl’s development and with a multitude of ideas to use this with it really is a thoughtful gift for a 4-year-old girl.



Minnie Mouse Watch 

 Minnie Mouse Stainless Steel Watch

A child gets to a stage when a watch is a present that reflects how grown up they are becoming, which is why this is a perfect gift for a 4-year-old girl. This is a Disney classic and every girl appreciates a Minnie themed gift.

This is a stainless steel watch and has Minnie the character around the dial helping her learn the time. This comes with a parent punch out the clock for teaching how to read and learn how to read the time properly.

This is made by Japanese superior craftsmanship and Quartz is famous for creating the best in the industry in terms of quality, durability and excellent watches, which is scratch resistant, comes with a leather strap and able to handle depths well beyond what a child would be expected to go (99 feet water resistant).

This is aimed at children aged 3 years old + and would fit the wrist of most girls aged 4+ and most manufacturers offer a 1-year warranty, but check to make sure before buying.



Super Jumbo Playing Cards

2 kids playing with Super Jumbo Playing Cards

These are humungous playing cards and are a fun gift idea that will get the whole family having a go at playing card games.

They are 12 inches height, 8.8 in width and have a full deck of 52 cards inside, not forgetting the jokers too. The paper used to make these are heavy-duty and made to last with children using them. Both sides of the cards are laminated and make them easily washed if they get sticky or dirty.

I think this is a great way to get the children playing together and off their iPads for a while and learning to play together. There are loads of card games online and simply type “kids car games” and you will find heaps of easy to play options. Then there is building towers/castles as seen in the photo, which can stand 5 feet tall with these giant cards stacked ontop of each other.



Huge Rainbow Kite For Kids 

girl Rainbow Kite

The kite has always been a favorite of mine and children love playing with them outdoors. There is something beautiful and fun about watching a kite glide and soar through the air with the wind keeping it high in the sky.

This is an activity that bonds families together, both mothers, and fathers with their children and is a thoughtful gift that can be used on day trips to the beach, parks and the great outdoors.

This activity will build a multitude of core skills that 4 years old girls need to learn to develop in a healthy way. There are hand-eye coordination, critical thinking and the ability to overcome the feeling of doubt that many youngsters struggle with. The assemblage is very easy and it doesn’t take long and with manufacturing non-toxic materials you can feel rest assured that nothing can go wrong.

The rainbow color is stunning and watching this fly in the sky is mesmerizing and a joy to look at. I think this is a unique gift and a memorable choice for them to always remember looking back, especially with colors like the rainbow it will stand the test of time. This Magic Kit Comes everything needed to get it in the air, just needs some wind and the fun and games begin.



 Pretend Play Makeup Kit

Cutegirl Cosmetics pink Pretend Play Makeup kit

This cute cosmetic girl set makes for a nice gift idea and for those princesses wanting to look their best this is the ideal parents choice for mothers wanting to bond with their daughters.

The bag comes full of accessories and makeup essentials, from nail polish, blush, glitter, brushes, eyeshadow and loads more.

This is made by a Californian company is made with care and the design, materials, and accessories are safe to use and free from health risks, which is why this has been CPSIA certified and approved.  This is safe for children aged 3 years old and with ECO-friendly materials and safe products, this gets a thumbs up from us.

The polka-dot bag is a stunning in pink and stores all the accessories in an easy to use fashion, so as they travel they can look their best. Girls get hours of play with pretending to be all-grown-up, just like mom.


Rainbolights Night Light

When a girl reaches four years old, it’s expected that she’ll be sleeping in her own bed all night. But we all know that that isn’t always the case.

This sweet little night light will help encourage her to stay in her own bed with a cute little teddy bear or a princes’ castle that glows to whichever color you desire. She can control it via a small remote control, giving her power over the brightness as well as the color.

You can power this toy via three options, batteries, a USB or a power cord, so taking it camping with you isn’t an issue. You could even have it in your car (providing you have a power socket).



Stuffed Elephant Doll

Stuffed Elephant DollAny little girl would love this elephant doll. She’s the picture of elegance, wearing a stripy white skirt with a pink blouse, you’ll want to keep her as clean as possible, so it’s a good job she’s machine washable.

Quality comes as standard with this doll and every seam is double stitched to ensure the 100% cotton filling doesn’t leak out.

Small enough (13.8 inches) for your child to snuggle up next too to provide her with comfort whenever she needs it. Part of a set, you could easily collect more if your child really took to it.



Enchanted Fairy Garden Kit

Enchanted Fairy Garden Kit

All four year old girls want to be a fairy, and so being able to make a garden to attract them is obviously high on their list too, hence this makes a great gift.

The girl gift set has everything you could ever need or want from a fairy kit, Beans, seeds, butterflies and more, the possibilities of this are as endless as fairies are timeless.

Teaching your child responsibility is always good, especially before they get to pre-school. Starting off small is a great method, and looking after plants takes some hard work. They’ll have to remember to water them daily. This will shape them into a well-rounded child.



Foam Pogo Jumper

Foam Pogo Jumper

Now your little girl has mastered walking and running, the next logical step for them is to start bouncing.

This girls gift is designed for children over 3, can take up to 250 pounds of weight before it begins to break, meaning that your child can happily bounce all day long. The fact that it is made from foam means that you can bounce anywhere you like without fear of marking anywhere, inside or outside it makes a great present.

Standing at just over 19 inches, this stick is great for smaller children that want some fun exercise and a new way of getting around.




Rub a Dub Princesses in the Tub

 Rub a Dub Princesses in the Tub

Bath time for four year olds can be something that they loathe, but now with this gift, they can fall in love with getting clean.

This unique gift set lets them explore their imagination and allows them to create a whole kingdom in the water. The set includes 51 pieces and three water squirters in the shape of a frog, a princess, and a queen.

Designed for three-year-olds and over. This set will help to develop hand-eye coordination and comes with a mesh bag that will allow the pieces to dry out after bath time is over.




Plastic Building Discs Brain Flakes

Plastic Building Discs Brain FlakesA set from STERN, this gift will enhance your child’s intelligence, creativity, and fine motor skills as they piece these brain disks together to make almost anything they can imagine.

The grooves in each disk allow for freedom of shapes to be made with a sturdy structure. Pretty much any shape is possible and with 360 pieces (Random colors) anything is possible.

The disks are 6 inches in diameter each and a handy storage bag is included, meaning that you’ll never misplace any pieces again.




Amelia Bedelia Chapter Book Box Set

Amelia Bedelia Chapter Book Box Set

A great gift set for those little ones just starting to learn how to read. Written by Heman Parish and illustrated by Lynne Arvil, these best-selling stories will keep you little girl engaged for days.

The short, snappy and fast-paced chapters are easy to navigate through as you follow the life of Amelia Bedelia. The set contains the first four books of the saga so it will leave your child wanting so much more.

This limited edition comes in a box meaning that you can keep the book in top shape the whole time you have them.




Wishland Beads

Wishland BeadsThis little gift set will be perfect for any four year old girl that wants to make their own jewelry. Designed for 4 year olds and up in mind, it’s a great way to let your child explore their creativity.

No thread is needed with these beads as they just ‘snap’ together. The 85 assorted pieces come in all different shapes, sizes and colors, allowing an unlimited amount of designs, whether its bracelets or necklaces.

Made from BPA-free plastic, they’re super sturdy and extremely safe for children.




Purple Butterfly Mural Wall Stickers

 Purple Butterfly Removable Mural Wall Stickers Your little girl is turning four and she’s aware of her surroundings now more than ever. Perhaps she wants her room decorated because she feels like she’s outgrown her current one.

You don’t have to go all out a spend money on expensive paint when you have these wall stickers. Waterproof, durable and long lasting (3-6 years), these butterflies will make a statement anywhere.

In each pack are four different butterflies and a total of 12 per set. Easy to attach and easy to remove without leaving a mark on the wall.




My First RC Baja Buggy

My First RC Baja Buggy

Your four year old girl will absolutely love this unique gift and will be driving it around for days and days.

Winning the Oppenheim Platinum Best Toy Award for being the most engaging and innovative toy gift of 2016. The steering wheel is designed for small hands with a simple control design, push one button to make it go and another to make it spin.

The car itself is made from a soft material so it won’t damage any furniture you might have in your house. The wheels, even though are black, are made to not mar any surface they drive over, such as hardwood.




Deluxe Doctor Playset

Girls love to play pretend, and now your daughter has hit four years old, maybe it’s time to upgrade her costume wardrobe a little bit.

Included in the handy storage/carry case are Mirror, reflex hammer, thermometer and much more. A number of the gadgets inside also light up with the help of some batteries (which are included)

Helping to maintain and develop a good sense of imagination, this gift playset also helps to promote creativity and logic perception.




Cute Stealing Coin Little Panda Money Bank

Cute Stealing Coin Little Panda Money Bank

Four years old is a big age for a lot of children as it’s the age they get their first allowance. Sure they could spend it on sweets like other children, but wouldn’t you rather they learn the value of saving for something bigger.

What better and more fun way to do that than to have a cute little panda come to steal the money from right in front of your eyes. All you have to do is put your coin on the pandas bamboo plate, and he’ll peak his little head out and take it.

The panda requires 2 aa batteries which aren’t included with the rest of the box.


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