Gift Ideas forĀ Girls

There’s advice and guides for buying gifts for girls of all ages from age 1 and upwards. Girls grow up fast and the needs of a 10 year old girl are very different from that of an 8 year old girl. With that in mind we’ve researched and compiled the very best gift ideas for girls of all ages to help you make the best buying decision.

41 Best Gifts for 9 Year Old Girls 2018

sleepover party game

Choosing a gift for a 9 year old girl will be easy with this huge guide full of toys, beauty products and craft kits.

21 Best Gifts for 5 Year Old Girls 2018

Choosing a gift for a 5 year old girl can be difficult. Here you will find an amazing selection of 21 different gift ideas - there's sure to be something here to appeal to your little girl!

Best Gifts for a Good Cause

There's never been a better time to buy gifts that give back to charity for your family and loved ones, and in this review we give you our suggestions for the top charity gifts available right now.

Ultimate Guide: Christmas Gifts for Girls

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Christmas is a time of giving and children are hard to find gifts for, especially little girls who already have a lot of toys. This in-depth review has a lot of choices and with age ranges to make it easy to find the ideal gift for your child's age.

21 Best Gifts for Ten Year Old Girls

The Sleepover Party Game

Little girls are daddy's princesses and every father wants to find the perfect gift for her little girl. With 21 gift ideas of what to get their daughter this review has something to make their day special. There are loads of choices and some range in price and features, but what they all have is special.

21 Gift Ideas for 3 Year Old Girls

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Every little girl turning 3 wants a gift she can remember and with so many out there it can be confusing. Here at BuzzParent we know what that is like and is why we have created a huge list of 21 best gift ideas for girls, so choosing a present has never been easier.

21 Gift Ideas for 4 Year Old Girls

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When the little one is turning 4 years old there is a need to find a gift she will love. This is the age they remember everything and why it might be time to find the perfect gift for her to remember always, which is why with 21 gifts in total in this review you won't go without finding the ideal gift.

21 Gift Ideas for 2 Year Old Girls

Vtech toddler Word Book

Every little princess turning 2 years should get the gift of her dream not matter how big or small and with the right present she will be the happiest little girl on the day. We have put 21 gift ideas together to make finding that perfect one easy, so no matter the occasion you will find the perfect gift at a great price.

21 Gift Ideas for 1 Year Old Girls 2018

Manhattan Toy Winkel Rattle and Sensory Teether Activity Toy

Every year is special and a 1st birthday more than most, which is why finding the perfect gift for our little princess is so important. This is why we have put together a huge list of gift ideas that will not go unmissed at any occasion, so whether a gift from a grandparent or one from a mother to her daughter, there is something special for each child in this review.

17 Unique Gift Ideas for Kids 2018

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These are some of the best unique gift ideas for girls and boys. Parents can easily find one that suits their child's wants with 17 to compare and review. Each one is perfect for Christmas, birthdays and special occasions, so whatever day it is, it'll be one to remember with a gift that stands out in comparison.