Best Birthday Gifts for Boys 2018

There is always a time and place to be thoughtful, never more so, than at the boys up-and-coming birthday. He always gets excited weeks before the birthday day and the pressure for you as a thoughtful parent to make it special is increasing. Being a parent myself I understand what it is like and here a Buzzparent we aim to make sure you don’t leave without some inspirational boy birthday ideas and gifts.


LED Bike Wheel Lights

LED Bike Wheel Lights around a front bike wheel

This a nice gift and with the bright LED multi-colored lights around the bike wheel, it’s a nice idea for the kid with a bike already.

This is easy to use and very safe for any age of the child. The visibility, when used at night, is a good way to keep road users aware of the boy riding. Simple things like this save lives.

This is easy to install and is not one of these gifts that children find not worth doing because the time taken isn’t worth it. There are tools supplied with the box and when opened there will be no sudden disappointments. This even comes with batteries and is a pleasant surprise comparing to some other similar LED wheel lights.

These kids glowing wheel lights are the best birthday gift for 6 year old boy and older.



Boy gift Craft Catapult

Boy gift Craft Catapult Wars Build and Battle Kit with 2 Catapults on the box

This is a fun gift idea game for younger boys and is great, especially for the crafty-boys that like to have some fun catapulting things.

This is really versatile and can be used for kids both indoors and out, it’s also really safe and fun for the party.

All the parts are included and nothing is needed for setting it up outside what is in the boycraft box.

The game is a mix of competitive and playful wars. The aim of the game is to catapult your way to victory.

These kids catapult toys are the best birthday gift for 8 year old boy and older.



Science Catapult Toy 

Catapult Toy with a man aiming to fireThis is a fun gift idea and similar to the above but is for the older boy as well as the young.

The physics and mechanics involved with this toy can make the game last for ages, especially when there is mastery in performing the perfect catapult.

No batteries included and with a little suction needed for the base, this can be ready for action.

This kids science catapult toy is considered one of the best birthday gift for 5 year old boy and older.




Superhero Costumes

4 types of boys Superhero Costumes

This is a gift superhero boy costume and there is always time at the birthday party to dress up as a hero and every little boy will appreciate being a superhero. These capes feature glow in the dark logos and appear super in the dark.

This is a good gift for those kids wanting to stand out and have the spotlight on them.

This is a safe, inexpensive option and with 4 capes included they can get all their friends at the party to join in on the fun.

The capes themselves have matching masks and with iron man, batman, superman, and spiderman they have loads of options to be their favorite superhero.

Kids dress up superhero costumes are a cool gift and considered one of the best birthday gift for 4 year old boy and older.



Building Block Dump Truck and Airplane 

Building Block Dump Truck and Airplane

This is a creative gift idea and boys of all ages enjoy playing with building blocks, especially when trucks and airplanes are what they become.

These are safe to use but kids under 6 years should not be playing with them, but apart from this, they are another great birthday present.

The mechanical educational aspect is for those wanting to get a gift for a boy with a little extra, something to improve their intellect.

There is a total of 361 pieces and come with a manual to use for ease of use. There are loads of features for those wanting to get technical and geeky, but basically it’s made from plastic, weighs 18kg and is kid-friendly. Click for more info…

Kids truck toys are great gifts, especially ones that can transform easily one of the best birthday gift for 6 year old boys +.


 Plane Building Set with Laser Pegs

 box set with Plane Building Set with Laser Pegs

This is boys building set that can light up the room and is easily constructed for those kids wanting a wanting a small challenge. This, however, is easier and for those 5 years and over this is ideal.

The kit is fully compatible with other major sets and will be a nice gift for those already into similar games and activities.

The gift box set includes power base, 2 laser highlighted pegs and tinted bricks. This does not require batteries and is ready from the offset.

Manufacturer recommended age for this toy is for 5 years old to 8 years old children.


RC Drone Helicopter Ball with LED Lights

RC Drone Helicopter Ball with LED Lights

This flying flashing RC drone is an ideal gift for boys of all ages and with colorful lights, this is a stunning way to brighten the kid’s birthday party.

The ball is bright with LED lights that sparkle with each moment the helicopter is in the air.

The rc drone is easy to use and by simply place your hand on the ball for takeoff and land you can maintain with ease.

The controls are easy to operate and most kids can use and handle this with a recommended age of 8 years and older.


Outdoor binoculars exploring set 

Outdoor binoculars exploring set

This is an outdoor gift set for boys who like to explore and be imaginative with their time.

This comes with a compass, flash-light, carrier bag and a magnifying glass, so they are ready for exploration.

This is for all ages and can be used in a wide verity of circumstances from exploration to bird watching.

This binocular kids toy set is recommended birthday gift for 3 years old and over, but with adults close by keeping an attentive eye this can be used in relative safety.

Walkie Talkies for Kids

2 blue Walkie Talkies for Kids with the logo little pretenders

These blue walkie talkies are fantastic gifts for children of all ages and boys love playing games with them both indoors and outside.

These are ideal toys for playing with and kids like to create imaginative activities with them.

These are also practical for outdoor pursuits and adults and children can use, especially with such a long-range. They can reach up to 2 miles with over 3 channels and if the terrain is flat expect a fantastic signal a frequency.

The size is small and can be used for all ages, but it is recommended for children of 5 years and over. These are light weight, easy to use and with a flash light they can even perform party tricks if needed..:)



BUBBLE Bath Bombs with Toy Surprise Inside

BUBBLE Bath Bombs with Toy

These are bath bombs and are refreshing gifts that make the bath time fun. These are colorful birthday gifts and they come with a nice box set that is home-made.

The fun surprise comes when they use the bath bomb and then find a toy inside to play with.

The quality is superior to most similar bubble bath types and is made in the USA by moms in Minnesota.

These are very safe, easy to use and can be applied to any bath for kids with none sensitive skin types.

There is different smells and each has a unique and scented smell. They each weigh 4.5 ounces and the dimensions are roughly the same as a tennis ball.

This is an awesome birthday gift for a 5 year old boy who loves spending time in the bath.

Red American flag with a rough and tattered look

red american flag with a rough and tattered look

This flag can be an ideal gift for children with a unique and interesting design.

The material is polyester and is imported with hand-sewn edges. The crisp image is one the boys could have in their room hanging. There are a few timeless tapestries and the American flag is one of them.

This can be washed by machine but hand-dry or hung is ideal for maintaining the overall quality. The silk look is sleek and stunning and makes for a provocative gift.

The are many patriots out there and they start young, which is why this might be the best birthday gifts for 3 year old boys who are all American through and through!


kids Sports Bag Playset 

kids Sports Bag Playset with soft balls

This colorful soft play set sports bag is another birthday gift for the younger boy.

There is 5 pieces of kit in total: baseball, football, American football and sports bag, which all make a squeaking sound for amusement.

This is a relatively small bag and is 20 cm in length and 8 in height.

This 1 year old boy toy birthday gift is ideal for a 1st birthday party present and will make playing with fun to learn all about sports and fitness through soft plush toys.


Stencil arts and craft set 

Stencil arts and craft set

A creative birthday gift set for kids that can create and develop learning skills and creative tendencies.

There are loads of stencils and pencils for drawing, which is ideal when young boys like to be creative.

This a fairly cheap and affordable travel activity and can be a crafty way to encourage you or a parents boy.


Considerations when buying different types of gifts for boys

There are some factors to consider when choosing a boy’s birthday gift and deciding on age, price, family beliefs, make diy style and coupon or experience are the main components. The main consideration is that you should know your boy and be aware of what your child wants. Listening and find out what the person wants is the best and sometimes asking is golden. Avoid giving someone or person a gift that they already own is worth trying, sometimes a quick text is enough to find an answer from another mom.

If you want to have a couple of gift ideas either as a present for your own child or another parents boy then read on for inspiration.


This might seem obvious, but making sure you choose a toy gift for boys that is age appropriate for your birthday boy is simple but sometimes overlooked. A child’s gift is different from an adult man’s one and by making sure you get a gift that suit’s your kid’s ability and interests is crucial. Know the age of the gift-receiver is one of the most important considerations, so make sure to find out. By thinking of these factors will help filter all the unnecessary temptations, that can come easily when looking through all the awesome gift ideas. Finding a birthday gift for 4 year boy is different from a 6 years old boy who is ready to play with a age appropriate toy for his stage of development. Some parents pick gifts sometimes without reading the manufacturing guidelines and end up gifting a birthday gift for 7 year boy when really the birthday gift for 12 years boys was clearly stated on the packaging.



There are loads of cool birthday gifts for boys that don’t break the bank balance. setting a budget before looking is always a good idea when doing shopping in store or online and we all fall victim to impulsive shopping. There have been many times I went to the mall to get only one item and came back with a load that filled the car. This is an expensive way to shop and most of the time it is unnecessary, especially if only one birthday gift is what you’re looking for.

Give them a gift card is another great idea for children who want specific brands, makes and models. This is usually for older teen kids and young boys who think they’re grown men.

There are loads of good deals online and shopping is being cut in price due to easy amazon next-day delivery options, which are fantastic ways to shop. I like shopping online because there are fewer distractions and I find it easier to make a good purchase.



There are many different families with different values and although most are in-line with American norms, its best to find out if one parent or another is sensitive to certain gift types. I know several moms who are not happy to give their boy child a gun, which might sound strange, especially with the right to bare arms. Make sure to birthday gifts for boys is also an appropriate toy.


Make a gift

There are many bday gifts for boys with many different ways to show appreciation when choosing a gift. A thought gift is when considering a present for a boy for what they like and not what you like as a parent. Sometimes offering a home-made present or diy gift is one of the best and thoughtful ideas that can be appreciated. This does depend on age and mindset of the child and some boys that are particular young will not value the sentiment that went into making the gift.

There are ways to make a both the main present and the card that accompanies the gift. As a parent, I often feel that a card is for the other mom or dad while the gift is for the child. There are loads of online websites that offer unique and personalized cards and when a simple click and upload is required to process, it’s ideal for some.

Getting a gift for another parent’s child is sometimes difficult when making a diy gift, but one that continues to be appreciated is the card. However, if your making for your own boy then you will have a large collection of photos and memories that can be brought together into one gift piece. The scrapbook with memories, photos, clippings, favorite quotes, A to Z style of memories can be very endearing and lovely.


Coupon and experience gift

Sometimes boys birthday gifts can be expedience gits which could be the boy’s favorite place to eat out, movie-show, concert, football team game and event that makes the birthday experience unique.

This is usually more expensive and can be pricey, especially if this means the whole family has to go out for dinner. Shows and concerts are expensive and although this is a good idea not always feasible.


Online shopping

This is the best way to shop these days with easy to use websites that offer great maneuverability for the shopper. This always helps with finding the bargains and with comparing prices.

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