39 Best Gifts for 11 Year Old Boys

As we’re sure all parents of teenagers know, 11 year old boys can be a bit of a challenge when it comes to finding the right gift. On the one hand, they are so close to being teenagers, and they often want to be considered and treated as adults.  On the other, as they are still in elementary school, they are definitely much closer to children than teens, and can still lack in maturity. On top of that, their world of memes, Youtubers and Minecraft make it very difficult for parents to know what is cool these days.  In fact, we think that buying gifts for boys of all ages has never been more difficult.

If you’ve got a relative or child’s birthday or other occasion coming up, we’re here to help you out with our massive list of 39 of the best gifts for eleven year old boys.  We’ve got all sorts of cool ideas to cover boys of all kinds and different personalities, including electronics, sports equipment, board games and more.


Considerations when choosing a present for 11 year old boy

Boys aged 11 are not youths and can be a hard age group to buy gifts for.  They are so close to being teenagers, but they are still not quite there yet, and even the difference in maturity between an 11 and a 12 years old can be quite a lot.   On the other hand, their intelligence and concentration is much higher than younger children, and they really need engaging toys and games in order to hold their attention.  Still, 11 years old boys often show quite childish behavior and can get very frustrated if things are too difficult.  So if we can find something engaging but not too difficult, and something that ties into his interests, we’re on the right track.

The cool thing about buying for this age group is that they can often handle more of a challenge than when they were a few years younger, so they can handle more complicated toys, such as electronics kits or robot building kits can also be wonderful for boys who like technology and constructing things

Gift for Boys and girls of this age can be obvious if they are big on a sport or hobby, so if you know what they’re into you can get a gift to go along with that, for example. a soccer kit or a skateboard.

We also often see in boys of this age that creativity and artistic talent really blossoms, so if you have a child who likes art,  a cool camera or a set of paints and brushes may be the right gift for them

The Review 

Electric Razor GoKart

Are you looking for a present for an 11 year old thrill seeker who loves racing? If so, this awesome Electric GoKart will be the envy of all his friends.

From fun zones to pro tracks, this cool racer is slick, well balanced and easy to use, and your lad will be pulling crazy drifts and 180 spins before you know it.  With speeds of up to 12 miles per hour, it is fast enough to feel great but not too fast to be dangerous.  And as the go kart is made by the excellent people at Razor, you can be sure that this has been built to the highest standard and subject to rigorous safety testing.

We also really love that this cart is electric, so no need for fuel or any of the problems it brings.  Also, your son will get a whopping 40 minutes of run time out of a single full battery charge. This is an amazing gift for an eleven year old boy who loves racing and gokarts.  Make sure he wears pads and a helmet though.


  • Electric-powered “drifter” kart based on original Ground Force design
  • Variable-speed, chain-driven motor runs at up to 12 miles per hour
  • Race-tuned chassis and super-slick rear wheels for serious neighborhood drifting
  • Thumb-trigger acceleration control and hand-operated rear brake
  • Runs for 40 minutes per charge; supports drivers up to 140 pound



Pool Table for Kids

Perfect for rainy days and cold winter evenings, this small pool table will give hours and hours of joy and fun games to your son.  Also long as you’ve got a flat surface to put it on, this comes with everything you need, including balls and cue, right out the box, and your boy will be having his friends over to play with him in no time.

We really love mini pool tables for a boy as the game is really easy to pick up, but hard to master.  Its also fun for casual games and more intense matches, and even playing on your own can be fun.  Finally, its a very social game, so it will be a wonderful gift for a sociable boy.  Just be warned; it might make him the most popular kid in his class.



Basketball Hoops

There’s nothing quite like shooting some hoops, but it’s not always possible for kids to get outside to the basketball court.  So if your son loves the game, why not think about getting him a cool indoor set of hoops?

This will be a great gift for kids who are seriously into basketball and want to practice indoors too or just someone who wants to casually shoot some hoops from time to time.

This awesome set also comes with 4 balls, a pump, and an LED Scoreboard, so it’ll be great for having some competitions between siblings or friends.



Franklin Hockey Goal Set

Looking for something for a hockey fan?  This mini hockey net will be an amazing gift for a soon to be 11 boy who loves the Red Wings or the NY Rangers.

These Fully collapsible 28”w x 20”h x 20”d  Goals come fully assembled and can be set up in a matter of seconds, and it is fine for both indoor and outdoor use.  Everything also folds down into its convenient carry bag for easy transport or storage.

While there are a lot of Hockey goals out there, we recommend this set as it comes with 2 goals and 6 sticks in the box, so your son can play with his siblings or his friends without having to buy more.



Nerf Gun

There’s something just ridiculously fun about shooting other kids with soft bullets, so every little boy should have a good Nerf gun at some point in their lives. This nerf mega blaster comes with 6 safe foam darts, and it can fire them up to 90 feet away.  So whether your son just wants to get some target practice or take on his friends, he’ll do so in style with this.  Also, as it’s from Nerf, you can be sure that it has been properly safety tested.

Nerf guns really are just great fun, and thankfully the foam bullets mean that they’re pretty much harmless. Make sure your boys are ready for the next Nerf war with this amazing toy gun.



Nerf Bow

This amazing bow and soft arrows might be the only thing cooler than a Nerf gun. With the Nerf mega thunder bow, your kids will have all kinds of fun and shenanigans, from having huge Nerf warms with his friends, to hitting targets and perhaps even using it to prank his siblings.  At least the foam arrows won’t hurt anyone, right?

This Nerf bow and arrow work just the same as a real bow, and it makes a cool alternative to a proper archery set which might be too dangerous for little boy. It also lets them load up 5 arrows at once and fire them in succession, just like Legolas in the Lord of the Rings films.



WowWee Chip Robot Dog

This chip dog sensation has been taking the internet by storm, and parents and children all over the world have been falling in love with the Wowwee Robot.  This little rascal reacts to your child is treating him by barking, giving puppy kisses or even sneezing!  He can even make him dance, sing or chase his tail.

Best of all, the Wowwee robot puppy has some serious robotics under that cute exterior.   Advanced sensors mean you can set him on guard duty or have him explore the room on his own, giving endless hours of fun for 11 year olds and above. Amazingly, how your children responds to chip will shape his behavior, so no two chip robots will ever be the same. Chip the dog comes with a remote control and is available in a variety of different colors.




Jimu Robot Building Kit

Does your son love technology?  Is he up for a bit of a challenge?With this amazing kit, your little mad scientist can build his own DIY robot with 4 smooth motion robotic servos, 1 infrared sensor, 1 LED and 357 snap-together parts. But it doesn’t just stop with building.  By downloading the official app, your son can then code intrusions for the robot and learn to control it. This app even lets your son share his designs with other Jimu users, so he’ll never grow tired of this cool kit.

This is an amazing STEM gift an will provide hours and hours of educational fun as your child learns to build lots of different robots and code instructions for them,  Just make sure that you have an Android or iOS device that can run the JIMU app.



Dinosaur Model

If you want to get your son something educational that will test his skills, this dinosaur model will definitely keep him occupied. It has 51 bone pieces that snap together to form a true-to-scale, 36-inch-long accurate T Rex skeleton.  Not only will he have a blast putting the model together, but afterward it will be a very cool decoration for his bedroom.

This will be an excellent gift for an 11 year olds who are interested in history and like putting puzzles together.



Uno Card Game

Sometimes the classics really are the best!  Uno has been keeping kids and adults entertained for decades, so if your boy doesn’t have a set, his next birthday or Christmas might be the perfect opportunity to get him one.

For those who don’t know, Uno is a relatively simple but very addictive card game that’s easy to pick up and lots of laughs for the whole family.  It’s also the USA’s number one card game, and it can be a great way to get digital children who spend all their time on screens and apps to socialize and communicate more.



Othello Board Game

They say it takes a minute to learn how to play it, but a life time to master.  Othello is a classic board game for two players that really hits that sweet spot between being fun and simple to get started with but also being very challenging and having a lot of strategy once you get good at it.  It is kind of similar to checkers and chess, in a way.

This cool little kit is compact and portable, meaning your kid can take it anywhere with them.  It’s great for entertaining kids on long car journeys.  This will make an amazing gift for 11 years old boys who like puzzles, problems solving and board games.



Gravity Maze Marble Run

Marble runs are classic kids toys, and this cool set will see you boy making up to 60 challenging from beginner to expert that become increasingly difficult as they play through all the designs in the instructions.  They’ll really have to put all their engineering and science skills to the test in order to get to the end.

This awesome marble run is a great educational toy, giving your kids a little bit of a science lesson without them even realizing it.  This set has also won several awards, including the prestigious Toy of the Year Award in the Specialty Category, from the Toy Industry Association, Parents Choice Gold Award, and more.

ThinkFun Gravity Maze Marble Run Logic Game



Stomp Rocket

We often complain that young boys spend too much time in front of the TV or computer screen, so lets get them something that will see them playing outside again!  Stomp rockets are great for that, as they are very exciting to use and 100% kid powered!

This set has been specially designed for older kids, and its rockets can fly almost 400 feet into the air.  That’s almost longer than a football field! So your 11 year old lad is bound to have a really good time shooting these rockets up into the sky.  Just make sure that he uses it responsibly.  This box includes a stomp launcher and 6 rockets with flame stickers to apply.



Rubik’s Cube

The old classic of 70s nostalgia that never goes out of style.  The famous Rubik’s cube is a wonderful present for an eleven year old boy who loves puzzles and problem solving. Twist, turn, rotate and try every different combination you can until you’ve made sure that each side of the cube is only showing one color of squares.

This will keep him occupied for hours and hours and he struggles to find the secret to solving its mystery.  Just make sure he doesn’t cheat and look it up online.



Youth Baseball Glove

Is your 11 year old boy a huge Baseball fan?  IS his old glove looking a bit worn and tattered?  Then it might be time for him to get an upgrade.

This high quality kids baseball glove has PowerClose construction which makes catching easy and a power lock closure for maximum fit and performance, so your son can always catch properly and safely.

If you’ve got a Red Sox or Yankees fan in the house, look into getting him one of these.



Art Set

11 years old if often the age when many kids artistic talents really flourish, and if you have a boy who loves painting or drawing, why not help him to really develop his talents further his this amazing 142 piece art set?

In this stylish wooden case, he will find pencils, crayons pastels and watercolor paints that will help him unlock his inner art master.  Best of all, everything comes organized in the case so you don’t need to worry about mess or storage.  Everything he needs is here, including 60 Crayons, 24 Oil Pastels, 24 Watercolors, 24 Color Pencils, 3 Mixing Palettes, 2 Sketch Pencils, 2 Paint Brushes, pencil sharpener and eraser.  Who knows, he may end up being the next Picasso or Monet…



Percy Jackson Boxed Set

It seems that Harry Potter is not the only child adventurer that has been capturing the hearts of children all over the world!  This boxed set includes all the 5 best selling Percy Jackson books, which follows a young hero on a series of thrilling adventures of the Greek Gods of Olympus.

These are perfect novels for young boys as they are full of excitement, adventure and magic, and we’re sure that once your 11 year old picks the first one up, it’ll be hard for him to put them down until he’s read all five.  If you’ve got a young boy we loves reading or perhaps a young boy who should read more, this Percy Jackson boxed set might be just right for him.

Image result for percy jackson boxed set



Silly Joke Book

Another classic gift that always seems to go down well, sometimes kids just want to have fun, so if you’ve got an eleven year old lad who loves humor, pranks and making people laugh, he will love this awesome joke book.

Best of all, this book has cartoons that act as visual aids to every joke, just in case someone doesn’t get it.  Just be warned though that these jokes are very, very silly, and the family might be falling around with laughter once your boy gets his hands on this.

Image result for silly jokes for silly kids



A Wrinkle In Time

Parents and teachers often complain that kids these days don’t read enough, but perhaps they just need access to more books and stories?  If you’ve got a young boy who is looking for a good read, A Wrinkle in Time ins a wonderful and exciting story that sees 3 teenagers getting sucked into a time traveling adventure whilst trying to find a lost father.

Written by award winning author Madeleine L’Engle, your kid will have a hard time putting this down once he really gets into it.

Image result for a wrinkle in time book



Watch Ya Mouth Game

What started off as an internet phenomenon has now become a best selling competitive card game that kids and adults love. Watch Your Mouth is simple enough, your team has to read out phrases and saying from the cards they draw, and the rest of the team has to guess what it is.  The problem is that everyone is wearing dental mouth guards that making talking really difficult, and the game becomes hilarious with all the mispronunciations and struggles the speak properly.

You’ll be pleased to know that the Watch Ya Mouth mouth guards have been made to fit the proper safety standards, and they can be put in the dishwasher or sterilized in boiling water the old fashioned way.

This is a fantastic party game that will really spice up a boys birthday party!




Despicable Me DVD Boxed Set

When a super villain who’s awful at his job and his army of super cute minions end up adopting three young girls, what could possibly go wrong?  The Despicable Me movies were all box office smashes, and are great fun for both adults and children with their combinations of wacky humor, sci-fi hi-jinks and moral lessons underneath.  Let your kids follow Gru and his little yellow friends in this awesome boxed set that not only has all 3 Despicable Me films as well as lots of extras including commentary and deleted scenes.

Illumination Presents: 3-Movie Collection (Despicable Me / Despicable Me 2 / Despicable Me 3) [Blu-ray]




Kids Known Skateboard

Many boys around 11 are big into cycling, skating and other extreme sports.  If you’re looking for a gift for a boy who loves the outdoors and is a bit of a thrill seeker, he might like a youth skateboard like this one.

Known makes great skateboards that are somewhere between beginner and professional levels, and this board has been specially designed with younger and less experienced riders in mind.  Best of all this cool beginner skateboard comes in a range of different colors, including blue, green and pink.


  • Canadian Maple Construction
  • 7.5-Inch x 31-Inch Deck
  • 52mm Urethane Krown Graphic Wheels
  • 5.0″ Aluminum Trucks
  • Black Grip tape




Light Up Frisbee

Great fun for beaches, parks and just about anywhere else, Frisbees have been keeping kids and adults fit and in the fresh air for generations now. If your boy likes to go to the park with his friends, or maybe he needs a bit of encouragement to start exercising more than this cool Frisbee might do the trick.

These Light Up Frisbees have LED lights that can be turned on, and we recommend them as your kids playing with them when the sun goes down and they’re a lot easier to find in the dark.



Pickleball Paddle Set 

Its good to get older boy something that they can play with inside and out, and if your looking for something for a sporty or competitive little guy, this set of classic pickleball paddles and balls can be lots of fun for him and his friends.  They can take them anywhere, and use them in the park or in the house.  This will also be great for tennis and table tennis fans.

As safety is always a parents number one concern, you’ll be happy to know that each paddle has a wrist strap and wrapped perforated cushion grips for comfort and performance, and is made of high-quality wood to give the balls a lot of bounce when hit.  The balls are lightweight and soft enough that they won’t damage walls and furniture.



Magic 8 Ball

Ah, the old classic magic 8 ball.  Why make any decisions when a toy can do it for you?  These classic gifts are really fun novelty gifts that will be just perfect for a boy. Ask the ball a question, turn it upside down and wait for the answer to come.  sometimes its positive (“It is certain”), sometimes negative (“Don’t count on it”) to neutral (“Ask again later”).

This magic 8 ball can also be a really fun thing for your son to use with his friends, and they often find really creative ways of including it in other games.




Fidget Spinners

We have to be honest with you here folks.  As both parents and simply as human beings, here at buzzparent we literally have no idea why these Fidget Spinners are so incredibly popular.  Is it a Youtube or a meme thing?  Maybe it is best that we don’t know…

Well, they appear to be harmless and children really love them so they can be great budget gifts for a boy.



Smart Circuits Kids Electronics Set

Little boys who are potential mad scientists and into technology will instantly fall in love with this challenging and complex kids electronics kit.  It comes with 6 base boards, battery module, variable resistor module, a microprocessor module, tricolor LED module, speaker module, photodiode module, tilt switch module 6-LED array module, 2 push button modules, 31 jumper wires, giving them almost limitless possibilities. They will learn about real electronic systems were such as modular systems and microprocessors, making this a great STEM gift.

The good thing is that you don’t need to be an expert on electronics to use this, as it comes with a  48-page lab book includes step-by-step instructions for building 50 sophisticated circuit builds that teach kids about electronics, light, and sound.  Once they’ve completed everything in the book, they can start making their own custom inventions!



Emoji Golf Balls

Looking to buy something for a little boy who likes golf?  These super cute emoji golf balls will make a great novelty gift, and he’ll definitely want to show all his friends down at the golf club.

Coming with 14 Deluxe Emoji golf balls, 10 golfing tees, and 1 divot tool, these are actually very good quality golfing accessories, despite the cute emoji styles, so they are quite practical as well as a little bit silly.



Drawing Tablet

Whether they want it for help with school work, drawing art projects or even just for something to doodle on, these Newyes robot pads are brilliant for kids and a great way to save on wasting paper.

With cool LED screens, great power saving and a clean slate at the touch of a button,  Also, you might be doing the environment a favor by using one, as a Newyes writing tablet can be erased over 100,000 times over the life of the tablet.  That’s a lot of trees that are being saved.   This will be a great gift for a boy who likes drawing and is eco conscious.



Handheld Game Console w/152 Games

Some little boys can be quite serious gamers, but they can’t take their consoles with them everywhere.  If you know a little gamer who travels a lot or maybe has a long ride to school every morning, they might really appreciate this super cute hand held video game system.

This 2.5 system is very portable and compact, easily sliding into a back pack or large pocket.  We also can’t belive that it has 152 games hidden in such a small little thing, including 8 bit classics like Donkey Kong, Mario and Tetris.  You can even plug it into a TV and display the game on the big screen too if you want.



Vtech Smart Watch for Kids

Back in my day, we were over the moon if our watches could just tell the right time and the alarms actually woke us up in time for school.  These days, it seems there’s no end to what a kids smart watch can do.

Photographs?  Video Camera? Customizable watch faces? Games?  This awesome Vtech Kidizoom Smartwatch does it all.

Best of all, this is splash and sweat proof, so most normal play with it on should be fine, although it shouldn’t be submerged or taken in the shower.



Electronic Playground Circuits Set

One of the best things about buying presents for older kids is that they are ready for some really cool stuff that might be too much for younger ones.  A good example of that would be this amazing and highly educational electronics kit.  The is the perfect STEM gift to complement their education with over 100 experiments that teach about electricity, physics and magnets.

By following the easy to understand instructions, your little mad scientist can take on projects as diverse as setting up AM broadcast stations, Electronic Organs, LED strobe lights, Timers, Logic Circuits and many many more, all the while learning a lot about electronics and circuits.  This will be an incredible gift for a boy who loves learning, is interested in technology and is up for a challenge.




KNex Building Set

It can sometimes be hard finding building sets for 11 year old kids, as at this age, the Lego just isn’t going to cut it anymore.  They need something more complex and more challenging.  So if you’re looking for a present for a boy of this age who loves constructing and building, this amazing set will be up to the task.

With this 850+ piece set, you kids only limit is their imaginations.  If they need a little help getting started though, there is an instructional booklet included, which shows builders how to create 100 unique models with its helpful illustrations.

This will be a wonderful gift for an eleven years old boy love loves building things and is interested in engineering.



Microscope For Kids

A wonderful gift for an 11 year old boy who loves chemistry and biology.  It has full optical glass elements, metal framework, two eyepieces (10X and 25X), 360 degree rotatable monocular head, and coarse & fine focusing, just like something you’d find in a real lab. The microscope offers five magnification settings, 40X, 100X, 250X, 400X, and 1000X.  It also comes with a 10-piece slide kit with five biological slides and 5 blank ones, which is perfect to get your little scientist started.  It can also be used with its included power adapter or batteries.

This is going to be a great educational toy for boys interested in science. Best of all, it comes with a book giving an introduction to microscopes and containing lots of experiments and activities.

Ultimate Guide: Cool Gadget Toys & Science Gifts for Kids



Kids Science Kit

Anyone who ever said that science is boring is someone who definitely never had a science kit when they were younger.  This cool little bag full of science is perfect for 11 year old boys, as it comes with around 70 experiments to keep them occupied for a long time.  Lots of them are quite witty, such as experiments investigating why diapers are so absorbent, as well as making goo and other weird stuff that boys will like.

Although it can be quite funny, this is not a novelty gift, and the experiments will teach your kid a lot about science, chemistry and different reactions in a refreshingly fun way.

Big Bag of Science Kit



Coco DVD

Its only just came out and people are already calling it the best animated film of the year! Coco is another wonderful movie from those incredibly talented people at Disney Pixar who just can’t stop putting out good films.

Following the adventures of Miguel and his tricky friend Hector, the movie sees them exploring their Mexican heritage and traditions on the world famous Dia de los Muerto, a Mexican festival similar in some ways to Halloween.  It is not only an entertaining and heartwarming story for kids and adults but its also a nice view into a culture we don’t often see very much of, so it has some good educational value too.



Weather Station Set

11 years old is an age where children’s global consciousness starts to rise, and they are ready to start learning about the environment and the need for clean renewable energy.  This awesome weather station kit will do just that, providing them with some cool experiments and a lot to think about.

This contains a full set of basic tools to observe and record weather conditions around the home.  They’ll learn how to recycle plastic bottles to maker terrariums and then use them to study the greenhouse effect on plants.

We really love this little science kit as it is different, interesting, and it will get our kids to think about the affect humans are having on the weather.  It is also small enough to fit on their desk, so storage won’t be a problem.



Risk – The Board Game

The classic board game of world domination is perfect for an boy aged 11.  Its not too complicated, but can be very competitive and there is a lot of room for strategy and trying to outsmart the other players.  This version of the Risk game guide lays out 4 different ways to play: Secret Mission, Classic, Risk for 2 Players, and Capital, so it’ll keep your little general and his friends happy for hours and hours.

In the game, each player takes command of an army, and the aim of the game is to strategically conquer the world.  Players then try to conquer each other’s territories by invading and engaging in battles. Depending on the roll of the dice, players will either defeat the enemy or be defeated. The player who eliminates all of their opponents and occupies every territory wins the game.

We all love a good game of Risk, and this is something that your boy can play with family or friends.  Just be warned, though.  Sometimes games can go on for hours and hours.


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