17 Gift Ideas for 5 Year Old Boys 2018

Kids grow up so fast. It only seemed like yesterday that they were crawling around making gurgling sounds. But skip forward five years and you have a little person who’s learning to be independent, can walk and talk and throw some major tantrums. However, the little guy is the best and now is the time to spoil him and get a special gift he will never forget.


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Five is also a huge year because this is the age they start kindergarten. Socializing with peers their own age is a huge part of their development and where they can potentially meet friends for life. I’m sure some of you reading this will still be in contact with some people that you met all those many years ago. I certainly know I am.

Development never really stops when it comes to children (and indeed adults). But what may be suitable for a one-year-old, will more often than not, be completely unsuitable for a five-year-old. Different needs, interests and sometimes, emerging talents and hobbies begin to make themselves apparent.

When considering birthday, Christmas or any gifts occasion it’s important that you take this into consideration. Social development, nurturing creativity, allowing children the freedom to explore and letting them know it’s okay to express themselves (through speech or the plethora of different ways people communicate) are all cornerstones in this tender stage of the child’s life. That’s enough of an introduction, let’s get down to the best toys for five-year-old boys.


17 Games & Toys for 5 year Old Boys

Kettler Pole Position Racer Pedal Car/Go Kart

 Kettler Pole Position Racer Pedal Car/Go KartIs your kid a budding race-car driver, if so then this will be an awesome gift for his special day. The pedal car is the obvious choice for all kids who love fast pedal cars. With an ever-increasing child obesity rate in this great country of our, this is a great way to combat this epidemic head-on.

The handbrake is a great safety feature that enables a safe and controlled stop, allowing your child to mount or dismount without fear of the kart rolling away.

The chain is fully enclosed to make sure no tassels or loose-hanging clothes get caught up in it. Your favorite feature about this kart though won’t be the blue powder coating or the sturdy metal frame, but the fact that you can shift between the drive mode and coasting mode. Meaning that when your child comes to a downhill stretch, they can just roll with the good times and then power their way back up.



Boy’s LEGO Set

LegoFirst on our gift list has to be the much known and loved, LEGO. I’m sure we all have fond childhood memories of playing with the crazy little blocks.

LEGO has changed a little these days, however, and the market has become saturated with so many ‘themed’ LEGO sets. These may look cool, and serve a purpose, but to really get the creativity to spark within your child, the good old fashion sets are still the best

Where imagination is the only limitation, LEGO can help your child explore their own mind by projecting it on to these little bricks of brightly colored plastic. LEGO also helps to develop motor neuron skills and are stimulating in a variety of different ways. In a time of tablets and youtube, LEGO still has a firm place in the collection of any child, and I don’t think it’s going anywhere anytime soon.




LeapFrog Word Whammer

LeapFrog Word WhammerYour little boy is going to be learning so much when he begins kindergarten and with a thoughtful leapfrog gift he will be off to a good start. From reading and writing to learning how to work in groups and independently. At this age, kids brains are like a sponge, and they absorb so much information all the time.

The learning doesn’t have to stop at kindergarten. Take full advantage of the fact that he’s five and his brain can soak information up with this LeapFrog Word Whammer.

Your little man will learn how to pronounce words, letter, understand what capital letters are and when to use them. Combine that with the bright colors, sounds and arms that you can spin, tap and twist, learning has never been so fun. There are even five levels to progress through, meaning that this educational toy has longevity too. A great headstart for any child.




Big Giant Coloring Poster

Big giant coloring posterThis big giant coloring poster can be something for all the family to get involved in, which is a unique gift to remember. Measuring a whopping 33.08 х 46.5 inches, there’s going to be enough coloring for mom, dad, brother and sister to color in all-together.

This scene depicts a city landscape towering over a zoo filled with animals of all kinds, whilst people walk about and enjoy what they see. A happy scene indeed.

We’ve all had the problems when our children forget that drawing on the walls isn’t allowed, and this fun creative outlet will enable them to channel that energy that isn’t going to mean repainting the wall. With hours of fun, this project is something that you can see develop over time into something memorable and keeps worthy.




Set of 3 RESCUE CostumesSet of 3 RESCUE Costumes

All I wanted to be as a child was a firefighter and these 3 gift sets are a reminder of that. I remember those bright red trucks racing past the window with their sirens blaring. Nothing captured my imagination more. Now I’m a little bit older, I have slightly different dreams, but I know that boys will always be fascinated by those bright lights, loud noises and the people within them

Firefighters aren’t the only thing that does this though. Police, the heroes of our streets and doctors, the people who look after us, are all very popular themes for dress up. This set comes with a complete set of three, including over 12 accessories in total, meaning that dress up has never been so encapsulating.




Dinosaur Escape Cooperative Game

Kingdom Dinosaur Escape Award Winning Cooperative GameThis award winning game from the Peaceable Kingdom gets players to work together as a team to help to escape dinosaurs flee the volcanic eruption that threatens their existence, which is a great gift and gets the children working together.

The game is designed for between 2 to 4 players, and with harmony in mind, you know that this will help grow relationships between the little ones.

Playing this game, children will learn to develop skills such as memory, cooperation, shared decision making and following instructions. All important to the development of a child. Plus, dinosaurs are just awesome!




The Original Glow in the Dark Stomp Rocket

stomp rocketWith the news always talking about exo-planets, missions to mars and other space related things, national interest has truly peaked when it comes to space exploration. No wonder your boy wants to fly a rocket, which is why this gift idea is high on the rankings for great gift idea’s.

Backtrack a little and it’s easy to see that there may be a few stepping stones before that dream is reached. This is a ‘stomp’ in the right direction.

For outdoor use only, this toy comes alive at night. With a glow in the dark body, you could easily confuse it as a shooting star as it soars up to 100ft in the air.

This bestselling set from Amazon comes with 3 rockets, so you don’t have to worry about flying too high and losing one in high winds.





Fisher-Price Thomas & Friends Batcave Adventure

Fisher-Price Thomas & Friends MINIS DC Super Friends Batcave Train PlaysetMy all time favorite toys as a child were the Thomas the Tank train sets. There’s something about the engineering of a steam train that really speaks to the romantic inside every child. Steam powered locomotives are, and will always be one of the coolest things in the world, except for maybe Batman, so why not treat your birthday boy to a cool gift that sets his imagination on fire.

Thomas the Tank Engine dons the suit of the caped crusader in this set that promotes imaginative play with motor skills. Hours are fun will easily be had with this toy. I don’t know what genius thought of combining the two together but you’ll be thanking them personally when your child is sat for hours playing with this amazing set.




GeoSafari Jr. My First Telescope

GeoSafari Jr. My First TelescopeHistory is full of civilizations that worshiped the stars in the heavens. All the great ancient eras of mankind have looked upwards towards the sky, wondering what lies above us. So it’s not surprising that your child is fascinated too and with a little encouragement and a gift for getting started the sky is the limit.

Help them to develop this curiosity with their very first telescope. Easy to assemble, it’s never been so effortless to get a closer look at the moon and our neighboring planets.

Kids have clearly been in the mind of the designer of this telescope, with large comfy goggles that enable your boy to put both of their eyes on the sky. This is different from the traditional telescopes that force you to close one eye.

The included moon map will help your child learn everything they need to know about our silvery orb that hangs above us.




Junior Kid’s Drum Set

Kids love making a noise, these drums are a great tool for doing just that, so if you want your kid to start learning how to creatively make noise then this is a cool gift for him getting started.

A healthy way to express a whole range of different emotions, drums can also stimulate creative processes in children. Allowing them to recognize patterns, different sounds and combine them to make a beat is all part of development.

This is one of the best sets on the market, coming with a full guarantee on all parts and additional parts if you should wish to add to it. Cheaper drum sets are available, but after reading the reviews, it’s clear that the extra money is worth spending.



Etch A Sketch

etch a sketchA firm childhood favorite that is still as popular today as it was when it first came out in the 1960s.

The classic design has remained largely unchanged over the years and it’s clear to see why this is a classic children’s gift. Simple, useful and yet somehow beautiful. Immortalized in the Pixar film Toy Story, this is a must have for any little boy.

Turning the handles one way and which, it’s completely possible to design anything you want, write messages or just to play around with. Shake it and the image has gone for you to start again. There’s no doubt in my mind that parents everywhere will be using this just as much as their children, if only for nostalgia’s sake.




Guess Who? Game for the Family

guess who

Truly a family favorite game and a fun gift for mom and dad to join in on. This game is fun, quick and competitive. I know that I’ve spent countless hours as a child and as an adult playing this game. Whilst I like to think I’m much better than my boy, the truth is, he’s beaten me just a couple of time.

The aim of this game is to ask the right questions to try and guess your opponent’s mystery character.

This process of trial and error helps children gather an understanding of the power of language, comprehension and being able to describe features accurately. Fun and learning combined in one!




Little Tikes Basketball Hoop

Little Tikes Basketball HoopWe all have memories of playing basketball. Whether in the gym or the local court, it’s a part of American culture as much as hot dogs. But way more fun.

Your boy will love this set as it allows him to develop his motor skills whilst keeping fit. Add in a couple more players and an element of healthy competition becomes a factor of the game.

This hoop comes with a base that you fill yourself with sane, allowing for kids to hang from the hoop and making the whole thing stable enough in strong wind conditions.

The pole is fully adjustable meaning that as your little boy grows, the hoop can grow with him. This way the challenge is always going to be there for them.




Backyard Safari Butterfly Habitat

Backyard Safari Butterfly HabitatSuitable for ages 5 and up, this is something that both you, your son and even grandma can enjoy, which is why natures science gifts are amazing!

A way to view butterflies that are both safe for you and the butterfly. This butterfly habitat is perfect for those kids that are in love with nature.

The top of the bag unzips so you can use the bag as a net also. Quickly catch the butterflies, watch them grow and study their behavior, before letting them go back into the wild to join their friends.

The habitat itself is collapsible for easy storage and has a handle so you can hang it from a tree or a hook. The set comes with an adventure guide. Letting you know the best ways to catch the butterflies, helping to identify species and care tips for them.




Double Bladed Dual Sabers

Double Bladed Dual Sabers StarWars has inspired a total of three generations of kids and adults to believe that they have the powers of the Jedi. Master the force and become a master in combat with these dual light sabers. Your gift will save the empire from darkness and destruction.

Starwars are halfway through their new trilogy of movies which will leave children everywhere for a thirst of the Jedi. Now they can with these lightsabers.

Green and blue represent forces of good within the Star Wars universe, but maybe you want to be more like Darth Maul? These two light sabers connect together, end to end to become one lethal weapon, striking down anyone that dares to cross their path.


Toysmith Voice Changer

Toysmith 3.5" Small Voice ChangerEver wanted to sound like an old man? Me neither, time will let that happen on its own. But I’m sure boys everywhere will find great joy in sounding like their grandpa with this voice changer and will be a gift that gets loads of laughs from everyone at the birthday party.

A choice of three voice variations means that you can play around with the setting all you like until you find a favorite phrase to say in your favorite voice.

Not only does it change your voice, but it also amplifies it. Scare your neighbors from across the street whilst they’re wondering where this funny little robot is.




Mini Dinosaurs

Mini Dinosaurs
When you’re a child, imagination is at the strongest. You aren’t compelled to see life through the vision of society, you can see and make believe anything you want, which is why this classic gift set of dinosaurs is a must-have for every little boy.

Throw some little plastic dinosaurs into the mix and you’ve got a dino party. Your boy can recreate the extinction, set them up for dinner or turn them into dino rappers.

It’s important to nurture a child’s imagination as it is often this childhood innocence that is lost all too soon. Get 72 in this pack and know that you’ll be finding these dinos everywhere from the kitchen sink to your bed.






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