Gift Ideas for Boys

This section is jam packed full of gift ideas for boys of all ages. There’s specific recommendations for every single age. Boys grow fast and have different developmental needs as they age and grow. Their cognitive needs also develop at a quick rate, so what’s right for a 5 year old boy isn’t going to be suitable for a 3 year old boy. The difference between a 6 and 7 year old is quite pronounced, which is why we’ve created individual guides for each age so you can choose the most appropriate gift no matter what age the boy you’re buying the gift for is.

39 Best Gifts for 9 Year Old Boys

Best Gifts for 7 year old boys

Find the perfect gift for your 9 year old son with our handy guide to boys toys for little boys.

39 Best Gifts for 11 Year Old Boys

30 Gifts for 11 year old boys

11 year old boys love gifts, frankly, everyone does, but with an 11 year old there are some specific toys and gifts that are ideal for them. We have put together a mega guide of loads of different picks so finding one couldn't be easier.

39 Best Gifts for 10 Year Old Boys 2018

Not quite teenagers, but definitely not little kids anymore, 10 year old boys are a hard group to find presents for for, so let us help you with our huge list of 41 gifts for 10 year old boys.

41 Best Gifts for 12 Year Old Boys 2018

OWI Hydraulic Arm Edge Kit

Finding a gift for a 12 years old boy is sometimes a little bit of a challenge and this is why we have created a mega guide with 41 different ideas to help finding a gift easy this year.

41 Best Gifts for 8 Year Old Boys 2018

Not quite little kids but definitely not teenagers, 8 year old boys can be a hard group to find a good present for. Let us help you out by showing you our top 41 picks for the best gifts for 8 year old boys.

41 Best Gifts for 6 Year Old Boys 2018

Whether its for Christmas, a Birthday or another special occasion, let us help you choose the perfect gift for a 6 year old boy by showing you 41 of the best!

Best Gifts for a Good Cause

There's never been a better time to buy gifts that give back to charity for your family and loved ones, and in this review we give you our suggestions for the top charity gifts available right now.

Ultimate Guide: Christmas Gifts for Boys

glove-controlled drone

Find the right Christmas toy for your children is difficult and when choosing a gift for a boy there are things to consider before purchasing. This ultimate review of boy Christmas gifts will inspire parents and help making a decision a little easier.

21 Gift Ideas for 4 Year Old Boys

Kids Air Power Soccer Football

There comes a time when the occasional gift for a young boy is not enough and you need to get something special, whether that is because it is his birthday, maybe Christmas is coming or just that he has been well-behaved. So, whatever the reason with 21 gift ideas there is something for every occasion here in this review.

21 Gift Ideas for 3 Year Old Boys

pretend food kitchen set

The little guy turns 3 years old soon and you want to get him the best gift that he won't forget in a hurry. We have compiled some 21 fantastic gift ideas for birthdays, Christmases and special occasions, so whatever the occasion there is something ideal to choose from in this gift idea review.

21 Gift Ideas for 2 Year Old Boys

toddler toy box with soft tools

There is always a time for getting a child a present, one that he will hopefully remember, which is one of the reasons we have put together a review. Here are some of the best toddler gifts for boys aged 2 years old and above, which range from fun gifts, educational toys and some unique ones too.

17 Gift Ideas for 5 Year Old Boys 2018

Blue Toysmith Small Voice Changer

Every 5-year-old boy wants the best for his special day and being 5 years old is a serious matter from the little one's perspective, which is why you want to find the best toy and one he loves. There are loads to choose from and in this review you little man will get the gift he is after.

21 Gift Ideas for 1 Year Old Boys 2018

colorful toy game with fish and counting

The birthday boy always deserves being treated on his special day and should have a present that he'll love. The right gift is what can make the day perfect and you can make that possible by choosing a toy that, not only looks, feels and is fun to play with, but also develops his motor skills, hand-eye coordination and early learning development.

17 Unique Gift Ideas for Kids 2018

board game solar system planetarium

These are some of the best unique gift ideas for girls and boys. Parents can easily find one that suits their child's wants with 17 to compare and review. Each one is perfect for Christmas, birthdays and special occasions, so whatever day it is, it'll be one to remember with a gift that stands out in comparison.

Best Birthday Gifts for Boys 2018

Boy gift Craft Catapult Wars Build and Battle Kit with 2 Catapults on the box

There are loads of gift ideas for boys and with some structure in this comparison you can be sure to find one that will perfect for the birthday boy. There is a wide range to choose from and each has a unique quality and with definitely make his special day that little bit more so.