Cool gifts for 14 Year old Boys in 2020


At this age, boys are mini explorers looking to turn all stones together in a bid to have fun. Most parents do not know how to handle them in this phase, they try to control them, rather than channel all that energy into having ‘productive fun.’ You can achieve this sweet spot of fun and learning by purchasing the right gifts for them.

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Considerations choosing gifts for 14 year old boys

Before you are ready to shop for the stores and pick out the best gifts, you need to consider a few things that would guide your choices. And they are:

Age: This is arguably the most vital criterium to be considered. The age of your son allows you to narrow down what he would like and the absolute no-nos. At this age, it is very unlikely that you would be able to bribe him with plush toys and cuddle bunnies. At 14, he is very likely to be excited by fast cars and robots. He would want games that can interest him and allow him to play with his friends when they come for sleepovers.

Space: The space available would determine what kind of gift you would get your sweet boy. If you have a considerably sized backyard or lawn for your child to play, you can consider outdoor toys and games. But if your son would rather spend his time in his room, or inside generally, you should gift him items he can enjoy inside the house.

Interest: Most people shop with an idea of what children of different ages would like, and they end up with stereotypic conclusions. It is best to understand the child in question, what he wants, what he enjoys, his favorite brands, and colors. This information would allow you to hone in on that perfect gift item that would put the widest smile on his face.

Budget: How much the items would cost is obviously an important factor. The common misconception is that the older your kid gets, the more unaffordable the gifts become. This is not true if you shop at the right place (urbanfoxgifts) and work with a budget, you are sure to come out with gifts that would excite your little boy.

10 Best Gifts for Boys Aged 14 Years old

If your boy is aged 14, the following are gifts he can not wait to have. And they are:

1. Difficult Riddles For Smart Kids

This book contains 300 exciting puzzles and riddles. It allows your child to learn and have fun in the same breath. The book is designed to encourage lateral thinking, train memory, and to stretch your kid’s mind generally. This book is known to develop your child’s cognitive thinking and encourage outside the box thinking. Purchasing this book would see your child improve immensely in many fields of life.

2. Doinkit Magnetic Dart Board

This sturdy built dartboard can be enjoyed on game night by the whole family. And when his friends come over, there would be a fun activity they can all enjoy as they take turns throwing darts at this beautiful magnetic board. This setup does not have darts with pointy ends, rather magnetic construct, for the safety of your kid and anybody interested in playing. This game enables your child to socialize and develop hand-eye coordination.

3. Manual to Manhood

Looking for a crash course for your son to develop social skills? Then this is the book for you. The Manual to Manhood book helps your son learn how to do simple but important things. It eases him into understanding and appreciating responsibility. It teaches him important skills and character traits like wearing cologne properly, asking a girl on a date, writing a resume, fold a shirt, and tying a tie, among other things.

4. Beanie Player

This gift is a fun stone killing two problems. The design makes it a fashion statement that would compliment any outfit. It also comes with a Bluetooth chip that allows you to enjoy music on the go. It is perfect for that walk or runs. It will enable you to listen to your jam and have your hands free to do whatever you want. The knitting is soft, and the speaker delivers a clear, crisp sound that is just loud enough to enjoy the sound production. The beanies are washable and come in a one size fits all. 

5. Sherpa Fleece Hoodies

When it gets cold, get your son a Sherpa hoodie. These hoodies are lined with plush polyester that insulates him from the cold and still gives that casual look. The exterior is made from a polyester and cotton blend that makes the cloth machine washable. This clothing item was designed to fit, be comfortable, and to live up to certain a certain quality. 

6. Cookbook for Young Chefs

All children love to eat food, and a select few enjoy making them. If your son falls in that category of the gifted few that can work magic in the kitchen, as he adorns his cute little apron, you need to get him this book. It contains easy to follow recipes with pictures for amazing breakfast, dinners, desserts, snacks, and beverages. This book would be a symbol of your support and encouragement. Get it today

7. 6-Pair Ankle Socks

The sock pair by the fruit of the loom is absolutely gorgeous, and they give good value for money. The socks are made from 3% spandex and 97% cotton to provide a snugly comfortably fit and make it machine washable.  

8. Novelty Cotton Socks

This sock pair is evidence that you should never come between a boy and his game. It clearly reads, “Do not disturb, I’m Gaming.” These socks are made from cotton, polyester, and spandex formula that make them comfortable and breathable. 

9. LEGO Technic Stunt Car Building Kit

Kids love fast cars, and the only thing that is more exciting than a fast car you buy for him is building himself. This simple to understand STEM toy allows your son to build his own pullback stunt race car to compete with his friends. 

10. Leather Journal

Don’t see this as another fancy book on the internet. This could be your sons’ friend. He could document his happiest moments and times that he would need to self reflect. Journals like this teach children to discover and express themselves.


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