17 Unique Gift Ideas for Kids 2018

Christmas has rolled around again, it’s your little one’s birthday or maybe you just want to treat your kid for being so awesome. With so many occasions to buy gifts for your child, it’s easy to just grab the first thing you see. But do you really just want to buy another computer game like last year? I didn’t think so.

We here at Buzzparent know exactly what you’re going through. With so many fads and phases kids go through, it’s hard to find a present that will be cherished, lots of fun and make memories that will last a lifetime. So we’ve taken the hard work out of it for you.

Whether your little one is an aspiring scientist or a little DaVinci, our extensive list of 17 unique gifts will be sure to leave you feeling inspired and fulfilled, safe in the knowledge that the little guy or gal will be full of happiness and joy when they set their eyes on their new and unusual gift. So sit back, relax, and enjoy the scrolling.

What makes kids toy unique in 2018?

There are loads of kids toys that are unusual and unique and below we have created a complete list of some of the best unique toys that make an ideal gift for your child. There are unique tech toys for kids, unique game that is fun to learn and play and also just darn right silly toys that are very strange. There is a toy for every kid and most are fun, easy to use and play with but all are definitely unique and easy to use.


The Review: Top 17 Unique Gifts for Kids 

Solar System Planetarium

Solar System PlanetariumSpace game sets are great toys for children of all ages and there is something for every child to learn and play with. The final frontier solar system planetarium toy set is some of my children’s favorite science kits. Since the ancient Egyptian times and before, humans have always turned their head upwards, looking towards the heavens for one reason or another. Mapping the stars, discovering planets or working out cycles of the moon to enable harvest. It’s only reasonable that your little one will be curious too.

Now you can quench that thirst with this build it yourself planetarium. Not only will they have a great time building it, but they will also learn about all kind of facts about our stellar neighbors.

The set contains everything you need to build and paint your very own planetarium. Combining fun with learning, a wall chart will also come in the box, explaining all kinds of facts about our very own solar system.




Kids Swiss Army Knife

Swiss Army KnifeFear not! All is not as it seems with this quality made kids Swiss Army knife. Made from rugged plastic (and not sharp metal), this is a great addition to any child who idolizes the likes of Bear Grylls.

With the hallmark standard of quality that you’d expect from the name Victoria Knox, this Swiss army knife comes with a knife, spoon, fork, mini saw, and a bottle opener. And just like the real thing, snaps right onto your belt. Perfect addition to the little tykes adventure kit and is a cool gift idea for kids.




State Quarter Map

State Quarter MapRarely you find toy game sets or gifts that you can enjoy together with your child. This state quarter map, however, lets you do exactly that.

With this game all fifty states having their own unique quarter, this gift allows you to spend time with your little one, going through all the loose change you come across, slowly building your way up to the complete set

Nothing warms the heart as much as hearing your child getting excited about a project that you share. Once complete, this will serve as an everlasting reminder of the time you spent together, building your way up to the set. This is a fun gift idea for kids who enjoy using maps.




Kids Introduction to engineering

Engineering kit

So you’ve noticed your child has a knack for finding out how things work. Perhaps they’ve taken apart the TV remote control, or maybe they’ve expressed a keen interest in what goes on when an engine is running

Fear not, your car is safe from being dismantled with this engineering kit. With 25 hands-on activities, your child is bound to have a deeper understanding of the world around them after they’ve finished with this.

Helicopters, race cars and paddle boats are just some of the awesome things that you’ll get to watch your child create and enjoy. This science gift ideas for kids is something to help them develop and learn, whilst having fun learning about engineering.




Remote Control Flying Shark

Remote Control Flying SharkRC toy Sharks! That fly! It’s like all my nightmares are coming true! But don’t worry, Jaws here will do you know harm as he’s only an inflatable remote control toy… Still looks like the thing of nightmares though.

The shark uses a motor to power the tail, swishing it through the air, giving it a life-like animation. A separate motor shifts weight from the front to the back, allowing you to have full control of the pitch.

The great white shark is king of the seas, and now the king of the skies, but you have the control. Just be careful not to scare granny on her next visit!




Giant Inflatable Bowling Set

Giant Inflatable Bowling SetWhat child doesn’t love play bowling? It’s one of Americas favorite past-times. Great family fun, with a competitive edge. Now you can bring that fun outdoors to your backyard. All you need is a pump!

In my experience, the most valued gifts, are the ones that people can play together with. This gift will allow a family of all ages to play together, in something that is safe, fun and exciting.

Whether you bowl the ball or kick it, you’re sure to hit the oversized pieces, so nobody’s ego can get hurt by missing (I’m looking at you Dad). After you’ve enjoyed a round or two, you can allow your kids to play on their own as not only is it fun, but also a safe unique kids gift.




 Ride on Kids Working Crane

 Ride on Working CraneRemember that sandbox is your backyard? The one that you remember being used every day when your child was smaller? It’s funny how kids outgrow things so quickly.

Now with this ride on working crane by Big Dig, those memories can carry on being made. But don’t think that this digger is limited to sand. The sturdy metal construction means that snow and dirt can both be handled with ease, making it a great outdoor toy all year round.

With two handles and full 360 degrees rotation, this toy crane is not only fun but helps to develop hand-eye coordination and manual dexterity.



Set of Two Remote Control Bumper Cars
Remote Control Bumper Cars

Siblings will always have a competitive rivalry. We’ve all seen it, whether it’s on computer games, athletics, or the infamous ‘who can finish their dinner the quickest’. These remote control bumper cars will only add fuel to that competitive fire.

Racing isn’t really in mind when it comes to this set though. The aim of the game is to bump the other car hard enough that it ejects their driver, out from their seat, and into the air. Something that will amuse and frustrate for hours.

Easy to control and with working propellers, this gift allows children to explore their competitive edge in a safe and fun way.



Leonardo Da Vinci Catapult Kit

Leonardo Da Vinci CatapultThe genius kids toy of his time, Leonardo da Vinci lived during the 16th century in Italy. He was renown then for his art, his understanding of mechanics and his many inventions. You can bring some of that European history into your very own home with this kit.

Easy to assemble with pre-cut parts, this catapult kit will suit a beginner model maker of any age. The instructions are easy to follow and assembly takes around an hour. However, the real fun comes after this model has been assembled and the catapult is in full working condition. Firing projectiles around a room have never been so informative!




Children’s Robot Toy

Robot solar toyIt’s Robot toy evident that as our kids get older, our energy resources are moving towards renewable energies. This toy will help them grasp a firm understanding of the advantages, and disadvantages, of solar power.

With 6 different models to build, disassemble and build again, this will ensure that your child gets hours of fun out of this gift whilst also developing their understanding of important environmental issues that they’ll face in their future.

This gift is perfect for those children who want to further develop their understanding of robotics and who love to build, helping them grasp concepts in a practical manner.




Girls Toy Mermaid Tail Blanket
mermaid tale blanket

What little girl hasn’t dreamed of one day becoming a beautiful mermaid? Although the science isn’t exact for that yet, we’ve come one step closer to making their dream a reality with this Mermaid Tail Blanket.

Woven from a combination of cotton, wool, and polyester, this blanket is soft, warm and friendly to sensitive skin. Coming in a range of different colors, you can pick your sweethearts favorite.

The gorgeous handmade tail gives the impression that the tail is made from fish scales. It’s this appearance that makes it look so magical. Wrap your little one up at night and let their dreams take them to a magical underwater world.




Cozmo – Cool Toy Gift

toy robot cozmoKids Cool robot toys don’t come much cooler than Cozmo. A robot with his very own personality that will grow and develop using specially developed AI technology. Maybe you’ve seen something similar in the movie Wall-E, the difference is, Cozmo is real!

He hooks up to your phone, meaning that Cozmo can be updated with new functions, games and behavior patterns. A robot that grows and changes with time? The future is here!

Described as mischievous, charming, and fun, you know you’ve found a new friend to play with. You’ll never be alone again.




Kids Toy 3D Printing Pen

3d writing penCombine creativity with science, what do you get? The 3d printing pen of course. As time moves forward, it appears that technology will entwine with everyday life more and more, and here is a great example of that.

Do away with paper and draw in thin air. The pen comes in three different colors to draw with (more are available online) meaning that that only limit to what you can create, is truly your own imagination.
The pen works by passing a plastic strand through a heating filament located in the nozzle. Don’t worry though, unlike its cheaper counterparts, this nozzle is made of ceramics, meaning that it’s much safer. An important factor when it comes to kids using it.





Kids Toy Delux Puppet Theatre Set

kids puppet theatre  A sturdy wooden puppet theater is the dream of all creative kids everywhere. Allowing them the freedom of expression from an early age through different art forms is vital to a child’s development, and this is exactly what this puppet theatre aims to do.

Made from wood, with plush red curtains, Showtime has never looked so good! The blackboard underneath allows children to come up with their own play titles and pictures to enhance the experience of the audience, whilst the clock lets everybody know what time they’re expected to arrive at their seats in time for the performance.

This well-crafted set aims to develop imagination, self-expression and storytelling abilities. We all know talking in front of groups of people can be something that feels scary to the most seasoned professionals and honing this skill from an early age can really have positive impacts later on in life.




Children’s Grow ‘n’ Glow Terrarium Giftset

glow in the dark terrarium

Giving a child something to care for and look after on their own develops a sense of responsibility, something, as we all know, gets more important the older you get. So having a firm understanding of this from an early age can only be an advantage later on in life.

Making your very own ecosystem in a microenvironment can be so much fun, and watching the chai seed grow each day will only transform your child’s understanding of hard work and patience. Important in a world where instant gratification seems to be commonplace.

Day or night, this terrarium will light up the lives of all those who see it. With glow in the dark stickers, it transforms from a mini rainforest into a starry sky when the lights go down.




Ultimate Gift for kids Baker Starter Set

32 piece bakers set

With all those celebrity chefs showcasing their talent on television, it’s no wonder the little ones want to take to the kitchen. Not only is it fun to make things, but it’s also fun to eat things too!

This set contains 37 pieces in total, including specialized utensils for cracking eggs, bowls that stick to the kitchen surface and silicone baking trays. All this adds up to a whole lot of baking fun, without any of the mess associated when kids bake. A win for you, a win for them.

The set comes with recipes for donuts, cupcakes and more. For weeks you’ll have happy children and a tasty, freshly baked treat straight from the oven.





 Personalized Children’s Story Book

bespoke book with name of your choice

A bespoke kids gift is a great way to show somebody that care and thought have gone into the gift that they’re receiving. This book is exactly that.

There is something so magical about being transported into a book, not only reading about the character but actually being the character the book is about. The hero in this unique gift is kind, brave and heroic, meaning that kids everywhere will feel engaged.

Whether you’re reading it to them besides their bed, or they’re learning to read to you, this book is sure to make happy memories and forge a love of reading that can be rewarding throughout life.




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