Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some of the typical and Frequently Asked Questions:

What are The Requirements? What types of articles do you accept?

Check out for the Writers Guide for help.


Where and How do I submit my article?

Here is our submission page. You can email and he will review your article and reply within a week typically.


Why Did My Article Get Rejected?

Click the Link to the Writers guide find some of the common reasons why your article was rejected.


Where are the links in the article I submitted?

Buzzparent is not a website for building backlinks for SEO purposes, therefore we do not allow links on the body of your published article in general. Instead, we give credits to our contributors in author bio section where you can link back to your websites and social media which appears at the bottom of the page. We do offer sponsored posts for the right opportunity. Please mail us at if you are interested.


Can I have dofollow links?

In some occasions we do allow do follow links, please mail us at to inquire.


We are interested in sponsored posts. How much do we pay?

Please mail us at to inquire.