Our Mission at BuzzParent: Commercial Meets Social Enterprise

There is a time when life highlights the importance of giving and for some this is only after great tests, struggles and difficulties. Others find it has always been part of their upbringing to give to others and it comes natural to them. Some people give everything in service to others, their life is directed in a way where it can be best used as an instrument to serve others, which might make them rich in spirit and less-so in material wealth. We all know someone who this applies to and just bringing them into our hearts in minds gives a joy that seems to go beyond words…

Here at BuzzParent we have decided to donate 20% of all profits to charities and organisation that are dear to us and related to children. There are so many amazing organisation, people and ideas waiting to be unfolded, but sometimes they just lack the funding to get the help where it is really needed.

There are some big organisations that already donate to charities and some smaller ones too, but more common than not is the lack of social awareness on the big-businesses social responsibility to the people that surrounds them. We hope that more people get involved and begin the process of redistributing the wealth.


There are increasing profits with corporations and the trend seems constant to rise, but whether this is redistributed according to the needs of the vulnerable or needy is under question.







There is an increase in the number of nonprofit organisations and this is great, however the increase in resources and willing people for donations is now needed more than ever.







There is a shift in the mindset and the future is now up to us to shape. The cliche “children are the future” has never been more pressing. All of us at BuzzParent want to create a world where parents, children and everyone around the world can live life without fear, hate and envy. We hope that be the little we give can make a difference and we would like anyone and everyone to give as much as they can to those in need. The little seed planted today will grow into a might oak tree.











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