Fisher Price EZ Clean High Chair Review

Babies are messy and like to explore the world through destruction, although by this I mean tactile pursuits, including tantalizing tastes, and sounds, so I am not saying your child is bad in any way, but as a mother you’ll surely agree they will create a path of destruction behind them and sometimes even in front of them. This is why I love anything that makes our jobs as mothers, which are difficult, easier and manageable under the ever-increasing pressures that ensue.

I personally like modern, easy to clean stuff and therefore when it comes to my babies toys, gadgets and anything that can get messy, I want it also to get as clean as quickly as it got messy, which is a tall ask some may say, but this is how I like it! This inspired me to right here and discuss one of my latest finds. This Fisher price ez clean is an amazing product and that’s why some mothers rant and rave about it, saying “best buy in years”.


Why Is the Fisher Price so Good?

Making the right choice in today’s ever-expanding market, which seems to drown us with information, is tough and anyone that is able to shed some light in the dark is greatly applauded. It impressed me so much I thought I pass on some of the great benefits and hopefully get someone an awesome buy.

The ‘ez clean’ in the name really stands out to me and for good reason. This one is super-easy to clean and has been developed with the intention to revolutionize parenting and make our lives easier, safer and set a bar that stands out among it’s competing peers.

Some of the awesome reasons to get this product are:

  1. Straps are easy to clean and made of rubber, unlike the usual harness styled straps
  2. Seamless with no open crevices, hugely reducing cleaning-time and bacteria build up
  3. Tray removable and dis-washable design
  4. No assembly required and ready to go in under 15 seconds
  5. 50-pound weight capacity and holds large babies
  6. easy-to-use manual
  7. Best one for small spaces with a design convenient for use
  8. Can be stored very easily, which is great for apartments and houses where space is limited, especially if you have a lot of kids.
  9. Back-wheels and very mobile
  10. One hand required for disassembling of a tray
  11. Comes in various colors
  12. gender neutral
  13. Good value for money


There are loads of reasons why this is awesome, which can be seen mentioned above. This slim high chair is one of my favorite and for well justified reasoning. The easy to clean functionality makes this a great pick compared to others on the market Fisher price have really gone out their way to ensure they are leading in the mother-care and parenting industry, which is why this is by far one of the best and is getting reviewed heaps.

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