Best Glass Baby Bottles

Every child needs a bottle at some stage and some have preferences on things like nipple size, weight and even the color of their bottle. Finding the right bottle can be a challenge and experts suggest getting a few different brands at the beginning with a total bottle count of at least 12, which is to ensure clean bottles throughout the day and a wider range for your babies needs.

The best baby bottles for breastfed babies is highly contested and each brand will claim theirs is better than there rivals, however, I would like to highlight some simple concepts before looking into this topic specifically. There are a few different types, which usually fall into 4 categories: plastic, glass, metal, and silicone. Each bottle has some small differences, but to the baby small is usually a big deal, so I have decided to focus on my favorite infant glass bottles to give those parents who favor glass, like me, the best choice currently available to them.

selection of baby bottles of all typesBefore I get into the reviews, there are some ideas I think worth sharing, because sometimes it’s good to be in the know. Children and glass bottles don’t seem to fit right in the same sentence and if your gut reaction is like some mums I know, it’s not good, but alas I am here to reassure you and restore faith cause these days the manufacturing guidelines are strict and safety is paramount in the design of any baby bottle.

Some of the benefits are: plastic free and will naturally have fewer chemicals used in the manufacturing process, also not that expensive compared to silicone and lastly, glass baby bottles are known to last much longer than plastic. Good baby bottle brands will have guarantees and with good return policies and make sure to always check, however, all the ones here have been reviewed and in-fact do.


Dr. Brown’s Newborn Bottles

Dr. Brown's Newborn baby glass Bottle

This is a well-known name in the parenting world and for good reason, it’s proved the test of time and has fed countless babies for years. They continue to update their design, tweaking any irregularities and this is why I thought I’d start the review with a great baby bottle.

Children and glass bottles can be slightly worrying as a parent, especially if left to their own devices, but that isn’t an issue if you either remain close or get a plastic casing to ensure any thoughts of doubt, that will keep the bottle almost unbreakable.

Brown’s are a unique design and come with a vent system to make feeding easier than ever, especially for that child trying to get their food for the day. The level one nipple makes this a first bottle in general and should be used by the early developers.

The first year’s breast flow bottle is designed to reduce the flow inward and therefore limits the amount of air that gets into the formula, which will help when the digestive process takes place, because as most parents know a gassy baby is an unhappy baby if left to its own devices.

This particular bottle is perfect for maintaining all minerals and vitamins in the bottle and because of this easy your child will get all the adequate nutrients required for healthy growth, without the possibility of unwanted BPA-plastic nasty stuff.

This best bottles for formula usually contain 4 oz and can ensure there is an ample feeding in one sitting, which will keep that little baby of yours growing rapid and strong.




Evenflo Glass Twist Bottles

6 Evenflo glass Twist Bottles


This bottle can be used for the children and passed from one generation to the next, it’ll last the test of time and continue to serve it’s purpose as long as it’s looked after and cleaned thoroughly.

The design of the bottle makes gripping easy and the modern twist is simple and easy to use for the busy mother who has a pile of duties and tasks mounting up.

Some parents worry about the glass being an issue, but if you look at the countless testimonies to this bottle, and how it is been dropped countless times, it really can be used for years and get the occasional knock or drop to the floor.

The silicone nipples make this an easy to suckle bottle and ensure your child continues to get an adequate flow of milk or formula until they are ready to move up in size.

This is great for the price and is at the low-end of the budget and will make buying a little easier on the bank balance, especially if you get over excited and get one too many.

This 4-ounce children’s bottle is the standard size throughout this review, but again is a satisfying amount for a child.





Lifefactory Glass Baby Bottle

1 Lifefactory Glass Baby Bottle

This baby bottle design has a thermal shock safety feature and is the first in this review that can go from very cold to boiling hot without losing the internal structure and therefore is dishwasher safe. This for some parents will be a relief and means cleaning will be less labor-some, especially when the bottles mount up next to the sink.

The protective sleeve is made from silicone and the nipple too, which is soft to touch. The cap, ring, and stopper is polypropylene. The bottle holds 120 ml (4 oz) and all of the components that come with the bottle is easily washable.

The non-slip grip is a neat feature and makes feeding easier than ever, even when the infant want’s to take over they will find this super-easy and manageable.

The lifefactory has upgrade-able bottle plug-ins to help your babies needs be satisfied and no matter how far along in there suckling they will have a nipple to suit.

Health is super important and again this is a nonplastic, which is standard in this review of baby glass bottles but remembers anything BPA-free is always preferred.

I like the array of colors these glass infant bottles come in, it helps with making a planned day, which can get hectic, to say the least especially when there are a few kids playing around.



Best Overall Pick

The “Lifefactory Glass Baby Bottle” is, in my opinion, the best out of the three for some very specific reasons. Firstly, it has a non-slip grip that can ensure you and your child with not easily drop or let go, which comes in handy when the multi-tasking begins.  The lifefactory glass bottles start at stage 1 for nipple size but progress and without losing anything leakage, which is the most common failure in baby bottles.


Best Budget Pick

The “Evenflo twist baby bottle” is a fantastic low budget glass bottle and the unique twist is easy to hold and use design, which is a nice feature. This however alongside the price and sustained gas reduction technology is why I have put this in as the favorite for the best budget glass bottle.


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