Best Baby Bottle Sterilizer

Choosing the right sterilizer for your babies needs is sometimes difficult and here at BuzzParent, our aim is to simplify the process of choosing a sterilizer that makes feeding a natural transition from breastfeeding. We have put together a full range of sterilizers that are considered to be the best on the market with easy to use features and great design.


Time It Takes to Sterilize – Some parents find that they are short on time and want everything done as quickly and efficiently as possible. Each type of sterilizer offers slightly different sterilizing-times and depending on what you think suits you and your families needs have a ponder over this will make sure you don’t find yourself running out of clean bottles anytime soon.

Storage Capacity for the Bottles and Accessories – Some Sterilizers have more storing capacity and can sterilize more combined bottles and accessories than others, so if you’re having twins and need to think about maxing out on capacity then make sure to pick a larger one with loads of room. Also, if your a first-time mom and wondering what to get then remember the bottle dismantles into several parts, rubber nipples, baby bottle brushes, cap and depending on the specific bottle this can really mount up and certain sterilizers don’t offer the same functionality as others.

Price – Each has a slightly different price and some are up to 3 times more expensive than others, which highlights the contrast of features, like sterilizing-time, and storing capacity. HOWEVER…sometimes you can find the gems that are hidden and in this review, there are a few fantastic sterilizers that are really affordable without losing out on the overall quality, so keep reading…


Philips AVENT Microwave Sterilizer

Baby Microwave Sterilizer with 5 bottles inside with the logo Philips AVENTPhilips has been producing baby gear for years and offer various types of innovation in areas of electronics and healthcare, which started in Eindhoven by Gerald Philips in 1891.

The designers have thoroughly thought of ways to get as much sterilizing done without increasing costs. This comes on the lower end of the price range but can be a good start to the review. The bottles range from 125ml to 330ml and the small bottles can be stacked 4 at a time will all accessories, while the larger one fits only 2 in total. The parts of the bottle, like the teat, caps, lip, ring, bottle, should all fit, but only when specifically done with a step by step process and in order.

This Plastic sterilizer eliminates 99.9% of all bacteria that are possibly harmful to your child in under 2 minutes, which is quick as a general time taken. This is very easy to use and works with most microwaves, so just pop it in and in 2 minutes it’s done. Make sure to check the watts on your microwave, if less than 1200w increase the length accordingly, but the user manual will specify this.

This sterilizer is very lightweight and compact, effective at sterilization and if the lid is closed will last up to 24 hours as sterile and safe. This also holds a variety of accessories and isn’t limited, unlike some out there to specific brands, allowing other branded breast pumps and devices to be used.

I highly recommend this at the low-end price bracket and if you’re looking for something good but also cheaper, but without taking away from quality and safety.



Munchkin Steam Guard

dismantled munchkin baby bottle sterilizer

This is another well-known and tested baby bottle sterilizer and has a larger capacity than the previous with a capacity of 9 bottles at a time. This takes longer than the previous with a sterilization cleaning time of 6 minutes, but due to the max capacity its a close in comparison.

This sterilizer requires 80ml of water on the bottom of the tray and the Philips AVENT Microwave sterilizer 100ml, so make sure to check the instructions before making your first clean. This Munchkin steam cleaner comes with tongs, which need to be added to the sterilizing cycle.

This again is plastic and easy to use and the cleaning begins with the press of a button, which is really easy to use and ensures all bacteria is killed and you’re not dealing with an upset stomach. Another notable factor is to wash and sterilize both your hands and surfaces before any cleaning takes place.

I personally think if you want to have a large cycle every few days then this product will work for you, especially if your already busy and possibly working from home as I know some friends of mine do.  This is a good deal at the lower end of the price range and comes recommended.




Philips AVENT 3-in-1 Electric Sterilizer

white sterilizer with 6 bottles showing and the Avent logo at the bottomThis sterilizer  I like because of its max-capacity and that it fits up to 6 bottles and can be used for other accessories as well. The design is pleasant and sits on top of the kitchen surface without being too obnoxious as some other can be.

The cycle takes 6 minutes to complete and leaves 99.9% of all the unwanted bacteria obliterated. The sterilizer needs a rest for around 10 minutes after this, but once cooled down its ready for action. This keeps all contents sterile for 24 hours if the lid is sealed and unopened, which is handy if you have to do a last-minute cycle before going to bed. This is a mid-range sterilizer and comes in handy if you have the budget, it’s another good product.

Some mothers forget to squeeze the baglet or teat to ensure that there is no remaining liquid inside, which can cause an awful taste to say the least. There are tongs to do this with and by making sure you sterilize this all standards of protection are insured.




Tommee Tippee Closer to Nature


white dome sterilizer with logo Tommee Tippee The Tommee Tippee sterilizer is chemical-free and kills 99.9% of bacteria with a push of a button and under 5 minutes as well, which is speedy indeed. This gadget is befitting design, space-saving and will accompany the kettle or toaster without standing out too much.

The fact this is BPA free leaves a calming reassurance, which is important in times such as these. This can be used with a variety of products and won’t limit your choice of baby bottle.

This is a good mid-range product and will keep your baby safe whilst your on the move.




Wabi Baby Sterilizer

white and blue Sterilizer with logo Wabi

This version is one of the latest in the range of Wabi baby sterilizer and helps simplifies the process by ensuring an easy-to-use design and absolute efficiency. The 3 in 1 design offers hot air drying after cleaning, steam sterilization and a storage capability, which is great if you don’t want to have to empty, dry, clean and basically use any more of your already limited time.

This is again an FDA approved the design and exemplifies a higher standard as far as sterilizer go, but this comes at a cost and is at the high-end of the range here I’ve focused on.

This is a great versatile product and can be used for the same idea but on a range of competing bottles and products. This is a clean, easy to use sterilizer and if you’re not worried about spending a little extra it will not be a disappointment.




Best Pick Overall

The last one discussed is the “Wabi Baby Electric Steam sterilizer  and Dryer Plus Version” and in my view has the best functions and size capacity out of all of them and means i can get the whole job done at the same time, just chuck everything in and let it clean, dry itself and sit until i am ready to use, which is well worth the little extra, because my time is precious and so is my child.


Best Budget Pick

The “Philips AVENT Microwave Steam Sterilizer” is a great budget device and does everything a sterilizer should do, ensuring the elimination of bacteria, quick cleaning time and can remain sitting for a while, which means it’s not making you anxious like “it has to be done now!” cause lets face it this is a busy time and sometimes stressful, so if little concerns such as these ain’t a worry then all the better, cause happy you is a happy baby.


How to Load your Baby AVENT Sterilizer

Some parents struggle with knowing the right way to load their sterilizer and each bottle size requires a slightly different set-up procedure and that is why I have put together an example of how to approach the Philips AVENT Microwave Sterilizer.

The first step to sterilizing your bottles is to take it apart, lid off, teat and the ring. Make sure to wash your baby equipment with your special cleaning brush and soapy water, rinse it clean then stack them into the sterilizer. Before that take 200ml of water, make sure it is exactly using the baby bottle as a measurement, then replace the basket and stack the bottles on the rack.

The teats go into cavities, which should have markings, then place the rings over the teats at an angle and then dome cap should go over the teats, which allows the caps to fit the space provided. Then snap the lid into place.

There are different approaches to each size of the bottle and the 330ml is different from the 125ml bottle.  Make sure to know the settings of the microwave before using the sterilizing process, because this is a common error in the sterilizing process, which can cause problems for your child.

This particular sterilizer requires different amounts of time depending on the wattage and the higher the watts the less sterilizing time needed. For example – if between 1200w – 1850w the sterilizing time is 2 mins and cool-down time is 2 mins, however, if the watts are decreased the time can extend from 2 to 4 then all the way to 6 mins between 500w – 800 watts.



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