Best Baby Sneakers 2018

As parents, we all really want the very best for our precious little babies so we can give them the best start in life.  Deciding which baby sneakers (or baby trainers, for our UK friends) to buy our children is not something we should overlook, as we want to get shoes that will be comfortable for the baby and protect their feet well, and a bad pair of shoes can cause problems for their foot growth and development.

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In order to save you time, we’re happy to share with you this review of the best baby sneakers we could find, so you can get the very best shoes for your precious child.


The Review: Best Baby Sneakers 2018

Benhero Canvas Infant Sneaker

These cute little canvas sneakers come in a range of different colors, so you can be sure to keep your baby in great style. They have very soft rubber soles is which are flexible and protective, and there’s antislip on the bottom, so this will be good for kids just learning to walk . Ypur baby’s feet will be warm and cozy with the slight padding to the insole,

What’s more, these Soft, breathable shoes are flexible to support natural foot movement, easy to slip on and off, and have hidden elastic to ensure that they don’t fall off baby’s fee.  If you are looking for both style and comfort for your child, get them a pair of these.



Outdoor Baby Shoes

baby shoesThese great little shoes are made of high quality cotton to ensure that they are soft, breathable and flexible for your little ones precious feet.  They have rubber soles, which will give protection and flexibility, and have non-slip so that they will be good for children who are learning to walk for the first time.

These shoes also come in a range of different designs and colors, meaning that they make infant girl shoes or baby boys shoes.

They are available in Size:


Anti-slip Infant Sneakers

Baby Shoes Sneakers Infant For GirlsYour child will just love wearing these 100% soft friendly breathable Canvas shoes. The outer sole is well-crafted of durable rubber to better protect your kids from slipping, and the Midsole is made of super soft elastic material, so these are soft, comfortable, and they won’t fall off your baby’s feet. These lightweight material enable you kids to enjoy themselves and feels no any burden on their feet.

What we really love about these shoes is that they come in lots of different cute designs for you to choose from, including baby sandals, baby booties, baby loafers and more. And with velcro patches they are easy to get on and off.  

Not only will your child look amazing in these, their feet will feel amazing too.


Infant Canvas Sneakers

baby Luvable Friends Basic Canvas SneakerLooking for a great set of everyday shoes for your baby?  Want to have a choice of colors so that they can match their favorite outfits?  Well these might be what you are looking for.

Luvable Friends basic canvas sneakers are a great complement for your baby’s outfit. Made of durable materials with non-skid soles, these baby shoes come a small tab on back so you can out them on and take them off very easily.  They are very comfortable and soft for pre walkers, and they have great non-skid soles for extra support to those tots who are just starting to take their first steps.



Voberry Crib Shoes

cool Voberry Baby Girls Toddler Lace up SneakerWith pink, gold and black designs, these cool babies boots are great newborn shoes for boys and girls! These canvas sneakers are soft and breathable, and they have anti-slip soft soles to give your child more grip when they start to walk.

These are especially designed to be warm and easy to slip on and off, so they make great everyday baby shoes and are especially good in the winter for keeping baby’s feet toasty and cozy.


Canvas Newborn Shoes

Delebao Baby Soft Soled Canvas ShoesThese cool lace up sneakers are soft and lightweight, perfect for delicate little baby feet.  They have some really cute designs that your baby will look super stylish in, and although the shoes are easy to get on an off, they have reinforced elastic to make sure they fit securely and won’t fall off as your baby is playing.

They also have soft anti-slip soles to keep your baby safe and secure.

The manufacturer recommends the following sizes:

  • Size 0-6 Months: Heel to toe Length:11cm/4.33inches
  • Size 6-12 Months: Heel to toe Length:12cm/4.72inches
  • Size 12-18 Months:Heel to toe Length:13cm/5.12inches
  • Size 18-24 Months:Heel to toe Length:14cm/5.5inches


Frills Infant Crib Shoes

Frills Infant Toddlers Baby Boys Do you have a little toddler who is crawling around or starting to walk? These adorable shoes are designed with that age group in mind, and with these high quality and lightweight kicks, your baby will be walking in double time before you know it!

You may be interested to know that the manufacturer, Frills du Jour, is a business owned and managed by women to provide on-trend and accessible styles for mothers.. They pay special attention to detailed designs and wallet-friendly styles that exceed your expectations and everyone who sees your child. Frills Du Jour’s mission is to empower mothers and daughters.



Pink Baby Girl Shoes

 DADAWEN Baby's Boy's Girl's Mesh Light Weight SneakerLooking for something stylish yet comfortable for your little princess? These great baby sneakers for girls are just that! They are made from super breathable and comfortable mesh fabric, so little feel will feel comfortable and airy as they wear them, and you don’t have to worry about them getting too hot.  They have Velcro straps for easy taking on and off, and a great non-slip sole for new walkers.

Please be aware that this manufacturer has their own size guide on the Amazon page that you should check out before buying.



Stripe Baby Shoes

baby Luvable Friends Basic Stripe Sneaker, PinkThese cool stripe sneakers are a great complement for your baby’s outfit. Made of durable materials with non-skid soles,  these baby shoes are easy to slip on and off baby’s foot with elastic laces to secure the shoe. Available in sizes up to 18 months, so they are good baby and toddler sneakers.




New Balance Baby Running Shoes

New Balance make some of the best sports and training shoes in the world, so if you’ve got a scrappy and energetic little one, a pair of these might be a good match for them.

These are made of a combination of mesh and leather, so they are super breathable and very comfortable for the baby’s delicate feet.  They also have a strong sole which will protect their feet but is still flexible enough not to restrict their movement or grwoth.

These also come in lot of cool colors, from blacks and greys to pinks and purples, so you can find a great pair for a boy or a girl.



Adidas Baby Tennis Shoe

adidas NEO Kids' Baseline Cmf Inf SneakerThese awesome sneakers take the famous three stripes of Adidas to your babies tennis style shoes. They are made from suede, so they are nice, soft and breathable for your baby’s feet, and they will feel warm and comfortable.  They also have a nice big chunk rubber sole to protect your babies feet, and a removable insole. Hook-and-loop straps also give a snug, comfy fit.

We also really like that these come in a number of different sizes, for newborns and for toddlers.  Adidas make great sneakers, so why not get your little one started o a pair?



Angel Wings Infant Girl Shoes

LIVEBOX Infant Baby Girls' Angel Wings Premium Soft Cotton Sole sneakersJust check out these stunning gold baby kicks?  If your baby girl is already turning into a little glamour queen, these might just be the best sneakers for her.

These cool baby booties are made of 100% soft baby friendly artificial leather, and have been safety tested to give parents peace of mind.   They are lined with classic high quality cotton with soft soles and elastic openings to help keep them on your little girls feet.  They are soft, lightweight and have great anti-slip soles, so not only are they incredibly stylish, they are very practical too.

These gold shoes make great baby shower gifts as well!



Baby Girls First Walkers

RVROVIC Baby Boys Girls Shoes Looking for a great set of shoes on a budget?  These Canvas baby shoes definitely won’t break the bank, but you won’t be skimping out on quality either.

They have an elastic ankle band to make these baby moccasins well fitting and easy to take on and off, and a great anti-slip rubber sole to make walking feel natural for the young ones. These have also been safety tested, so you can be sure that they won’t cause rashes or anything like that to your child’s delicate skin.



Timberland Baby Boots

Timberland Two-Piece Crib Bootie and Hat SetTimberland boots have a reputation for being very high quality, and we’re glad to say that their infant shoes are also just as good.  Made of wonderful Nubuck Leather and with a strong leather sole, these great baby booties are very durable and warm, yet still breathable, and the terry cloth inside lining will keep your children’s feet snug and comfortable.  It comes with a super cute matching hat, too.

These are available in lots of different colors.  This set also comes in a gift box, making these crib shoes wonderful gifts for new parents or baby showers.



Converse All Star Infant Shoes

baby Converse Kids' Chuck Taylor All Star High Top SneakerIf mum or dad is a big fan of the iconic Chuck Taylor Converse brand, then why not treat your little one to a pair as well?  Converse are some of the best made, most durable and most comfortable shoes on the market, and their shoes for newborns are no exception.

They come in pink, black, red, grey, blue and while colors.

These are made from warm and breathable canvas material, and have authentic rubber soles to protect baby’s feet and give them a grip when they are learning to walk.  Rather than just a cash grab with the converse logo on them, these are serious high quality sneakers.



K Swiss Baby Tennis Shoes

baby K-Swiss Classic VN Velcro SneakerThere’s no reason why babies shouldn’t have the same choice of classic shoe brands as adults, and these K Swiss baby tennis shoes prove it.  Made of real leather and with a per-molded rubber sole, these are some of the most impressive baby shoes we’ve ever seen.

These shoes not only look great, but they are comfortable, breathable, and your little one’s feet will be warm and cozy when wearing them.



New Balance Infant Shoe

baby New Balance KG574 Lifestyle SneakerThese are made of a combination of leather and textiles, so they are both breathable, comfortable and durable. They have Velcro straps so they are easy to put on and take off, and they’ll stay on your little ones feet no matter what mischief they get up to. They also have a nice chunky rubber sole with grips, perfect for protecting little feet and giving a bit of grip when they start walking.

Overall, the quality and practicality of these shoes is just amazing, and they look really cool too.  Available in black, blue and grey colors.



Our Top Pick Best Baby Sneaker 2018

If you are looking to get the best baby sneaker you can buy in terms of quality, style and value for money, we recommend that you get the Converse All Star Infant Shoes.  For purely shallow reasons, first of all we just love how amazing these look, and the different bring colors available really make them stand out and your kids will look super cool in them.

But these shoes are ‘more than just a pretty face’ , if you will.  The canvas fabric and textile materials are really breathable yet still sturdy, so they won’t fall apart anytime soon and your kids feet will stay nice and airy.  They are also very flexible, so great for children crawling around and playing.  Plus, the rubber sole is very high quality, and it has little grips to help with beginning to walk.

Some parents might prefer Velcro or slip on shoes to the laces on the Converse, but personally we don’t mind tying their shoes and are happier knowing that they won’t fall off when we are out and about.

All in all, these are great in terms of quality, practicality and style, and that’s why they are our top pick.


Budget Pick

If you are on a bit of a budget, or maybe you just don;t want to splash out on something your kids will grow too big for very quickly, we recommend the Benhero Cavas Infant Sneakers.

They may be super affordable, but they are still very good and well made shoes.  Their canvas material is flexible and breathable, and they have great anti-slip soles to protect their feet and help give them a bit of a grip.  SO your kids won’t be missing out on anything with these awesome sneakers.


Why Buy Baby Sneakers?

Baby sneakers are easily one of the most popular types of first shoes that most parents will get their child.  They not only look cool, they are also very practical as the rubber soles are strong enough to protect the baby’s soft feet. The interior of the shoes are often very soft and comfortable for the baby, and have nice warm lining.  A lot of parents will also go with velcro sneakers, as these are easy to put on and take off.

If the baby learns to take their velcro sneakers on or off, as my kid did and would have a habit of throwing them off when we were in the park, you could switch to lace baby sneakers, so you can avoid these embarrassing moments.

Considerations for buying sneakers for babies

As with any kind of baby shoe, there are certain factors that we need to take into account before we hit that buy button on baby shoes. We really need to make sure that our kids are getting the best infant sneakers out there, and they should have the following qualities..

Flexible As all young parents know, once babies are up and moving, they need the freedom to explore the world around them.  As such, good baby sneakers should be very soft and flexible, and should be able to be twisted every which way so they won’t restrict your baby.  They should be made of a nice, lightweight material.  Stiff shoes are really bad for growing babies, as they can hinder growth and be very uncomfortable

Soles are also very important. Baby’s first shoes should have a good set of soles, usually rubber, that can bend easily but also protect the feet, and something with grips or ridges on the bottom of the sole will be good as these will give traction and support when the child is learning to walk.

Breathable Your babies shoes need to breathe, in order to be comfortable and healthy. Older kids shoes can get stuffy which make our feet sweat, and your baby is no different.  Leather, suede, or canvas probably have the most breathability for baby sneakers and are usually our go to material.

Cotton is also a popular option for shoes, and makes the very breathable, but is typically less durable than most other fabrics. However, cotton does also tend to be very flexible and comfortable, and provide support for the baby’s feet.

We recommend that you avoid plastic shoes, as these can make your babies feet too hot, and they can develop a rash very easily.  Plastic shoes also can be very uncomfortable and make their feet sweat.

Roomy Do you remember when you were a kid growing up, and how weird and uncomfortable it was when your feet started getting a little too big for your shoes?  Well, babies feel that too, and as they grow so fast, you really want to get them a pair of sneakers that feels roomy and comfortable for them.  Shoes that are too small can be painful for them and hinder their growth.

Most parents try to find a sweet spot in buying baby shoes that are a little roomy and can be slipped on and off without a problem, but also not some shoes that are so big that they fall off when you don’t want them too.  The shoes should stay on, just not be too tight.

How to buy baby and toddler shoes – Baby Sneaker Size Guide

The first thing to consider before buying shoes for babies are the size, age and stage of development. Support shoes are important and that’s why this table below highlights the right size of sneaker or shoes with the correct age, which will help you find the right trainer for your baby.

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