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We’ve split up the site into different sections to make it easy for you to find exactly what you’re looking for. The main sections are baby, where you’ll find everything for babies, like high chairs and baby bottles. Then you have the toddler section, which has a little overlap with the baby section, for example, high chairs are for both babies and toddlers. But in general the toddler section will contain products that are specifically targeted at 1 year to 3 years. The age range around 10 months to 14 months is considered both baby and toddler depending on who you talk to, so that’s why there’s a little overlap, but in those cases you’ll find the same products in both the baby and the toddler section.

Next, we have the kids and teens section. In there you’ll find products for children at around the 4-5 years age range and upwards. The teen section is more aimed at younger teens. Although officially 13 to 19 year old’s are considered teenagers, since this is a parenting site you won’t really find much for older teens. The teen section is more aimed at 12 to 15 year old’s, even some more mature 10-11 year old’s will find things of interest in that section. The kids section is firmly for the younger children, up to about age 8-9. Between 9 and 12 both the products for teens and kids may be appropriate. The individual reviews will guide you on what’s suitable for whom.

We’ve then got the gifts and party sections. These are full of creative ideas for gifts and party ideas for boys and girls of all ages. The flagship area of BuzzParent is our toy section. This is the biggest area and it’s jam-packed full of reviews of the very best toys for toddlers, kids and teens. It’s well organized by toy type, so you can browse the toddler toys, tech toys, educational, remote controlled cars and much more.

We hope you enjoy the site and get the advice/help you need to pick the right toys and products for your kids. If there’s anything else you’d like to see on BuzzParent, or you just want to let us know how you feel about the site then we’d love to hear your feedback. Feel free to comment anywhere on the site or our BuzzParent Facebook page or if you need help with anything at all just ask. We’re also on Twitter here to help.


Best Kids Fox Costumes 2018

Animal Party Masquerade Costume Jumpsuit Outfit One-piece

Finding the best costume for your child can be hard work, so let us do it for you with our list of the best fox costumes for kids!

The Incredibles Toys Action Figures and Games 2018

poseable mr incredible action figure

With the release of The Incredibles 2 fast approaching, it's the perfect time to treat your little superhero to a new toy! Here, you will find a range of The Incredibles products for boys and girls of all ages.

11 Fun Outdoor Activities for Kids

kids playing Outdoor games

Every child needs to learn to play outdoors and have fun, which is why if they haven't already been introduced to some of these games then its a great list of 11 fun outdoor activities for kids to enjoy.

Kids Therapy Techniques That Help Them Develop

There are various "Kids Therapy Techniques That Help Them Develop" and some introductions need not be named, but for those parents unaware of the life long benefits that therapy provides makes this really worth a read.

41 Best Gifts for 12 Year Old Boys 2018

OWI Hydraulic Arm Edge Kit

Finding a gift for a 12 years old boy is sometimes a little bit of a challenge and this is why we have created a mega guide with 41 different ideas to help finding a gift easy this year.

41 Best Gifts for 9 Year Old Girls 2018

sleepover party game

Choosing a gift for a 9 year old girl will be easy with this huge guide full of toys, beauty products and craft kits.

41 Best Gifts for 8 Year Old Boys 2018

Not quite little kids but definitely not teenagers, 8 year old boys can be a hard group to find a good present for. Let us help you out by showing you our top 41 picks for the best gifts for 8 year old boys.

41 Best Gifts for 6 Year Old Boys 2018

Whether its for Christmas, a Birthday or another special occasion, let us help you choose the perfect gift for a 6 year old boy by showing you 41 of the best!

5 Healthy Snacks for Kids That They Will Love

If you're looking for health alternative kids snacks instead of chocolate and cookies, we've got 5 cool suggestions for you!

Are Fizzy Drinks and Soda Killing our Kids?

Better Parenting image of a coke can

We look at some of the hard facts about the health risks of letting kids drink soda and fizzy drinks.

The Best Baby Booster Seat for Eating with Your Child 2018

baby booster for table

Baby booster seats are great for eating at the table as a family with your little one. Here, you will find a selection of different styles of baby booster - there's sure to be something to suit your requirements here.

How To Find A Music Teacher For Kids

Mixed race mother and baby boy making music

Every child need a music teacher at some point and there are loads of different things to consider, which is why we have put together a list of some of the things we think are important when considering who to choose for a musical teacher.

21 Best Gifts for 5 Year Old Girls 2018

Choosing a gift for a 5 year old girl can be difficult. Here you will find an amazing selection of 21 different gift ideas - there's sure to be something here to appeal to your little girl!

7 Ways for Children to Have Healthier Sleep Habits

child resting on a bench

There are loads of Ways for Children to Have Healthier Sleep Habits and in this article you will find loads of informative information about how to help your kids get restful sleep.

Helpful Tips for Teaching Children to Pray

girl reading the bible and thinking

As parents, there’s a lot of pressure and advice from different parts of society in training our kids to be academically successful, but not a lot about raising our kids to be moral, spiritual and generous.  One of the big questions a lot of parents, regardless of which faith or belief they follow, often ask us for advice on is helping their children learn to pray. 

Best Rc Buses 2018

older kids rc bus toy

Remote control toys come in all shapes and sizes. A bus makes a nice change for kids who are getting bored with RC cars. Here, you will find a range of RC buses for toddlers as well as older kids - there is something for everyone!

Best Kids Panda Costumes

panda kids outfit

Kids panda outfits are great for kids to dressup with and enjoy as bedtime wear or even just hanging around the house, which is why we have reviewed some of our favourite for you to enjoy looking through.

Best Remote Control Truck Videos 2018

We love RC toys here at Buzzparent, and in order to celebrate this, here are our top 5 crazy RC  Truck videos.

Best Alpha Omega Car Seat 2018

In this review, we will be looking at some of the best Alpha Omega car seats made by Safety First and recommending some of the top selling and most reviewed seats.

Stylish Boy Baby Loafers 2018

Find a pair of great baby loafers for your little boy in this helpful guide..

Best Cat Toys for Kids 2018

Furreal ginger cat

Many children love cats, although not all families can have pets. A toy cat is perfect for those who would love a real pet, but can't have one, or for any young cat-lover! Here you will find a range of different types of toys, to suit boys and girls of all ages.

Best Kids Umbrellas 2018

kids umbrella

Every kid needs a good umbrella, and we're here to recommend to you 5 of the best!

Best National Geographic Kids Books 2018

kids national geographic book

National Geographic for Kids books make the best presents for little exlporers and scientists, and in this review we look at some of the most popular titles in this series for pre-schoolers and young kids.

Best Kids Bat Costume 2018

Finding the best Halloween bat costume has never been easier with some many types, which is why we have selected our favourite and hope you like them too.

11 Best Baby Travel Systems Stroller and Car Seat Combo

3 wheel travel system stroller

A travel system is the easiest way for parents who drive to take their baby out and about. It features a stroller with a car seat which can be clipped on, making going from car to stroller easier than ever. Here, you will find our guide to finding the perfect travel system for your infant.

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